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Ice Cave

May 17, 2019
By Anonymous

The ground shakes and a loud noise echoes through the quiet town. The wave of heat flows through the glistening ice caves. As the heat is flowing the ice begins to melt. Once the sound is over everyone begins to walk out of their houses with concerned looks on their faces. They all begin to chatter with a whisper as they look around wondering where it came from. Then they see water slowly flowing out of the ice cave. With concerned faces they all walk towards the caves.

Once the whole town reaches the cave they notice that the ice has melted a little bit. They begin to explore the cave to see if it looks different, as they are walking through they look at a section to the left of the crowd and see a part of the ice that looks like it has been broken and it has the shape of a body. Then the crowd suddenly hears a scream. They all head towards the noise and once the scream is over they stop and look around to see if they notice something.

After standing there in silence they see a figure move. The figure slowly peeks his head out while noticing that the crowd of people were looking at him. With sceptical looks on their faces a random guy speaks and the random guys says..

“Hey, are you ok?”

“Who are you, where did you come from?” He continued

As the figure stands up looking purple and cold. He walks over to the crowd of people slowly and scaredly. Still in silence he lifts his head and says…

“I…..I a…………....” he says.

“No it’s fine you don’t have to speak, follow us.” A woman says. So the young man follows the crowd of people into town. Once they all deparcher and the woman takes the young man into her house and she makes a cup of coffee.

“Here you go, now can we start by you telling me your name.” the woman said. The young man takes a sip of the coffee, sets it down and says...

“…” Shawn says.

“Ok, good.” the woman said. “Well my name is Sherrie.” She continued.

“Now I have a question, where did you come from,  because there was an explosion and somehow you were fine with no burn marks.” Sherrie said.

“Well that’s a long story.” Shawn said.

“We got time.” The woman said.

“Ok, well I have a question first, What year is it?” Shawn said.

“It is 2007.” Sherrie says.

“Oh my, well it was about 11 years ago I got trapped in the ice that was in the cave.” Shawn said as as the woman interrupts.

She said “how exactly did that happen?”

“ all started one day in 1996 when a buddy of mine and I were walking through the caves and all of a sudden it just got really cold and so we started getting weak,and it was a weird feeling. But anyways we were just walking around trying to figure out why it was so cold but then we just decided to sit down against one of the ice curves and as I remember it started to grow around me like it was some kind of creature.” Shawn continues.

“ My so called friend got creeped out and he decided to save himself and left me there. That’s when everything got black and I have no idea what happened after that. So now that I think about it and how I got out it seemed like they ice grew so that no one could see me stuck in the ice and i had to break some of the ice it be able to get out.” Shawn said as he finished his story.

“Oh wow that’s awful, how could someone be so cruel.” Sherrie said with a nervous look on her face.

“That was my exact thought before everything went black.” Shawn said.

After they got done talking they went outside to see what all the ruckus was about. As they step out the door onto the front porch they see a crowd of people in what looks like circled around someone. Shawn pushes through people to see what they were all circled around for. But then, as Shawn reaches the middle he squints his eyes trying to see who it was because the person looks familiar. Then he finally gets a good look and realizes that the person was….his “friend” who left him behind in the cave.

With Shawn standing the giving the person a not so friendly glare. As the figure turns around and sees Shawn his eyes go big but, then realizes that the crowd of people around him before he blurted out something was not so nice. He smiles and says

“Hey there buddy, ole pal!”

“Don’t call me buddy, you are no buddy of mine.” Shawn says with a crock in his throat.

“Hey you said that we were buddy’s 11 years ago, everyone this is my old pal Shawn, him and I go way back.” The random person said as he attempts to put his arm around his neck.

“You have no right to be calling me your buddy after what you did Mark.” Shawn said as the whole group of people gasp.

“What do you mean?” Mark said before he continues with a whisper.

“Don’t make me look bad all these people think i am a good guy and I want to keep it that way.” Mark says before Shawn can interrupt.

“NO, I am not gonna stand here and make you look like a “good” guy, when we both know your not. Now do you want me to tell everyone here what you did to me or do I have to.” Shawn said loud for everyone to hear.

“Ok, ok fine, everyone the truth is that...Shawn here tried to kill me but luckily I got away before he could.” Mark said really fast before Shawn could interrupt. Everybody gasps as they all give Shawn weird looks.

“That is not true, the real truth is is we were in the cave and the ice grew around me and you left me behind to save yourself, how could you be so selfish!” Shawn said.

“Ok, that my be a little true but I am a better person now.” Mark says with a confused look on his face while everyone in the crowd gives him disappointed looks and walks away.

“Now how did that feel.” Shawn said.

“What the hell, could you be anymore annoying and such a disappointment, oh wait you can’t.” Mark said.

“Could you be anymore childish, seriously really the hole, he’s tried to kill me act, big whoop.” Shawn said.

Then Mark says “it was the first thing that popped in my head, don’t judge me.”

“Well just leave me alone and maybe I will. Shawn says as he turns and walks away.

The next day Shawn walks outside, takes a deep breath of the fresh air and in the distance he hears Mark yelling his name.

“Hey, Shawn.” Mark yells as he heads over his way. As Mark reaches Shawn he says…

“Hey, so um about what has all happened I was hoping you could forgive me and we put that in the past. After a short  break Shawn says

“Yeah I guess we could.” Shawn says.

“OK great well if your not busy maybe we could go see what the ice cave looks like now after all this time. Said Mark.

“Sure.” Shawn said.

After about half the day has past Shawn and Mark meet up and head towards the cave. Once they get there they walk in chatting about old time and laughing and then about halfway through the cave Mark shoves Shawn towards the ice that he was stuck in once before and before Shawn could touch the ice he grabs Marks shoulder and swings around switching spots making mark touch the ice and gets stuck.

“Hey, a little help?” Mark says

“No because now you get to feel the way I did, who knows when you might get out.” Shawn says as he turns and walks away leaving Mark stuck in the ice no way out.

The author's comments:

I reallt enjoy writing stuff like this!

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