Minerva Writes Poems

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Will is on a mission to help three people. People who are in need of help. Disease, cancer, just someone that is lonely. Will goes to the nursing home and plays chess with this elderly lady. She was lonely; no one comes to visit her. She cries because someone actually cares. When she lies in bed Will stays till he knows she’s asleep.

Tony a little boy who was filled with a lot of energy, till cancer took that away from him. He is now trapped in a dull white hospital room and only can play on his game boy. Will notices his pain and wants to help. Will donates some of his bone marrow to Tony. Will doesn’t care how painful it was; he just wanted to see this little boy full of happiness again. Tony smiles. Will walk around in pain for a couple of days.

Candice has a bad heart and has a hard time breathing. She is slowly getting weaker. Will knows of her pain, but doesn’t let on that he knows she is sick. Candice and Will start to talk and soon enough they fall in love. She keeps her beeper next to her all the time waiting for it to go off, meaning a new heart is waiting for her in the hospital. Candice and Will went to bed, in the middle of the night Will left and went to his house. The beeper went off. Candice was excited. She rolled over, Will was no where to be found, she called –he didn’t answer. She drove to the hospital alone and got her new heart.

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Inspired by Minerva Writes Poems

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