Easy Way Out (Fable)

May 14, 2009
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Two squirrels, Chip and Dale, were gathering nuts for the winter. Both of the squirrels had to gather each nut and place it place it in the trunk of a hollowed out tree they had found. To do this, each squirrel had to dig a hole through the bark of the tree. This hole would be the opening where the nuts would be dropped into the tree. Dale decided to make his hole in the bottom of the tree, making it much easier to haul each nut into the tree. Chip on the hand, decided it was much safer to make the hole in the top of the tree. Chip knew that at night raccoons will be out looking for a midnight snack. He warned Dale many times to make his hole high enough so it would be out of the raccoons reach. But Dale ignored Chip. Then both squirrels began gathering for the winter. They worked diligently until their tree was full of nuts. Dale finished quickly in about a week, easily moving each nut up and into the tree. Chip, however, took much longer. After a long, hard month, Chip nestled each nut high in his tree. Dale laughed at Chip saying he put way to much effort into an easy task. But one morning when Chip and Dale woke up, Dale went down to eat a nut for breakfast. Much to his surprise, his tree had been raided and almost all of his nuts had been taken. Sure enough there in front of him, was a trial of raccoon tracks.

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