May 12, 2009
By Anonymous

I am a Sonatina. A Sonatina is a piece of music that is part of a Sonata, the larger part of the music. A Sonatina can stand on its own as a solitary piece of music but it also fits well with its larger movement. The Sonatina is composed to be a gift of joy by its creator. As individual notes, the music means nothing. It must be developed into the correct synchronization and order so that the true beauty of the music comes through. The music can be fast or slow, simple or complex. It can be played or listened to and can therefore change the mood of a person or atmosphere of a room.

It starts out slow but as the end draws near, the music is fully developed and completed into a work of art. I am the Sonatina because I’m made up of more than just small things - notes. One Sonatina is just a portion of my life. The rest of the music has yet to be written to complete the whole Sonata. Each part of a Sonatina can stand alone similar to each part of my life. There must be a beginning and end to all things and each stage of my life is like a small piece to a bigger composition. I started off my year in English at a slow pace, like the beginning of a piece of music but as the year closes, the portion of music is ending, ready to begin the next movement of the Sonata.

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