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Hated Homo

May 11, 2019
By MKing2019 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
MKing2019 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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 The passion fruit was laying on the ground dead with 3rd degree burn marks covering its whole body. No one shedder a tear it was silent. Joey was an open about his homosexuality, he wasn’t afraid to show it and gloat how he was fabulous. This ultimately came with rough backlashes. Whenever he walked down the hallway boys would always yell that “there man's wanna date” or how much of a faggot he was, and if not that they would do all their best not to get in 5 ft radios with him. The girls weren’t any better, they would always assume he loved brunch or shopping because he was gay. To girls he was treated like an object, “OMG I always wanted a gay best friend!”. To boys he was an abomination “Eww I hate fags! Why you gotta be so gay bro?” He was just another person to label that nobody cared about. He didn’t wanna be himself, he would give anything to be normal and disappear in the crowd. He felt uncomfortable even walking down the hallway. He never fit in anywhere not with the boys, nor with the girls, he was one of a kind at his school. Because he was one of a kind rumors of him were so easily  believed and spread like hot cakes. One day during an assembly the most popular kid in school Billy Dean got on stage to give a speech about honor roll. At the end he’s voice started cracking and he started to wail. He then continued this for another minute or so, he finally spoke but no one could ever imagine what happened next. He took a minute from crying to say, “Joey raped me”, the room grew silent with everyone’s eyes on Joey. They looked at him with absolute horror, the room then roared in anger. Joey couldn’t get a word in about how he was lying, or he didn’t do it all he could do was sit and take it. All the boys were ready to jump on him, but the girls just sat there, like they knew it was fake but still didn’t stop the boys. Joey hid the rest of the day in the bathroom always fearful when someone walked in, fearful he would be caught. A group of boys enters the bathroom his heart raised almost jumping out of his chest. He recognized one voice out of the, Billy Dean spoke silencing the rest.  
     “We got em boy, we finna made everyone hate that fag” 
     Joeys fear soon turn to anger when then he remembered the school was full of athletes and devised a plan. He put up a poster saying when and where the basketball, football, track, and all other sport try outs will be held. When all the boys met at night in the abandoned building Joey appeared out the shadows. 
     “You guys really think your funny.” He then lit a match. 
     “Let’s burn in for eternity in hell, together!’ 
     He dropped the match engulfing the floor in a panic most boys jumped out the window or down the stairs to the first floor, but most  were unlucky. The ceiling gave out decimating the entire building. The neighborhood and fire department surrounded the building and dug up the boys. They found matched in Joeys pocket. The passionate fruit was lying on the ground with 3rd degree burns covering his whole body. No one shedder a tear it was silent. 

The author's comments:

Being one of a kind can be hard, especially as a teen in a small ignorant town. Some people dont make it out and we all know what happens when you corner a wounded beast. Dont expect anything else. Kids forever.

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