Hidden Secrets

May 1, 2009
By tara galleshaw BRONZE, Lancaster, South Carolina
tara galleshaw BRONZE, Lancaster, South Carolina
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The sun is shining brightly into my baby blue eyes, my face twisted and distorted as if I was in pain. A lingering shadow is slowly fading into my view more clearly, the shadow’s steps echoing in my head. I can’t seem to get a clear picture of anything, colors fading as I look at them for longer than a second. Everything seems to be lighter and softer. The shadow gets closer still, the face of it more distinguished. Yet, no matter how long I stare into the man’s face, I see only darkness that has fallen over his eyes and cheeks, distorting what I see.
I feel as if I know the man, but I can’t quiet put my finger on it. I feel frightened, confused about what is happening. None of it makes any sense. I can’t quiet figure out where I am or how I got here. I begin to breathe heavier as my steps increase. I need to leave. I find myself running, running as fast as I possibly can. My legs begin to ache. I ignore it and eventually they are numb. I slow down a little and my legs have the tingling sensation that makes me want to keep running. I just have to get away even though I don’t know why.
The shadowed man is right behind me, and no matter how fast I run, he is there. I keep running, my legs pumping in rhythm with my heartbeat. He is right behind me, catching up to my heels as if licking my shoes. As I look back for a split second to see where he is—WHOOF, I am out of breath, my back flat on the ground. I am looking up at the shadowed man hovering right over my face. I think he is looking into my face as well. I swear that I know him, somehow or from somewhere, but I can’t think. I am drowning in fear.
I feel a tingle of heat on my cheek, the heat is slowly moving downwards, onto the tip of my nose. It’s a tear, several tears, rolling down my cheeks like a stream, making my whole face shine a little. The man is so close I feel his breathe on my face; a peculiar smell hugs my nostrils. I squench my eyes shut as tightly as I possibly can. I think I know what he is about to do, and I think I am taking my final breaths. What can I do? I run scenarios through my head of how to get out of this, but everything I think of is flawed. None of my ideas will work, they are just too outrageous. I begin to scream; maybe someone will hear me and come to my rescue. Please, if you can hear my screams, help me!!!

I wake up breathing heavy, gasping for air. My chest is heaving up and down as I try and catch my breath. I am so confused that for a split second I didn’t know where I was. I feel around and recognize that softness and smell of my sheets. I’m in my bed, safe.
It all just seemed so real, but it was just a dream. I could swear that I knew that man, but, I couldn’t really tell. Still breathing heavy I wipe my face, noticing that my eyes were damp. I must have really been crying. It doesn’t surprise me though, I have frequently woken up from nightmares crying and screaming, I’m just glad that my mother didn’t run in questioning me this time.
I don’t know if I would of called that a nightmare or a dream. I woke up with tears on my face and breathing heavily, but I can’t really explain why. It was so peaceful for the most part, but I just freaked out. I can’t really describe it, it’s too difficult.
I tilt my head and glance sideways at the clock; it reads 4:03. Great, 3 more hours until I have to get up for school. I need a good nights sleep. I have a major biology test in the morning. I roll over, clutching onto my pillow and comforter, taking in a whiff for security reasons. I better try and go back to bed.
I close my eyes and slowing begin to drift off. I love that feeling, when your so tired that your eye lids droop, yet you know you can sleep some more. I wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything.
My eyelids begin to droop. Slowly at first, I just want to stay up a few more minutes to clear my head so the dream doesn’t happen again. I just want a few more minutes, but my eyelids just feel so good. I don’t think that I can resist. The next thing I know, my alarm is rocking on my night-stand. Apparently I had fallen asleep. I roll over again and look at the clock, 7:00. Time to get up; I have a big day ahead of me.
*knock knock*
“Honey, its time to get up, get ready for school. Come on sweaty” my mother sings.
“I’m up mom, be out in a second” I groan.
That’s my mother, just like clockwork. 7:00 on the dot, every morning. Just once I wish I could hit snooze. The button has never been hit, I don’t even know if it works. I cuddle with my pillow for just a few more seconds, a final squeeze.
I drag myself up and out of the bed, roaming in my closet for something decent to wear. I forgot to do laundry again. I throw on some cloths and open my bedroom door. I subconsciously say hello the new day. Here we go.

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