May 13, 2009
By Dena DeBlasis BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
Dena DeBlasis BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
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Friday. This was the day Jimmy and his friends went down to the river and jumped off the bridge. It was just another scorching hot day, and anxious to get out of school, all four of them hopped in Jimmy’s car and sped off toward the river. When they arrived, they stripped out of their school uniform and down to their shorts as fast as they could.

Joe had the image of being the tough guy. He popped a cigarette in his mouth that he kept tucked away behind his ear, winked at Steven, and then gave Michael a shove right off the edge of the bridge. Steven and Jimmy, afraid of being pushed in too, willingly jumped in on their own. Joe, (still puffing on his cigarette and leaning against the bridge) just laughed and called them names while they held each other under the water.

But unlike every other time, for some reason, Michael and Steven started arguing. Carelessly, Joe looked down out of the corner of his eye and shouted, “Hey! What are you girls fighting about?!” The two of them continued to cuss and drown each other. Jimmy finally yelled up at him that Steven was poking Michael with the remains of a tree branch he had found by the bank. Joe carried on and on before actually dove into the water to get the stick from Steven, before they killed each other. He snatched it from his hand, and a long, white, moss covered skeleton arm was what he held. All four of them looked at each other, speechless, screams were attempted but nothing came out.

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