The Loner

May 1, 2009
By jdogfx226 SILVER, Hewlett, New York
jdogfx226 SILVER, Hewlett, New York
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It is a horribale sin when a mother drops a child. And our foster systam doas little to help a situation. hundreds of children are abandoned each year. Some are placed in foster homes where they are genary mistreeted and abused. Some are shiped of to distant family members but allready are damaged from being alone in the time it took for there relitives to be located. Our story begins with a girl around 9 and a boy around 7. They are brother and sister. They are both homeless. The girl is walking to the local park with some food she has found ( lets call her Lizzy.) She has a half eaten burger and a taco that a kind passer bie has spared her. She gives the taco to her brother and eats the burger for herself (lets call him mark). After there dinner they both go to sleep in a small plsy tunnal at the park playground. The next day Mark wakes up vomiting. Tacos can be tainted with salmanella among other infections. Lizzy is worried for her brother but she nows that she can not seek help or they will both end up in a foster home. But she is felling sick herself she ignores her worsaning pains. Lizzy goas out to look for lunch as usual in manhaten when she comes back she finds mark passed out. she picks him up and trys to find help she passes out midway. 1 week later Lizzy wakes up to find herseld in a hospital the docter tells hershe will be fine but her brother unfortunitly did not make it. A women from socail services comes in. The women tells Lizzy that she is going to a foster home. The NY child care systom proces over 10,000 kids a year. For a strange reason half of them turn out to be criminals. Lizzy shocked and upset at her brothers death escapes from the hospital to avoid the systam. She now knows that she can not servive alone by herself. She serches for years and years atempting to find a relitive no matter how distant. after a year of work and reserch she finds her grandparents. Uwnbenowst to her socail service representitives have beentracking her evry move. for sevaral more years she saves money for a plane ticket to San francisco where her grand parents live. July 21 2016 Lizzy arives at JFK Airport. When she apers at her gate she is met bye to men in black also by the socail service rep she saw at the hospital. Lizzy is placed in a car and sent to New York City Child Hope Center (a foster home) she trys to leave but guards prevent her. Lizzy trys to explain to the rep that she has relitives and that she is not alone but the Rep just laghes in her face and calls her a lier. lizzy lashes out and smacks the Rep guards quickly swoop down and send her to NewYork Juvinile Corectinal Center. While she is being trasported she maneges to escape again reterning to JFK Airport. This time no one meets her at the gate she boards the flight and travles by foot for 11 miles before reciveing a lift from a stranger. Lizzy (now 12) at last locates her grandparents who welcome her loveingly.

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