This s the End

April 28, 2009
I found you, hurt and crying. Sick of all hate, the pain, and the lying. I thought I could make a difference. But you thought I was just another interference. You thought I was just like all the rest. So I told you, “Put me to the test.” And I took your hand, and I pulled you up into a stand. Now you can stand beside me. I’ll be your best friend. You looked up with eyes so grand, and barely whispered, “This is the end.” I thought for a moment and beamed so bright, looked down and said “baby your right.”

This is the end of all you’ve been put through. The end of all your pain and you feeling blue. I’m right there by your side. I’ll open up my arms, you can come inside. Let’s stay together; I’ll be your man. You say you can’t, I say WE can. Don’t worry baby, I’ll make it all right. Just think of me when you go to sleep tonight. I’ll love you, hold you, and tell you its ok. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you stay.

Six years later, I ask you to be my wife. I say you’re everything, and my life. You say yes and we tie the knot. Now in this life you’re all that I’ve got. We’ll be together for a long time. I’m so glad I made you mine. I’ve loved you, since we were kids. This must be the best love that there is. Your smile brightens my day. You look up at me and shine so bright. This feeling is so right. Then you calmly but happily say…

This is the end of your being lonely. Don’t worry babe, I’m here for you’re only. You held me up, now I can stand by your side. Now in your arms, I reside. We are together, you’re my man. I said I couldn’t but now we can. Don’t worry baby, it’s all right. I’ll be holding you when we go to sleep tonight. I love you and yes it is ok. We’ll be together, forever this way.

Five years later, I’m in the waiting room. The doctor says I can’t see you yet, but it should be soon. Finally the time came. I knelt beside you and you whispered my name. I started crying and you held me tight. I said “Baby please, you need to fight. You can’t leave me yet, I’m not ready. I don’t want to lose you after all we’ve been through.” Then the doctor said “She’s getting unsteady. Please sir you have to leave, we’ll do all we can do.” I walked into the hall and fall to my knees. I bowed my head and prayed, “God please…”

Don’t make this the end of her life. I still need her, and she needs more time. Please let her stand by my side. And in my arms she can hide. Leave us together, she’s still mine. The doc. Says she can’t hold on much longer. But you can let her stay. I worry god, I won’t be alright. Let her wake up after she goes to sleep tonight. I love her, this is not ok. Please god, don’t take her away.

A couple days later, I’m standing before you, looking down at that wooden case. Everyone is crying, tears streaming down their face. I can’t believe it, you’re really gone and I’m all alone. No one will take your place. I’ve got nobody anymore, what am I supposed to do now? I want to be with you baby, but there’s only one way how. I want to be there so bad, but I don’t know if I can take my own life away. I got nothing left here so; I see no reason to stay. I looked up at the sky and said “Babe I will be there soon.” I go up to find the gun I have hidden in my room. I load it quickly, thinking of seeing you. Then I put it too my head and think how this is the last thing I will ever do. My hands are shaking, my heart is pounding, and I’m breathing heavily. I looked up for last word and said “God, angels please send. I don’t want to be here anymore, lord this is the end…………..”
This is the end of me being lonely. I’m sorry babe; I’m only here if you are. You suddenly fell, no longer by my side. Now in this empty shell, I try to hide. When you were here, you were my woman. You said you couldn’t leave, but I guess you can. I’m sorry baby, I don’t know if I can fight. The last time I sleep may just be tonight. I love you; I’ll be there as soon as I can. Till death do us part, wasn’t that the plan?

Memories go flashing through my head. I remember all those things you said. You loved me. That I know for sure. I only want to live as long as I have her. But I have her, here in my heart. She’s been there from the very start. Why am I trying to take that away? Isn’t that exactly what I want to stay? Why am I being so vein? Why am I holding this gun to my brain? With every passing memory I start to see. I’ll be just fine because you’re here with me. I think you’d want me to keep on living. And that’s just what I’ll do, even if it means going on without you. I’ll do what I think you want me to. To my heart, I’ll have to be true.

This is the end of all my worries, my broken heart, and my furies. I will miss her for the rest of my time. But I’m proud to say she once was mine. She’s with god now, and that’s ok. For her peace I still pray. For her it’s been over, but I won’t pretend. For me this is NOT the end.

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