The Inevitable

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

“That was some real Feet per Second!”

Jared said as the balloon sped over his head at an amazing rate of speed, oblivious as to what was going to happen next. He was now playing innocently with a balloon along with his brother, but he had no clue as to what would happen next. What happened next was not good at all. Not one thing, giant or minute would stop what was going to happen next. What would happen next was the most amazing thing that ever happened in all of Jared’s short life.

Jake was sneaking up to Jared like a lion stalking its prey and getting ready to pounce. Wham! He did it. Jared was down for the count. He was totally impaled. Jared had been tackled just as normal as any other tackle he had ever received from Jake, but when he landed something was different, and something was wrong. Jared was down and unable to get up. Jake knew it and called his mom for help. Jared was conscious, but mentioned how everything hurt; he couldn’t move anything in his body. Jake and his mom tried to lift Jared, but he screamed in pain. Every attempt to lift him up grew more straining by the minute.

His mother was now even more concerned and resorted to her last choice. This was to call the ambulance. She knew that something wasn’t right, and that something had to be done soon, or a very serious thing was about to happen. When the ambulance arrived the two paramedics took his pulse. They did all of the same protocol that every EMT was required to do upon arrival at the scene. They too could see that something wasn’t right with Jared as they could see him moan with every slight touch that they applied to his body. He was in pain. They got the stretcher to the spot where Jared had been lying and carefully placed him on it. Even though they were as careful as possible there was still the slight glimmer of fear, and pain in Jared’s eyes.

The ambulance ride was a nervous one with his brother Jacob, his mother, and his father at his side. Jared complained of great pain throughout his entire body, but the paramedics could do nothing about it. No matter what they did, Jared was unpleased. They moved his body’s position every few minutes to see if one position was better than the other, but it just seemed to make things worse. This was a highly serious condition that they were dealing with although they had no clue at the time.

When Jared and his family arrived at the hospital they were rushed to the closest open room, and got settled in right away. The paramedics had paged ahead to notify the hospital that they had a near critical patient. This would ensure that the doctors were ready for all to come next. The doctor came in and ran many tests including the one that would later diagnose him with his sickness. They did one more test, and that was it to finish the night.

After the commotion had left, a nurse came in and put an IV in Jared’s arm to be sure that Jared wouldn’t have to suffer from much more pain, or fluid loss. She left the room and isolated Jared with his family for some well deserved sleep. The best part though, was that there was no pain at all. This was the best that Jared had felt all day. While thinking of the abnormally hectic day that had passed, Jared also thought about the past day until he slowly fell into a sleepy trance. He would awaken to bright sunlight the next morning. At sunrise the doctor came in to talk to Jared’s parents. Jacob kept his brother’s mind off of everything going on. He played games with his brother until the doctor left. Their parents had a frightened and sad look on their faces. Jacob and Jared both knew that something was wrong.

Jared was watching them talk quietly until he finally couldn’t take it anymore. He yelled, “Just tell me. I know that something had happened!”
Just then, his parents told him that he had a disease called ABDS, or Acute bone density syndrome. They told him that it was inevitable, and even if they had known about it, nothing could be done to prevent it. It was going to happen. It wasn’t a matter of if it was going to happen. It was a matter of when it was going to happen.

Unfortunately the sickness managed to arrive at the worst possible time. Jared’s sports life was booming, and he was the best on his team at every sport that he played. This was truly depressing to Jared, and it was upsetting to his family too. This was a disease that Jared might have to deal with for the rest of his life. Luckily he was strong, and his family was strong too. It would be tough, but they could make it through.

A few days later Jared and his family left the dreadful hospital. Jared was in his new wheelchair, but only until his bones completely healed. (After they healed he could walk normally.) He would have to be careful due to the enormous lack of bone density. As soon as they got home Jared was itching to do something, so his brother Jacob came, and played videogames with him. They played games all night when finally their mom, and dad had to come into their room to tell them to go to sleep. It was the most fun that Jared had had in over three days. Weeks passed, and Jared remained in his wheelchair unable to do any physical activity. He was growing more and more bored by the minute. After six weeks, the time had come to get out of the wheelchair. Jared was now free again, but forever haunted by that disease. The doctor called for weeks on end to check in on him. All seemed well. Jared felt better, and became more confident in his ability to move again. This was incredible to him.

After another long two months passed, and the day had come. The final check up to decide whether Jared was really sick or not was here. Jared entered the doctors office, and was immediately buzzed with a sense of nervousness. The doctor came to the waiting room, and asked him to come into his room. He took x-rays, and cat scans. He was now ready to assure Jared’s diagnosis of ABDS. This was what Jared believed at least. As the doctor’s words came out of his mouth Jared was ready to cry. He expected the worst, but the doctor said,
“You’re fine! You are now disease free!”
This was such a great feeling for Jared, and his family. It was a miracle. How could such a horrible disease go away in such a short time?

However, there was one thing that Jared and his family didn’t know of. Jared was now cured, but ABDS was a highly contagious disease. When one family member had it, the rest of the family was immune because every human shared a gene that would mutate once anyone in their family had ABDS, but anyone in contact with you that doesn’t have ties to you or your family will become terminally ill. Once they have it, they can pass it on and every time it passes on, it becomes stronger, and deadlier.

It’s always to a family’s advantage that one member has the disease earlier than other families, for it won’t be as dreadfully powerful and the family member will likely survive if they can get the disease properly treated in time. Jared’s doctor was unaware of this, but the disease would potentially compromise his own bones and immune system too. It could even lead to his own death if he did not receive proper medical attention. Soon the doctor was in bed and the disease made its way to 30 other people in Stamsford. Stamsford was the small city in southern Wisconsin that Jared lived in. It only had one small hospital and unfortunately most of the 30 people infected were either doctors or nurses that worked at that hospital. It was apparent to many, if not all citizens and uninfected doctors that this disease would be difficult to stop. Soon it spread across the entire state of Wisconsin and only 50 families were untouched. The balance of those people who were not ill had already been infected and cured, or their family had it. As for the people in other countries around the world, the disease was beginning to show signs of itself in small villages in Europe, Africa, and Asia..

By now the whole world knew of the spreading disease. The National Guard members from uninfected states were sent to Stamsford, and surrounding states in Haz-Mat suits to quarantine those still sick, and the coast guard to stop sickness from spreading over the border. Also they were sent to evacuate, or keep the unsick people, unsick. Even the famous Cpt. Bruce Jones of the U.S.C.G, his troops, and the National Guardsmen could not keep from becoming ill. It was apparent to Jared his family, and doctors that they had to do something to prevent the disease from spreading across the country. On a quiet Saturday afternoon his mother, father, and brother remembered reading in a health book about a cure. There would only be one unusual cure and it would come from inside of Jared’s body. It was a chemical called hydro gradiate chloroxidim, and it was found in Jared’s blood. It would have to be cyphened out and then filtered 7 times before it could finally be administered as a curing medicine. After the filtering process, there wasn’t much medicine left to work with. In fact, there was only enough to cure 10 people. However, there was one small loophole in this process. Pure water could be added to the medicine and the cure could be just as powerful while serving thousands of people.

Jared and his family were determined to get to the hospital where the few uninfected doctors and nurses still were. They drove as fast as possible, and once they walked in the door and everyone knew exactly who he was. He had been on the news day after day. Jared was their only hope to re-establish peace and tranquility and to wipe out this disease forever. The nurses quickly approached him, asking him to sit down. He sat and waited until finally there was a break of incoming patients and he was able to give his medicine to the hospital.

Jared walked through the doors that separated the lobby from the hospital itself. Suddenly he saw the severity of the problem. There was no room for people at all. The hospital was filled. There were surplus beds being pulled from storage and brought into the halls in order to support the overabundance of ailing people. He sat down in a chair that was nothing close to comfortable, and the doctor came out with a cyphen hooked to a needle. They then sterilized the needle and Jared’s arm. His facial expression looked terrible…almost as if he had been shot. Surely the shot from the needle was going to be painful, but this was all up to him. If he didn’t do this, the world as we knew it would be gone. The blood slowly filtered through the machine. It was thick like molasses running down a slide. The procedure took 10 minutes before the flow was finally reduced to a trickle. Jared was now out of his misery and the medical team could put the medicine through the final filtering process before adding water to the mixture. After these steps were completed, they were ready to pass out the medicine. In order for the medicine to work however, it had to be absorbed through the skin, or inhaled through the air. There was only one question to answer. How would the hospital disperse the medicine to thousands if not millions of infected people? If the hospital didn’t find the answer fast, the whole world would be wiped out except for those few people who were already immune to the disease.
This remained a puzzling question for weeks until finally a new resident doctor suggested an idea. “What if we take the medicine up in airplanes and sprayed it over the whole country from the sky?”

Even if it sounded ridiculous, it had to be tried. The next day, the team took off in planes with barrels of medicine. The planes flew perfectly although they were weighted down with watered down medicine. At first the pilots were doubtful, but in the end they were surprised at how smooth the flights were. Once the planes reached 1000 feet of altitude, the team of hospital staff, and pilots opened the hatches and the medicine made its way to neighborhoods throughout the country. The medicine fell like rain and quickly dissipated into the atmosphere. Later that evening, sickly people began to feel the affects of the medicine drop. Bed ridden people who were in extreme pain could now stand up and move.

The medicine was beginning to take total affect and the world was now returning back to everyday, unstressed, and normal life. Jared was at home with his family when he received news of the amazing medicine that he helped make. People could now live a normal life again. This was extremely satisfying to Jared. His family gathered to celebrate the once deadly disease that was now wiped out because of Jared and the insight of his great parents. He received letters from all major health corporations and one even the president. Jared was now famous and he would go down in history as the one child who saved all of humanity from being wiped out from an incredible disease. It wasn’t solely due to Jared’s actions, though. For, if it wasn’t for the help of his great family, Jared wouldn’t have saved the world. The medicine wouldn’t have been discovered, and all of humanity wouldn’t have been saved.

To say the least Jared’s family saved all of humanity, and maybe even the world.

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