The start of me.

May 2, 2009
By Abreika GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
Abreika GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
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Wow, I can't believe this! After so long.... How can you do this to me.... I gave you everything.... How could you just leave me... at the time I needed you the most. I thought you said you love me. I can see now you're a liar....

I know I know, I have to get over him. It's just gonna take time. I'm so use to him being with me every second of the day. I'll live....I HOPE.

Wow I can't believe you moved on so quick. I aspected atleast a week... but two days... WOW....

You hurt me so deep I wish you could see the wound you left on my heart. I wish you would feel my pain. I wish you would atleast show some sign so I would know I'm not the only one hurting.

Ok I'm through with this I'm tried of being sad and mad. It's time for me to move on... STARTING NOW.

You are so CONFUSING. You left me and now you want me back, now you want me to coming running when you snap your fingers. YOU LEFT ME HURTING AND YOU FELT NOTHING, but you jealous now. I'm not a play toy.... and just like I had to, you have to move on too.

Wow I'm telling you this as a friend leave me alone. I don't need or want you. You keep telling me "baby I made a mistake" I don't care it time to MOVE ON.

Ok I'll be reasonable I DO love you, and that won't never change, but.. but... We can't be.

I'm sorry for all the things I put you through. I'm so... ME, but who else can I be?

I said I'm sorry and I do love you but I REFUSE to let ANYONE change me anymore. If I can't be myself who can I be? WHO CAN I BE??


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