A Hero Is Born Not Made

March 25, 2009
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I remember the day he left. It killed me inside to watch him leave, to know what might happen, but he wanted to help his country and I wasn’t going to stop him. He was my life but if he wanted to go then I shall let him. By the time he would come back the baby shall be 6months old. Oh how I wished he never left. He wanted to be a hero, he wanted our child to know he was a hero, to be proud of his father and learn and grow and be like him. My husband was born a hero, I believe within my heart that a hero is born not made. You cant be forced to be a hero , it has to be born within you , at any age but you have to help while risking everything and getting nothing and that’s exactly what my husband did….and to my regret I let him.

Six months had passed by and confusion and regret washed over me daily. I was worrisome and could barely go on in day to day life. I wanted to see him, needed to see him.. He was my life, and I didn’t understand how he could leave his family to help the people he didn’t even know. Where I stood in the USA, in Michigan, in a cozy house waiting for both to arrive here safely I was so worried about both if either crumbled I would die inside I wanted both so badly. Here with me, safe.

The day came where the hope inside of me died as I picked up the phone and the man spoke the words I dreaded all that time. “Sorry to inform you , that you husband has passed away , because of a roadside bomb”. I slammed the phone down, not screaming , not crying for at least five minutes as I thought about what just happened. Then I broke down crying rubbing my stomach and feeling all the pain of the world just on me. “Why him?, Why Now?” Those were the questions I was asking myself I just didn’t understand how god could be so cruel to me. We were suppose to have a baby together, I wasn’t suppose to be a single mom just left with the memory of my husband. How will I ever live through this?

A month went by, my sadness and regret grew stronger and I got closer to giving birth to the child inside me. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with myself at the time I was lost and depression rose over me like snow on a mountain. I just hoped the baby would live and be healthy and perfect in every way, just like him. I wanted to feel him in my arms. When the day came I had the baby all that struggling, then the second I held the him in my arms I knew he was perfect. I could tell he would be a hero, he had his dad’s eyes and his dad’s nose. A combination of me and my lost love, I was so happy. Tears unwillingly fell out of my eyes as I held the most gorgeous thing in the world. I was a mother and nothing could hurt my new hero as had my last one. Hero’s are all around us some are just born that way and some obtain it as they get older but it doesn’t matter because they are all the same.

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