The Voice

May 11, 2009
By Anonymous

I was in the best theater in town. The music was riveting. I wanted to be on stage, I wanted to sing like the others, and feel the hot stage light on me. I wanted to see the surprised faces in the crowed. But most of all, I wanted to be seen.

My name is Katie. I am told by most of my friends that I can sing like an angel. All my family and friends know that my life long dream has been to sing on stage, or even be in a cast in a huge musical. The depressing feature in my fantasy is that my parents do not support me.

It was a hot summer day. And I was waiting for a letter in the mail. When the small mail truck man came, I greeted him with a sweet and sincere “hello.” Then I went digging through the mail, only then to find what I was looking for. It was a Broadway letter, it would either say, “Sorry you did not get in the musical,” or it would say, “Congratulations you made it into the musical!” So I threw the mail onto the fresh green grass. As soon as I opened the letter, I was to afraid of the outcome. So I took a deep breath and I read the letter. Tears ran down my face…I made it into the musical.

When my parents found out they were not happy for me. All they could do was stand there and continue folding the clothes. I ran to my room in tears. I wanted my parents to be proud of me. But they are selfish, they want all the glory. “Today is my moment!” I told myself.

When it came to the first practice, I knew I was one of the best. The other kids voices were amazing, and riveting, but I knew I would either get a lead, or a really good solo. So after a few rehearsals, I checked the cast list, and I found out I was one of the girls who got the biggest solo, in the whole musical. I could see other girls faces filled with jealousy and envy. I could tell that they were vain, and immature, for they did not appreciate that someone else could get good things too.

After many practices, it finally came to the night that everyone was waiting for, the SHOW! We preformed like it was the hundredth time we have done that. We were amazing. But most of all I was happy because I got a chance to pursue my dream. That is something that girls like me doesn’t get very often. And even when people tried to bring me down, I stuck threw it and I sang like the angel.

The author's comments:
i sometimes feel that my friends and family dont' support me.

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