April 27, 2009
By Dustin Lupie BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Dustin Lupie BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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As I was walking to the store to get me pack off cigarettes, I saw Jerry. Jerry’s my drug dealer, he’s not the best of them, but I like buying from him because he needs the money. He wears a torn Nike sweater that he found. With a dark blue pair of Docker jeans, with Reebok shoes. He has a torn up shack that he broke into and lives in, he gets around on foot. “What’s up Jerry, can I get the usual?” I asked. “All I have today is Shrooms, is that alright?”, “I guess it’ll have to do.” I know it’s bad doing drugs, but I have nothing to do and I don’t really need anything besides somewhere to live and a way to get around, and drugs. Personally, I don’t do drugs; I buy them from Jerry and sell them, then profit the money. It’s not the best way to make money in this town, but without a college degree, it’s about all I can depend on.

Surprisingly, I own a pretty nice truck. That’s the only thing my money goes into, other than the apartment, electricity, and my drugs. The other way I make money is stolen car parts. It’s an easy way to make money. All I have to do is take the part off a car and sell it, doesn’t it seem pretty easy?

My day usually starts out with anything I can find to eat. I don’t really buy groceries, I usually just go to the store for minor things, things I need at the moment. So there’s not really much to eat. After I found something that I can eat, I take a shower. After my shower I get ready then head to the shop. It’s not really a shop; it’s just a small building about 20 ft by 10 ft. I put it together with 20 gage sheet metal that I managed to scrunch up. On my way to work, I usually stop to see Jerry. “Good morning Jerry”, I said. “Well howdy, it’s about time you show up, I got a little worried”, Jerry said. “Oh no, it’s just been a little hectic at the shop, John’s been getting cars like crazy, a lot of stripping”, I said. “Oh I see, well here you go, and I’ll see you later.”

Johns my brother, he’s two years younger than me. Our parents ran out on us, so we practically grew up by ourselves. “Hey what’s up”, I asked, “it's about time you show up, look at all the cars I have that need to be stripped!”, John said. “Well, it’s just been sort of hard now these days, the economicy is going through the roof”, I said. “Well, stop your whining and get to work.” I got to working, John started to take off all the tires, as he was doing that, I was taking out the lights and bulbs. Then, the next main thing we take off is the windows and the exhaust system, if it isn’t rusty. That about all we take off unless it’s a very popular car.

“Alright John, I’m going to go set up the booth”. “Alright, but be sure to completely clean up, we don’t want to be getting caught.” I went to set up a booth behind the pawn shop. The cops don’t look or go over there often. I’m a well known guy, I’ve sold to a lot of people, so I’m taking quite a risk doing this. In one good selling day, I usually make anywhere between 600$ and 1500$. My brother and I have our own booths, so whatever we make, we get to keep it all. About 1000$ of what I make goes into rent, heat, and electricity. I don’t have a phone, television, there’s really no need for that crap.

When work gets over with, I sell drugs. I don’t like selling a lot of other drugs, I like sticking to Marijuana. But if Jerry doesn’t have it, I’ll go for about anything to get me my money. After that’s said and done, I went and got my truck. Where I live it’s a big city, so you have to travel pretty far to get some good mud. So I got on the highway to Orlando, Florida. My trucks and 05 Dodge Ram 3500 Mega cab jacked up 6 inches with 42” boggers on it. I’ve never gotten stuck before, besides the time that old ford lost control going 40 mph and pushed my truck in the mud, didn’t even phase my truck, and put a little scratch on the bumper.

After I arrived to my destination, I went and found something to eat and a full take of gas. That’s when my team and I met up, Chuck, Robert, Breydon, and Eddie. “Well it’s about time you showed up, Bobin”, Eddie said. “Well I got a big truck, you got a small ford.” Out of all four of us, we all have Dodges, except for Eddie, he has a ford ranger.

I head into the swamp first, plowing a trial for the other guys. The other guys follow behind me, just in case I get stuck, which rarely happens. The other reason they follow behind me is they might get stuck in this deep mud, so I have to make it a little shallower. I get all the way across the swamp; we all make it safely besides Eddies little ford getting stuck a couple of times. So then we all start mudding all over the swamp because we know it’s not too deep.

I got back to my house. After all that, I was exhausted, so I went to sleep for a bit on my torn up couch. I awoke two hours later, wide awake. I’m so happy I got my money to pay for the bills and gas for my truck so I can have fun.

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