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The waterfall

December 16, 2019
By LauraQuintero BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
LauraQuintero BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
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The green scenery of the majestic and grandeur waterfalls is a home to a diversity of free wild animals and precious native plant species. The pretty pink flowers sit around the rough warm water on the bright green grass. Their light pink petals give a hint of a sweet rosy smell. The shiny rainbow colored macaws flutter their graceful wings like angels. The speedy busy bees roam around following their beautifully stunning queen. The precious delicate butterflies flutter with the rhythm of the wind. Fiery multi-colored fish jump desperately across the bumpy rough waters as they try to run away from the big brown bears who are trying to catch them for lunch. As one beautiful brown grizzly bear traps their prey, the fish, with its paws it takes a giant immense bite out of the shiny light blue-green fish. All of the other splendid grand birds flap their solid strong wings looking around the gorgeous view of this body of water.
The calming yet ferocious waterfall glistens from the sun rays beam. With your jungle smell you create a peaceful and a tranquil environment. As I run my fingers through your deep warm water I take a sip of your nature filled drink. The water splashes softly against the rocks and the moss which surrounds the ginormous piece of nature. Crazy spirited kids give deathly stares as they look at the rushes and gushes of water falling down. Anxious frazzled parents take pictures of their wild and uncontrollable children. These restless protective guardians try to get them to stand still, yet such a simple request gets denied as they play child fully. Tourists acting as high class preppy individuals as they take shots of the beautiful and breathtaking view. The amusing and comforting waterfall awaits you on your next adventure.

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