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The Chemistry Test

November 18, 2019
By Anonymous

As David sits in his confined chair within the eerie Chemistry room, his hands the fresh blood after death. The teacher’s evil glare comes down at David and feeling of dread washes over him like the sight of a car crash. The graded test swoops down onto David’s desk, and the teacher wanders off, a sinister smile creeping at the side of her face. His eyes straining on the bright red F on his paper is the feeling of encountering a psycho gorilla. Daring to glance at the sentence next, “When you toss sadness to the wind, it returns as the sour and bitterness of a lemon”. These letters, like a slap to the face, fills David with dread and anxiety, whereas the final exam is coming up, and determination is like melted chocolate just warming the mouth with its afterflavor.

Three weeks zoom by, and once again, confined in his assigned seat, anxiety eats at him, leaving a bitter taste like lemon juice. Once again does the teacher shimmy around the room, smacking papers on unexpected students. Seeing the terror in their eyes is like the thought of death. But as the teacher began the lesson, David didn’t his test back. Sweat starts glistening on his forehead and the back of his neck. At the end of class, the teacher finally hands back David’s test, and as he stares at the grade, an eerie silence fills his ears. Looking back to his teacher, his eyes were shocked by what they had just witnessed. But with that look, the teachers walks out, leaving David and the sensational sight of his first A.

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