December 1, 2008
By Solaf Khadra, Uppsala, ZZ

I healed every suffering soul, I found in pain…I heard how their inside was screaming of woes. I saw through their evil minds, searching their deep inside. I touched their deep wounds, their deep cuts that cut my heart in pieces. I tasted their poisoned blood and left them cured. They stabbed my heart and tasted my pure blood and left my veins poisoned of theirs There they locked me in the world's underground where I heard devils screaming my name, , where I only saw darkness, every candle blown, taking my life out slowly on their own. There I was forced to taste my poisoned self. They kept killing everything I gave inside to them one day. They kept mutilating me, each abrasion was deep-rooted more than the other. Behind all this they wanted to cure my mysterious self, on my own. They want me to touch my unhealed self…I heard children cry, I heard angels cry and I heard the devils laugh, but I could hear myself powerfully shout from suffer because they took my knives out my back and left my open incurable wounds…but no one heard me scream. My wounds that will remain in death's darkest shadow. I smelled my rotten self, but I felt my soul rise to the sky and rest with my soul mate. And how lively do I feel for once in eternity to hang up there and wait for you….if you will never come, leave me to burn in hell , and let me live out through the pain, I've always lived in the ghostlike planet and leave me locked in the dark underground and let my soul rot together with my body and leave me to be forgotten bones…but I beseech you to keep my soul wander in every human wound, in every human dream and in every human mind….

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