Life is Like a Newborn Baby: You Never Know What You’re Going to Get Next

May 18, 2009
By Rachel Greneker BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
Rachel Greneker BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
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I walked out of the hospital, empty Tupperware in hand. “I wish she could have tasted that the first time around,” I thought to myself.

God intercepted my angry curses.

“What in the name of Me are you complaining about?” He joked. He knew.

So, I humored him. “It’s my wife. This is the second Thanksgiving in a row she’s been stuck patrolling the maternity ward while the kids and I eat and watch football. It’s just not fair-- she has a family.”

A newborn baby and a proud new mother were carted past us in a wheelchair carted by glowing new daddy.

“I’ll bet your wife made that couple’s day.” He read my mind. “Kind of the spirit of the holiday, huh?”

I knew that’s what he was getting at. “Sure, but it’d be nice for her boss to have the same courtesy.”

“And what makes this about YOU and YOUR family?” God accused. “Isn’t this the season of giving?”

“But God,” I rebutted, “You don’t…”

“I know you weren’t about to say I ‘don’t understand,’ right? Listen. The life I created for you is full of disappointments, yes; however, think of the miracles. Here, see for yourself.”

He led me to the window where newborns lay innocently. “Your wife,” He continued, “did this.”

I thought he was a little confused about how babies are made.

“So, you’re telling me that, because my holiday was ruined, these families are rewarded with a lifetime of memories? Well hooray for everyone having it their way EXCEPT me.”

“Exactly,” He absently responded to my clearly rhetorical question, “and because you are so gracious, you too will be rewarded.”

Guilt trip. And who knew God could be so sarcastic?

“ See the smile on that new mom’s face? That’s what this season is all about- giving thanks for life and all of life’s miracles -even if they aren’t your own- and not reveling in the disappointments. I made you a smart man, and I don’t like it when you don’t use your gifts.”

I was offended. When I turned to argue, God was gone. However begrudging, I knew he was right.

Walking away from the window, I found my wife to give her a kiss before I headed back home, with a huge burden lifted from my chest. I talked to God several times that night, and those thereafter—and thus is life.

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