The Five Bright Lights

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Roles- Claire, Susan, Billy, Lou, Teacher, Narrator 1 and Narrator2.

Scene One

Narrator 1- A fine afternoon it was, when Mrs.Rose was passing out a test her class had taken.

Joe- (excited) Look I got an A!

Clair- Look I got one too!

Billy- Me too!

Narrator 1- Everyone got a really good score accept Susan.

Narrator 2- And when poor little Susan got her paper back, she couldn't believe her eyes.

Susan- (looking as if about to cry) I got an F.

Scene Two

Narrator 1- After school, Claire and Lou tried to cheer Susan up by walking her home.

Claire- I hate seeing you like this Susan.

Lou- (agreeing) Yeah.

Susan- Don't worry I'm fine.

Scene Three

Narrator 1- The next day Lou and Claire told Mrs.Rose about Susan.

Teacher- Hey Susan, come here I need to talk with you.

Susan- Yes Mrs.Rose?

Narrator 2- But just before Mrs.Rose had a chance to tell Susan why she got an F, she got scared and made an exscuse.

Teacher- I want you, Billy and Joe to talk about your answers for the test.

Susan- O.k.

Scene Four

Narrator 1- But instead of talking about their answers, Billy and Joe heard from Lou about Susan and wanted to help.

Susan- O.k., what did you get for number five?

Joe- (looking straight into Susan's eye's) No I don't want to tell you.

Billy- Yeah, let's talk about how we can make you feel better when taking a test.

Narrator 1- And so Billy and Joe go on trying to fix the problem until they come up with a song to keep Susan from worring.


I can get 100 percent!
and not feel all bent!!
I can be grand!!
And have my own land!!
If I pass the test!!!

1. How do you think the song helped Susan?
A.It made her stonger.
B.It made her more confident of herself.
C.It made her proud.
D.It made her smarter.

2. How does Susan change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story?
A.Happy to sad.
B.unsmart to smart.
C.worried to confident.
D.scared to sad.

3. What is the author's purpose of writing this selection?
A. To let the reader know if you mess up you can always try again tomorrow.
B. To let the reader know that Susan's teacher's name is Mrs.Rose.
C. To let the reader know making up songs can help you on a test.
D. To let the reader know dogs can't fly.

4. What is the genre?
A. Fantasy
B. Folktale
C. Fairy Tale
D. Drama

5. In the story Susan says,"Don't worry I'm fine." What does that tell you?
A. Susan wants people to know that she got an F.
B. She doesn't want to talk about her score for the test.
C. She wants to be alone.
D. None of the above.

6. What do you think would be a better title for this story?
A.The F.
B. Susan's story.
C. Singing songs.
D. The girl that was wrong.

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