No One Gets Me (The story of the unwanted quintuplet)

April 28, 2009
By Anonymous

I brushed my air and headed down the steps and to the car. Mom was waiting of course with my other four sisters in toe. She beeped the horn and yelled out the window. “Lilliana if you don’t hurry up!” and she rolled the window back up. I hurried my pace slightly but not by much. I hoped in the backseat and put my headphones on. I blasted Paramore while mom was ranting about something, I am not sure what because I stopped listening. She always yelled at me. She didn’t get me. I was different. I wasn’t the pop loving daughter who wore preppy cloths but the girl who wore green jeans, a yellow shirt, a purple sweater and ornge sneakers to school. I had seven tattoos all over my plumpy body. Another thing, I wasn’t stick thin and a cheerleader like the rest of m sisters. The crazy thing was that, I liked it this way. I had four best friends, Mike De La Cruz, Alyson De Luca, Gerimia Dames, and Dominick Venturi. We were the “Punkeres” and we didn’t care. I had a nose ring and tounge ring, I had six holes in my ear and I loved my dark hair unlike all my sisters blonde curls, i had dak longsrait hair. We pulled up at the curb and I slid out the car with out a word. No one ever wanted to say good bye to me anyway. No one wanted to say hello either. If it was for my friends I probly would have jumped off a cliff by now. At home I was treated as though I was an evil spirit. I was walking to my locker when Arianna walked up behind me.

“Lils, mom is seriously worried about you. She was asking about you this morning she was crying.” I snaped, mom didn’t care about me and if she did she had a funny way of showing it.

“You know what Arianna? Too freakin’ bad! I don’t car about her or any of you! As if life wasn’t hell enough at school I have the same isolated feeling at home! I am different not evil! Dose no one see that? Dose mom think I was the quintuplet summoned to ruin her perfect dream family?” I stormed off down the hall. I didn’t care that I hurt her feelings. But when I looked book I saw Arianna crying into Tony Ann’s shoulders. Tony Ann just looked up at me with disappointment in her eyes. Tony Ann was Arianna’s best friend. They were tighter then any of us sisters. I pulled up my hood and slammed my hand into the locker in frustration wile hiding the tears in my eyes. I tried to wipe them away with my hand but they just poured harder. Mike appeared at m locker a few minutes later .

“Hey Lils, you ‘kay?” I turned around to face him, mascara running down my face.

“Do I look okay Mike?” I cried pressing my face against his purple t-shirt trying to stop m sobbing. He lifted my face to look into my eyes.

“No, you really don’t Lils, you look like hell to be frank.” He smiled and I shoved him a little.

“Mike, Arianna just came up to me and was like ‘oh mom cares about you oh mom is worried bout you’ what the hell is that?” I asked crying.

“Why are you crying?”

“I don’t know, she was trying to be nice for a change and I snapped.” I cried into his shoulder.

“Lils, its fine come on the bell is going to ring any minute.” He tried to move me but I didn’t budge. Mike was my total best friend since kindergarten. We met Alyson, Dominick and Geremia in fifth grade.

“No Mike, do you have your car?” he smiled and wiggled his keys. We walked to his car, I was leaning on his shoulder we got into his black Mazda and drove off in the rain. We drove in silence all he did was rub my arm. “Its le they wish I was the one who dies instead of Gabriella. I am the devil quintuplet. I don’t help with the perfect lifestyle. She has one set of twins and a set of triplets. I formed on my own and now like I am all-alone. None of them even try to understand me at all!” I said. As Mike drove.

“Lils, I don’t think its like that, I think they don’t understand you and they try but don’t figure it out.”

“Margaret Anna Ella dose not want to understand me. she wants a little perfect family. A set of tennis twins, a set of cheerleading triplets and a science majorette which she didn’t get. She got cheerleaders and tennis players but no majorette interested in science. Like I am such a disappointment. I am interested in school but have divergent taste.” I said. Mike smiled. I got a text from Tony Ann then.

Idk wht u did but ari is like cryin her eyes out in the br

I threw the phone to the backseat hoping it broke. “Damn Tony Ann telling me my sis is crying in the bathroom. Oh well to freaking bad. Mike do they only care about her?” Mike parked the car. “Where are we?”

“A mall that like no one in Lynn knows about. Its far enough that no one will recognize us.” I slid out of the car and into the mall. Mike flashed his black American Express card at me. “Let’s have fun.” He smiled.

“I can’t let you do that.”

“My parents are filthy rich they don’t care what I do with money, shopping always makes a girl happy come on.” He said tugging me forward. I bought three new hoodies, a new pair of sneakers, seven new t-shirts, four pairs of jeans, new headphones and iPod accessories. “There Lils felling better?”

“A little.” I flashed a grin. He only took me shopping he never took Alyson shopping but then again he didn’t know Alyson like he knew me. “Mike what are we gong to do now?”

“ I am going to bring you to your place to unload your cloths and pack a bag so you could sty with me for a while. My parents don’t care what I do as I said and your mom is upset so say you need some relaxation time that’s all. You always come my me I am your Advil.” I laughed so hard I cried.

The author's comments:
hey people, if you like this and want more comment i would really appreciate comments even if you hate it, and since i dont find it 2 suspenful u may not want more but i luvz dem coments

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