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Thanksgiving Festival

November 26, 2019
By Anonymous

  In a forest, a village lays hidden, home to over a thousand pilgrims. Every year, they hold a festival to celebrate Thanksgiving, ending in a large banquet. They hold a parade and many different shows, like plays or performing music. Now we get to our protagonist, a humble lower class pilgrim, and his family. Currently, they are preparing to partake in the festival, while it is only an hour away.  After a while of preparing, they hear that the festival is starting and they head out. They watched the parade and the hours of shows after, and then went off to the banquet. They all found out that there was no food because of some wild boars that broke in and ate all the food as a fox followed behind and stole the meat as well. The entire town was disappointed, one of their most momentous celebrations had been ruined. The entire hall was trashed, and while the village officials in a panic, they called off the banquet. People were angry but had no idea what to do about it. The officials called an emergency meeting, and after around 30 minutes of waiting, they had a plan. They told us all that they would reschedule the banquet, and that people could cook their favorite dishes and entrees, and bring it for everyone to enjoy. We all left in a better mood and started to gather ingredients for a cherry-cinnamon pie. A few hours later, we finished our cooking and it was time to head to the banquet. We saw hundreds of pilgrims bringing in food and setting it on the table. We gathered around the village mayor as he announced the banquet could now officially begin. Everyone rushed and crowded around the food table and hurried to get their food. It was a monumental night, and ended up changing the festival forever.

The author's comments:

This piece is a jumble story I had just done for my ELA class.

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