May 4, 2009

As Cindy walked through the school for the first time she thought she would never find her way back to the front office. Cindy was a tall, skinny girl with curly black hair and light brown eyes. Her family moved to Los Angeles, California from Yuma, Arizona because her older sister was going to college there. She loved it there. The thing she loved the most about LA were the huge malls. To bad her she had to go to school but didn’t want to. Cindy’s little brother and sister started school in two days and so did she.

The next two days went by fast. All she did over the two days was lay down on her bed. On the first day of school she had made a lot of friends, but felt weird because it was the middle of the school year. One week past by and she was going to have to ride the bus for the first time. Even though Cindy had made a lot of new friends, none of them rode her bus. The front office told her that the bus was located at the front of the parking lot entrance. While she started to look it, all of the buses started to leave.

Cindy started to panic. She got on the first bus she saw. Everyone looked at her strangely because no one knew who she was. The girls Cindy sat next to kept staring at her but eventually they started to talk with her. When the bus stopped, every kid got off the bus one by one. Cindy wasn’t sure if she should have gotten off the bus but she did.
The neighborhood had huge houses from 2-4 stories high. All of the houses looked exactly alike. Then she started to get nervous and scared because she felt like someone was following her. Cindy walked around until she found the entrance. The sign on the wall said the neighborhood was called “LA Springs”.
She walked around for an hour she walked down a long street. It started to get dark and cold because it was 5:00pm in December. Cindy couldn’t call her parents because she didn’t have a cell phone and didn’t want to go up to a random house and ask to use the phone. Then she reached a little neighborhood. In the little neighborhood, there was a wall that was tagged. In big letters the name said “Vicky’s Town”. At that moment, she tried to get out of there as fast as she could because she knew if she stayed there any longer, something bad could happen.

In the distance, Cindy could see a lot of bright lights. It was the city. She looked around for a pay phone but there was none around. She had no idea w she was going because there were a lot of people around. The farther she would go the more confused she got. Cindy was seeing the strangest people ever. There was hobos, people covered in tattoos, and even street performers. She looked at her watch finding out that it was already 8:20pm.

She was panicking about the time. Things went through her head, such as wondering where she was, how her parents were doing, or if someone was following her. Wondering and walking with all those people around her, she came to a corner and turned there. Thankfully there was someone outside probably throwing the trash away or something, well back to the point she saw somebody and ran hopelessly to ask for help. As she was approaching the person, then she realized that it was her friend Karen. As soon as Karen saw her she also ran, once they met Cindy asked Karen if she could use her phone, Karen replied with an absolutely. They went inside and called Cindy’s parents once they picked up they knew that it was Cindy, they talked for a wile and Cindy gave her parents all of the information needed in order to get there, Karen’s house. After twenty or so minutes they got there, and saw Cindy and Karen waiting patiently outside for them. Cindy’s mom looks out the window and there she was… Cindy.

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