The Cliff

May 7, 2009
By Anonymous

The air was cold, it was going through my skin and into my bones, and taking a grip on them so strong it hurt. It hurt to breath, and my head hurt. I don’t know where I am, looking around I notice somebody laying on the ground moaning. I try to get up and crawl over to the person but a shooting pain screams up my left leg, and up into my arm. I have to ease myself down. For some reason I feel the need to get over to that person, I don’t know why but I have to. So I start pushing with my right leg, and pulling with my right arm. They hurt but it’s not the same pain that comes from my left side. When I reach the side of this person, I look at them and suddenly my memory floods back. It was the foreign exchange student. He was from France and he didn’t speak a lick of English, but he was friendly with everyone. He must have hit his head while when we fell off of the rocks. I look up at the rocks that we had been scaling a few moments earlier when the rock slide happened. Everyone else was going to meet us at a different mountain. This cliff here was the ultimate challenge, so I pulled over thinking I had time to climb it. When he showed up, I looked down at him again. His dark brown hair almost black was just long enough to curl a little. Now he had a little blood on the crown of his head. I checked his pulse, and bent to examine the cut. It wasn’t very deep or very long so I don’t think he suffered a concussion. It was just an enough to knock him out. Then it occurred to me that he may have some broken bones and then we would never get off of this cliff. I started feeling up and down his arms, and then I looked at his fingers to see if any of them were broke, they were all fine. I looked at my left arm and noticed it was starting to swell; I sat up and looked at leg. I gasped when I did, because my long still hurt, I must have really knocked the air out of myself when I fell. I started feeling up and down his legs, when I got to his right ankle he let out a hair raising groan. I looked at his face, his eyes weren’t open yet. I guess I had better wake him up; I tried to remember what the teacher said his name was. O yes Austin, I shook him slightly saying his name. His eyelids fluttered a little. My best friend has a crush on him, so she would follow him around saying cheesy French words. It annoyed me, so I kind of ignored him. I often felt him watching me though; I could feel his eyes on my back during class. I started blushing when I remembered this. I kept shaking him and repeating his name, saying that I was going to pour water on him if he didn’t wake up. Suddenly his blue eyes open, and he had a confused and scared look on his face. When he saw that it was me he smiled slightly, while he tried to get up. When he tried to brace his feet on the ground though his face twisted in pain and he let out a cry. I grabbed him to keep him from falling, we still had our harnesses on, so I grabbed some robe off of my belt and a hook that I always carried with so if things like this happened I was prepared. The same thing happened to my father, he wasn’t as lucky as me though. I found a good place to hook the hook and I crawled over to favoring my left side. Austin didn’t have a rope and a hook so he was going to have to use mine. We pulled the rope through some hooks on our harnesses, so it would be easier to steady us on the way down. I went down first; I went slowly yet surely down the rope. It seemed like hours before I reached the bottom of the cliff. When my right leg touched down I slowly lowered myself into a sitting position careful of my left side. He started lowering himself until he was sitting beside me. I was the only one in my class that could speak French so the teachers had assigned me to watch over him and show him around the school. My best friend took over most of the job I was just the translator. His car was closer to the cliff than mine, and it was lower to the ground. We started crawling over there, when I got to the car it looked huge. I used the car to help me pull myself up. I had to bite my lip to hold back the scream that was running up and down my left side trying to get out. Austin had crawled around to the drivers side of the car, and had also some how managed to pull himself up the side of the car. His car was a shiny dark blue 1969 Ford Mustang. I pulled the door open and fell in the passenger seat then I worked on dragging my left leg in without causing more pain than needed. Once I had myself in the car I looked over and could see Austin smiling at me. Blushing I turned and looked the other way and asked him if he could drive. “Yes” he said, “I just can’t push on the pedal, because my ankle is broke. I need some to work that otherwise I have everything else under control.” I looked at him to see if he was joking or telling the truth, when I realized he was telling the truth. I slid closer to him, and then I swung my right leg under the stick shift and stuck my foot on the gas pedal. Austin put it in first and we started cruising along. I let off the gas and he shifted into second. We drove all the way to the hospital this way. When we got there we found the closet spot to the door and shut the car off. I opened the door and tried to step out on my left foot, the pain was excruciating and I fell back in the seat. Austin managed to get out and hobble to the other side. I could see he was dealing with a lot of pain because it was written all over his face. I told him to go into the hospital and get the people in there to follow him out here, and get me. He started turning around, and hobbled his way into the hospital. He was in there for a long time, but he final came out hobbling as fast as he could towards me. The hospital staff trying to catch him, he had something in his hand. I started laughing because he had mask in hand off of one of the doctor’s faces. When they caught him he pointed wildly at the car, and I shout “Leave him alone. Come here and help me my arm and leg is broken.” The doctors slowly came towards me, making sure nothing was going to get them. When they saw me and my arm and leg they went in and came out with a wheel chair. They rolled my wheelchair in; they had already taken Austin and gave him pain killers. They wheeled me in gave me some pain killers then they took x-rays. While they were waiting for the results I slept…

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