Life Cut Short

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Lion’s Days is the carnival of the summer for this small town. The town where everyone knows everyone and everyone waves at everyone. Basically, if you do something wrong, everyone will know by the next morning. The big summer festival is approaching and the boys from the high school were getting anxious to go listen to the concerts and watch the parade.

They all meet up at Timmy’s house and walk to the parade on the gorgeous day. They meet up with there buddies and girls at the parade and enjoy some brats and soda. Timmy, Matt, and their girlfriends go back to Timmy’s after the parade to have a few drinks before going to the carnival later. They are feeling good and crazy so they walk back to meet up with everyone else. When they get back they can’t find their friends so they just walk around to see what all is going on in the different tents. They found this one tent that seems to be hopping, but the sign said “must be 21 to enter.” There was nobody guarding the gate so they just walked it and ordered some beers. Then after listening to a couple songs they decided to walk back to Timmy’s and drink some more. To there surprise everyone else was already at the house drinking. So they started a fire and started drinking. Around one in the morning Matt wanted to go home, but since he was drinking that night Timmy took his keys away right away before they got drunk. But Matt insisted on going home, so Timmy told him to follow the train tracks and walk home then.

Matt began his journey home on the tracks while everyone else just kept on drinking till they passed out on Timmy’s living room floor. Little did they know that Matt also passed out on the train tracks. There was a train coming…

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