May 16, 2009
By thes_rexx BRONZE, West Windsor, New Jersey
thes_rexx BRONZE, West Windsor, New Jersey
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My arms ascend over my head, as if to at last salute the precious ground who has nurtured my balance and being for so long. As my knees release, you conveniently find the proper angle in time to maneuver your head around to watch me, though I had begged you to turn away. While you laugh, in mid-air I stop to contemplate my over-serious nature and allow a laugh, for my own sake. While I begin my descent in the next half-second, I meditate on the amount of time wasted and opportunities unnallowed in deciding to leap up and into a stuffy mattress. Well, then I wonder how a simple housefly might feel, having to spend his life in such a sorry manner of flying, feeling, stopping, and being ridiculed. I feel deep peace in knowing that I am not a mere housefly, just a young girl questioning her awkward intentions. Space breaks and the offwhite sheets strangle my senses with white and soft, the suffocating love similar to that of a new mother. No, I am not a housefly, I am the dwarf's fool, having been dropped too soon into the bowl of thick cream, drowning in an adventure of my own making. I search the covers in havoc, only to find that the more I relax a part of me in the squishy, lumpy, new-furniture-smelling, cool, delicious, sinking thing in which I have just landed, the more I find myself slipping into an even more luxurious dream.

I follow the pattern of your teeth and instantly scorn noses for being so clumsy and stifling. Your mouth smiles for me and tells me that I've got roses and May. I suddenly feel as if I have caught all the air in this world and have not a clue as to what should be done with it. I could linger, and use it all for breath to share with you. Or, I could relinquish this oxygen, throw it all back to the selfish world and become some otherworldly being, some alien force of passion. I should choose the latter, as I could never get as close to you as I desire because this clumsy body, this awkward physical state of being is a barrier against the entwining of souls. I've never felt this obsession for anything other than my brain before.

The author's comments:
One day, I decided to jump into a bed. I hope readers can connect to the feelings of awkwardness and also to those of loving someone truly, which I thought was impossible for my age.

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