Dark and Danger

May 21, 2009
By Ilona Toth BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
Ilona Toth BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
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OMG she is gorgeous. Well we were gorgeous. Now it’s just her, and me totally separate, not anywhere near each others' universe. Kira, ew! She was my best friend, extreme emphasis on was. She was the person who I spent twenty four seven with her. Now she reeks of grossness. It all happened when her picture perfect mouth went way to far about a little subject I like to refer to as the hottest human alive on the face of the universe, or formally known by the rest of the seventh grade population as Conner Jacobson. But anyway Kira ruined my life on May 16th of this year. It was a Tuesday and it was hell.
On this wonderful day of awfulness Kira and me waltzed into Jefferson City Middle School like we were the queens of the world, well we kind of were. We were the kind of girls who had everyone staring after them as they walked down the hallway. I have long chestnut hair, strikingly long legs, and bright green eyes that made me look like a roman goddess. Kira on the other hand has white blonde hair, short skinny legs, and eyes the color of the total hotter on Kyle XY. Anyway we were known as the KKC (The Kali, Kira, Club). Anyway as we walked into the dimmed halls of Jefferson Middle I spotted the boy of my dreams leaned against the burnt orange lockers. I hugged my bff and skipped over to Conner.

His jet-black hair and vivid blue eyes ran across my body, he looked from my toes to my eyes then stopped. We stared at each other for a while; it was amazing, like we were just alone in the middle of nowhere staring at each other like no one was watching. We weren’t official, we were just madly in love with each other, but both of us were to shy to admit, we just flirted with each other like crazy. Well anyway, once this trance like event was rudely interrupted by a bunch of annoying sixth graders running through the halls we turned and walked to our near by homerooms. Sadly we were not in the same class so we said “see ya later” and walked into our respective rooms. Kali sat waiting for me at our usual desks in the back of the room. She was smiling.

We sat together for the next six blocks, chatted with each other, got caught a few times just like always, but we were just being ourselves, best friends. The tragedy of two friends becoming mortal enemies happened during study hall, our favorite block of the day. I sat with Kira on one side and Conner on the other; we were in the library and constantly being shushed. Both Kira and Conner got up to go put their books back on the shelves. I was surprised when they didn’t come back immediately. I let it go. I got up to return my study materials and then I saw them. Conner and Kira attached by the lips. HOW COULD THIS BE HAPPENING! I practically screamed but caught myself before I got kicked out of the library. Instead I gracefully walked over and stood there all pretty and what not. But then when they didn’t stop I folded my arms and let out a nice “UH HUM!” They backed away from each other and awkwardly looked at each other. I stormed away and I haven’t spoken to either of them since. The little b!%(# stole my unofficial boyfriend. I had to ruin her. And him! What was I going to do! She would die a social death, but it was all really suicide.

I knew exactly what I would do, start with the rumors, and end with the big event, the truth. I would tell everyone that little miss perfect still sleeps with a night light, that she is scared of the hallway at night, and that somebody was totally prude before about five minutes ago. Then I’d just simply tell the world that my ex best friend is a conniving little slut! Yes I said it; I called the only person who ever truly knew me a slut. And it feels kind of good!

Her royal perfect-ness was strutting herself like she was the queen of the world, she even considered herself the ruler of the school. Deep down inside she was just a little rich girl, never worked a day in her life, spoiled stupid by her lawyer father, and her gold digger mother. She was my best friend, Kali and me were like sisters, but she just got a taste of reality and she was going crazy.

On Tuesday she ditched me once again to have another one of her staring contests with Conner, the boy who secretly hates how madly in love with him Kali is but was to sweet to tell her. She gave me one of those pity hugs, “like one day you’ll have someone love you as much Conner loves me”. Psht! This chick thought she had the world wrapped around her finger when really they all secretly hated the girl who had everything she ever wanted, but “still thinks of the little people” as she used to say. Anyway I ignore her rudeness and walk to class. Like five minutes later she strolls into the class with a huge smile over her face like she has just won a million dollars. Like she needs another million dollars.

I act like I’m still her best friend for the rest of the day, until study hall. Me, the queen of annoying and Conner are all sitting in the library doing some homework, whispering, and passing notes. I get up to put away a book I was using for a science project. Conner gets up and follows, carrying his own book in his hand. I went to put “The History of Bees” away, whose shelf was located in the back isle. Conner follows for some reason. He has a book that belongs in one of the first isles. But anyway he follows me. As I turn away from the bookshelf, ready to return to my seat, I see Conner, standing there, smiling.

He looks into my eyes, and I’m totally flipping out. ‘OMG I’M LIKE THREE INCHES AWAY FROM CONNER JACOBSONS’ FACE!’ I act cool, I mean he’s like the most popular boy in school, what else am I supposed to do? He speaks to me, but softly, like he cannot be heard.

“Hi Kali. I umm… kinda wanna be honest for a second. Is that okay?”

“Uhh….” I stutter “ Yeah that’s fine. Spill.”

“Okay, cool. I’m kinda secretly madly in love with you.” He looks away shyly, like I’d judge him or something. I spaz. HE LIKES ME!!! I totally never would have seen that coming. But it’s true; I’m secretly madly in love with him too!

“Ohh… I thought you and Kali were a thing?”

“No not really. She totally acts like it though, but I don’t like her like that. I like you like that. Is that okay? I know you guys are like best friends and stuff, and I don’t want to make anything awkward between you two.”

“No really its fine. Absolutely no awkwardness. So are you serious, you like me?”

“Yea Kira, I really really like you. And I really wanna kiss you right now, but I don’t want to be so out there and don’t want to surprise you, and yea. I’m sorry I get really ner…”

I stop him mid-sentence. I’m kissing him. I’M KISSING HIM! He wraps his hands around my waist and pulls me closer to him. I wrap my arms around his neck. I feel so connected to him. So close. So awesome!

I hear footsteps, snotty, prissy girl footsteps. They’re getting faster, they stop. The next thing I hear is silence, then a stuck up, high-pitched “UH HUM”. Conner doesn’t pull away instead he pulls me closer to him. But I slowly pull from his embrace. I don’t want to meet my friend’s glance, but I’m forced to. Her eyes are filled with tears and I can’t help but feel bad. Her face turns from sorrow to hatred. She screams profanities at me as Conner and I just stand there innocently.

My pity for her is gone. She called me names, she called me a whore! She was finished, her social life dead. I had her boyfriend and I had her delicate social life in my hands, ready to be crushed.

Once she’s finished screaming at us I take Conner’s hand and walk away. I haven’t talked her since.


We were sent directly to the office from the library. Little Miss Back Stabber held Conner’s hand the entire way there. I stomped there, no more gracefully floating to the Principals office. OH NO! THE PRINCAPAL'S OFFICE! I’ve never gotten in trouble, never a detention or suspension or any of that. Neither has Kira. I was dead meat.

As we sat down in some very uncomfortable chairs I saw Kira lean over and whisper into Conner’s ear. I so badly wanted to know what she said. But I would probably never know, our friendship was over. Well anyway we were sitting in the principals office about to be sentenced to a life of detention and social scrutiny. Mrs. Wilington our Vice Principal walked into the room with a huge smile on her face. Why she was smiling I have no idea.

“Hello Kira, Kali, and Conner. I hear you guys have gotten yourself in a little bit of trouble in the library last block. I don’t really want to hear it that is for you guys to settle out, but you will get punished. Two weeks of detention for each one of you. Conner and Kira, you are being punished for breaking school rules about physical contact.”

She stares at Kira and Conner’s attached fingers. They untwine them nervously.

“Kali you are being punished for yelling in the library and using profanities on school premises. You children are dismissed.”

We all work awkwardly out of the office into the empty hallways. While we were in the office study hall had ended and school was over. We just turned our separate ways and exited the school separately. We would face our first day of detention tomorrow at 4:00 PM. Super fun.


We entered the detention room at around 3:58 PM. Scared to death and dreading the awkwardness that awaited. I [Kali] speak first.

“Why?” That is all I say.

“Why what? I kissed him, big whoop. It’s not like you guys were exclusive or something.” She replied.

“I liked him Kira, you knew that. But still you went behind my back and got with him.”

“HE DIDN’T LIKE YOU KALI, IT WAS ALL YOUR IMAGINATION!” She raised her voice and I sauntered back surprised by the notion. I looked at Conner, trying to meet his glance, but his eyes darted away at my attempt. I knew everything between Conner and me would never be the same, I could see that he truly like Kira, not me. Even though that saddened me, it was still time to make amends.

“I’m sorry I screamed at you.” That is all I manage to get out before the tears start falling. I try to make eye contact with Kira and am surprised when her eyes are filled with tears as well.

“Oh Kali I’m sorry too. I never meant to truly hurt you I was just overwhelmed with feelings and I… I… I… was jealous. But when Conner told me how he felt I was jumping with joy and I kinda, just spazzed. I’m sorry I hurt you feelings, please forgive me?”

There is nothing else for me to say so I just hug her. We’re both standing there in the middle of the detention room hugging and crying. We must look like fools to the other people in the room. Who cares we were friends again.

As the bell rang dismissing us Kira and me walked out of the room happy as ever. We left Conner behind, and never fought over him again!

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