Mr.sabiti and me

April 27, 2009
By steven roberts BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
steven roberts BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
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Once upon a time there was a boy named Jeff Victor. He was a son of a chef, but not just any chef. He was the son of the greatest chef in a little town called Horsham, Pennsylvania. Being the son of a great chef can have its rewards, like getting to help run the restaurant, getting paid, eating whatever you want and it tasting great, and learning how to cook just like your dad or even better.
Jeff goes to school at Keith Valley Middle School. He, like most other kids, has a best buddy. But his best buddy is not like most kids buddies. His best friend is Mr. Sabaitis a math teacher in 7th grade (we’ll call him Mr. Sabiti) Jeff’s math teacher is a good teacher and Jeff is a good student. It’s Friday and Jeff is at “Math Counts” with Mr. Sabiti. Math Counts is a math club Mr. Sabiti and Jeff like to go together. After math counts Jeff invites Mr. Sabiti to dinner at his dad’s restaurant. Mr. Sabiti said “Oh I’d love to!” So they went to his dad’s restaurant called “The Chill Grill.”
Once they get there they get seated and Jeff’s dad comes and says, “Hey sonny you’re here with um, Mr.Sabaitis! What could I start you two off with? ”
“I’ll have a chocolate milk.” said Jeff.
“And I’ll have water,” said Mr.Sabiti. “Anything else?” said Jeff’s dad.
No. So after they’re done eating Mr. Sabaitis left and once everyone left for closing time Jeff and his dad had a cook off of tuna, shrimp, and cheeseburgers. Jeff won by 13 seconds! Once they were done cooking they ate all the food they’re stomachs would allow and saved the rest of the shrimp, cheeseburgers, and the last plate of tuna for tomorrow night. Once they closed up and left, they got into their car and took a quiet ride home.
Once they got home, Jeff checked the mailbox and there was something in it. It was a letter he was certainly not expecting, a golden envelope that shined like the sun on a warm summer day. And then there was a red stamped seal. But it wasn’t just any seal, it was the Presidential Seal! Jeff and his dad looked at each other. Once they got inside they sat down and looked at the golden envelope. They turned it over to make sure the to and from addresses were right. From: The White House, Washington DC
To: 425 Lakeview Terrace, Horsham, P.A
So Jeff opened the envelope and pulled out a letter that smelled as if it came right off the press. On the letter there was the Presidential Seal again. “Wow!” said Jeff’s dad. So as they read the letter this is what it said:
Dear Jeff Victor,
You have been formally invited to stay in the White House as the President’s and staff’s chef. We would greatly appreciate if you would be our chef as we would provide you with a 2 bedroom dorm room, the best school, food and work. You would be paid $3,000 a week and send half of your profits home with 2 week vacation time. We want you to be our chef because at our last census we where surveying and on question was, “Where do you like to eat?” and 98% of all the people said “The Chill Grill.” So before our people left they stopped at “The Chill Grill” and we where served by you and we watched you cook in the chef window and thought you where amazing. Then we recommended you to be the cook for the President of the United States of America. Would you please accept?
If you accept you know where to find us. Sincerely, The president of the United States. Barrack Obama.
“Whoa!” said Jeff.
“I’m so excited I can’t believe I’ve been invited to the White House and going to cook for the president and Eat all I wan...”
Jeff was interrupted by his dad when his dad was saying, “Hey son, I’m fine with you going under one condition. What? You have to call me EVERY NIGHT and I can come visit you every couple of weeks.”
“Deal,” Jeff said.
And on that night Jeff went to bed right away, to be ready for what was about to come. The next day he tells every one he knows including Mr.Sabiti.
But Mr.Sabiti was upset because he didn’t want his best buddy to leave him and go to the White House but on the other hand he was happy for him. So one week later Jeff says his goodbyes’ and he took a long ride down to the White House with his dad.
They arrived there that evening at about 7.00 and were welcomed into the White House along with about a dozen security checks. Then he met Linda, the Presidents secretary. She gave them a tour of the White House and there were guards at almost every door! He saw the whole place including his dorm and The Kitchen.
After the tour she stopped at this big white door that was solid marble and was as thick as a bolder. She knocked on the door and heard a faint voice from inside say, “Come in!”
He opened the door and to his surprise, it was the President! “I couldn’t believe it!” said Jeff. After meeting the President Jeff was so overjoyed that he was full of energy. That night Jeff got right to work on the meals along with another chef named Cory. He seemed nice and helped out a lot. After they were done cooking Cory and Jeff took out all of the plates of food and served the waiting staff and the President. Everybody ate at a really really long table which a few body guards sat around the President and ate along with the staff, Cory, and Jeff. After dinner Jeff went right to bed. This went on for about a week and on Sunday Jeff got his pay check. He was really surprised! It was $3,000 he was holding in his hand. When he was about to go cash it in and send half of it his dad, he noticed he hadn’t had any calls from his best friend Mr.Sabiti. So he called him a few times and he didn’t answer so he called his dad to ask if he heard anything about Mr.Sabiti. His dad said he didn’t hear anything but he will go over to the school and check.
After an hour Jeff called his dad back and was told “Jeff… Mr.Sabiti is really upset that you’re gone and he doesn’t have a best buddy to tell secrets to or go to math counts and he really misses you just like I do.”
“…I’ll call you back… I have some thing important to do,” Jeff said as he hung up the phone. After that he packed up all his clothes, pillows, and gear and walked out of his room. With bags he walked into Linda’s office and told her he was leaving to go back to Pennsylvania. After thirty minutes of her trying to talk him out of leaving, his goal was still set in his mind. His goal…reunite with Mr.Sabiti. He leaves the White House on his way to an ATM machine and withdrew his 1,500 he had made working in The White House and split with his father. With the $1,500 dollars he used it for a long cab ride all the way back to Horsham, Pennsylvania. Once he was back he went to his fathers house and when he knocked on the door, his father opened it and almost fainted while stuttering.
“Son, how did you get here?” “With the money I earned cooking.”
“ Why did you leave!” “ Because I missed you and you missed me and Mr.Sabiti missed me!” said Jeff “Uh oh, we gotta go tell Mr.Sabiti I’m Back!”

“Good idea let’s go!” So they went to the school and found Mr.Sabiti and reunited and all gave a big group hug. Then Mr.Sabiti said “You left Washington DC and spent all your money. Just to come back for me? That’s the nicest thing any one could possibly ever do!” Jeff and Mr.Sabaitis were the best of friends forever.

The End

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