May 11, 2009
By Cooper Swenson BRONZE, Lindon, Utah
Cooper Swenson BRONZE, Lindon, Utah
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I feel the grainy sand scrape against my sun burnt skin. One question pops into my tired mind: “where am I?” multiple answers race threw my mind. I try to relax my mind and figure out my next step to survive. Before I could do anything I need to find shelter. I searched the beautiful island that is my prison. I luckily find a little cavern in the rocks. When I lay my sun soaked body down I immediately fall asleep.

My eyes open to the bright fiery sun. I look around for a second till I hear the waves crash against the rocks reminding me that I am on an island. My stomach cramps from hunger, I tell myself, “I need to find food and water fast.” As I walk the beach I find nothing but seashells and drift food. I figure I can use the wood for fire so I pick up little bits of it and put it into my back pack, I keep walking up the beach and I found a little fresh water stream that is flowing into the ocean from the mountains. I fall to my knees and start to gulp the fresh water I have never had to quench such a thirst. I was hoping I could use one of that tent poles that was in my little inflatable boat, that I washed up on, to somehow catch some fish or some form of food.

I decide the best thing I can do right now is to get out of the sun by starting to hike the fresh stream. I hike and hike for what seems like hours. I come to a huge pond that is being rocked by a massive waterfall. I fall to my knees and start crying in frustration and hopelessness. I feel like I will never get off or even survive. Laying down
thinking of what to do next I start to settle my mind. I decide to go back down the mountain and build a huge bonfire to maybe be found, because there is no way I can survive here. I get back to the beach and start to build a huge fire, I use tons of green plants to make the fire create a lot of smoke. I pile on anything I can just throwing huge pieces of drift wood on the flames. I sit on the beach and wait. So many things race through my mind of what is going to happen to me and everything is so negative. I bow my head down on my knees and cry. With my thoughts racing through my mind I hear a helicopter in the sky the blades turning and the sound getting close and closer. I look up to see the silhouette of the blades against the sun lowing to the beach. “I am saved.” I say to myself in tears.

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