Thrugh The Eyes of a High School Student

April 30, 2009
By jdogfx226 SILVER, Hewlett, New York
jdogfx226 SILVER, Hewlett, New York
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This is Jimmy he goas to highschool today we will be foloing him through the day.

The Real Highschool Experiance
You will now see through the eyes of a highschool student. Beep Beep Beep Beep its 6:00 AM Jimmy reeches to the snooze bouton after waiting he finaly woke up extremlly tiered and sleepy he walks to the shower. After he gets dressed. "Mom can i have a muffin today". "Of course you can" replys his mother after a hastey breakfest he packs his back pack and asks his dad for a ride to school. Listining to his favorite radio station When he arives at school he goas to the cafateria and buys a cofee. While he is walking to spanish class the bell rings he is late instintly a croud of people rushes bye knocking him and his coffe over. When Jimmy finaly gets to spanish class his teacher yells at him for being late and tells him tells him to take his seat. After doing the problam on the board Jimmy takes in the classroom scene 2 kids are asleep while the others are barely listining The door opens again and Sarah comes in the teacher gives her detention evan thogh she is only 6 minuetes late.

Through The Eyes of a High School Student Spanish Class Period 1
She sits next to Jimmy. They spent the class talking to each other rumers have been serculateing that they have been dateing for months and he was planing to ask her soon. The bell Rang and the class was dissmissed. Socail Studies was up next. One of the only classes where the teacher enjoyed his job and new his subject. The class was spent takeing notes on the Romen empire and was thankfully uneventfull.
The bell rang and it was off to a doubale math period. Mrs. Shantz was good at her subject but hated the kids. She said terabale things about the student behind there backs. But the kids knew they always knew. She wrote 2 problams on the board wich was a review of the previous lesson it was easy enogh to do. Sarah was all the way at the other side of the room he had to ask her soon or someone else surly would. Just a row away sat Jack ( the one responsibale for the rumours ) Jack thoght he was cool but realy was nothing more than a bully. Jimmy was about to start taakeing notes when something small and wet went whizzing past his ear. The B@#^ER$ had shot a spitball at him And ofcourse
Mrs. Shantz had no idea what was going on. Jimmy would not stand for this he foght back the second the teacher had turned around the fight proceeded unnoticed by the Inept Mrs. Shantz. The bell finaly rang signilling the end of period 4. It was time for ELA where Mr. Franklin was waiting to bore us all with a list of vocabulary Words. The period was spent By Jimmy txting Sarah he wrote will you go out with me. After a few seconds of inpationt waiting (and ignoreing the teachers Boreing lecture) he felt his phone vibrate he looked at the reply from Sarah. It consisted of one word........ Yes. Jimmy however in his exitement forgot to hide the phone and Mr. Franlin saw him "Do you have something you want to share with the class" she said. Jimmy timidly said "no" Mr. Franklin said "in that case I will be takeing that cellphone" cursing him he sat down and doodaled untill the bell rang. He saw Sarah in the hallways she had lunch this period she said "im gonna go out for lunch to that new restaurnt but we can hang after school" Jimmy said Ok. Sarah kissed him on the cheek and left. Jimmy arived at Scince class just as the late bell rang he asked his teacher (Mr. Davidson) to go to the bathroom. When he got there he opened a stall only to see a boy and a girl ontop of each other. The girl was half naked. Jimmy sprang back and ran away before the boy had a chance to kick his a**. At sciance he soon realized that Jack saw Sarah kiss hime he never stoped insulting him. All thrugh class he was tourmented about the girl he loved. After the hell that was sciance he walked out and was hedding to the new restaurunt when he saw

Through The Eyes of a High School Student
The roadside Period 7 Sarah in the crash
He saw a devatateing wreck students were all around and peramedics were rushing to thee scene. It was Sarah she was thrugh the windshield of her car blood allover her face. Jimmy asked a student what happened he said a drunk driver hit the car and rode away. Jimmy colapsed. Beep Beep Beep Beep

Emergancy Room Jimmy
Start him on a IV give him morphine now his heartrate is ireguler. Jimmy tried to move his head but realized he couldent due to the large turben of bandages around his head Beep Beep Beep. The docter noticed Jimmy was awake and called to the nurse " I need a sedative in heer Stat" The last thing Jimmy saw was Sarah being wheeled away. Hours later Jimmy Woke up his parent were bye his bed side. Sarah was a few beds away. What happened Jimmy said you and your friend were in a car crash a drunk driver hit you. You will both be fine.

The author's comments:
This is a story of a highschool student this storey takes you through his day. Love, Drama, and Action will keep you reeding

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