The Unforgettable Dream

May 19, 2009
By Kasandra BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Kasandra BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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I was sitting on the earsplitting bus, hoping to get off soon. If I stayed any longer I just might loose my hearing. My fingers dug into the cushioned seat and I clenched my teeth tightly. How much longer? I thought impatiently. I took a deep breathe and sighed. Patience, I thought, ugh.

I rushed of the bus, just thankful to hear the silent outdoors. It was all too soon when, once again, the deafening sounds came again. I slumped off toward the entrance, not caring about the noise that was bound to be louder than this. No doubt, when I went in, it wasn’t any better. Quickly, I pushed through the large crowd of people near the office, towards the steps.

I walked to class and made it just in time before the bell rang. The teacher apparently didn’t mind, since he said nothing. All he did was sit behind his desk while his chubby pale fingers moved across the keyboard, his eyes intent on the screen. The entire class was a freebie I guessed. Because of that, I talked to a group of friends near the front of the class.

I talked for the most part of class, signing yearbooks and hugging friends, and then returned to my original seat, only to be bombarded by more people with their yearbooks and more people wanting my hugs. By the time I was finally free of everyone, there was only a minute-and-a-half of class left. Since I could do anything else, I decided to spend it watching the clock.

Here I sat, in the seat I will never sit in again. Never again will I be in this school. I thought I was going to burst like a piñata while confetti flew out of me; this was too exciting. A smile spread across my entire face, I was glowing for sure. My eyes filled up with delight as the clock hand ticked closer to my freedom.

I was too caught up in my excitement that I had forgotten one tiny detail. I still had to sit in five more classes before I could leave. Once I took the information in, my excitement left me and I was left feeling typical - not a good feeling for the last day of school.

This didn’t feel like anything enjoyable anymore. It just felt like a regular school day, even knowing it was the last. I tapped my pencil on the desk repeatedly as I waited for the moment I would be released from this school, nonetheless this class.

Everyone and everything fell silent as the clock ticked it‘s last moment. This is the longest minute of my life, I thought. Soon my marvelous summer would begin, but time was taking all the fun out of it. At first all I saw was the ticking clock in front of my eyes, then - I blinked. I gasped so hard from disbelief I almost choked.

My entire class stood in front of me. Their eyes were glowing red - totally not their usual color. No one hurt me, even though they looked like they were about to spring into attack. Instead they all moved to either side of my chair, allowing me to see the vile scene that was behind them. It was a man, one I hadn’t recognized before. Even so, I felt I knew him my entire life.

He was propped upright against a wall. His head was tilted the slightest bit to the side, unmoving. His eyes were lifeless; his skin was stained with dried blood.

I could see his pale face - his blood shot eyes - his cold blue lips. His hands were tied behind his back, his feet gone. He had on ragged jeans and his shirt had been ripped open. His chest had been sliced open and the man was left, deceased, to rot. Scratches covered most his body. The blood around him, and gushing out, was icky and gross. Some of it already dried, some still fresh. Disgusting, I gulped

My stomach felt queasy and my head started spinning. My stomach had left me and I had the sudden urge to puke. I was thankful for forgetting breakfast, or it might have just spilled out at the moment. I could feel the moisture in my eyes build up. They built up in my eyes until there was too much to hold. They poured out of my eyelids and rolled down my cheeks.


“Erin? Erin!! Erin wake up! Its six thirty, lets go. You don’t want to be late for the last day of school.” Everything faded and I came back into reality. My mother reached out and turned off the alarm clock. Her voice echoed in my small bedroom. Just a dream, it was just a dream Erin; I tried to convince myself to calm down. “What‘s wrong air-bear? You look green. You okay? You look like you saw a ghost” mother said. Just about, I mumbled.

I‘d been looking forward to this day all week, but after what I just dreamt I didn‘t think I was able to move. I let mother drone on, about whatever she was saying, as I drifted back into unconsciousness.

Blackness. It was peaceful and quiet, there was no lighting whatsoever. I was in serenity and comfort for once. Thump! “Ow!” I half-whispered. I opened my eyes to find that I had fallen off my bed. “Get ready fast!” I heard my mother call from somewhere nearby. My eyes stung from the sudden burst of light and I moaned. “What time is it?” I asked mother, my voice croaky. “Six-fifty,” she replied her voice rushed.

As I got up to get ready, I laughed to myself. What a dream, I kept saying in my mind, what a dream. I wasn’t going to forget that dream – ever, I knew that for sure. But just as I walked towards the bathroom, everything slipped through my mind and I stood there wondering what I dreamed about that night…

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