April 24, 2009
By SethH BRONZE, Perry, Florida
SethH BRONZE, Perry, Florida
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Chapter 1: Kidnapped

“Hunter!” I screamed after him, as two men with swords took him away, with two others holding me. He was screeching in fear, crying so loud it seemed as if he woke nature. The wind started to screech, as the sky began to cry. I could no longer hear his cry of terror, he was to far away, and even if he was in sound range, the rain was blocking it out. I knew it was no use for me to even try.

I decided to make my move, so I wrapped my feet around the legs of the man holding me, and he crashed to the floor. I grabbed his sword, and hit him in the back of the head with the handle. Before I could turn around, the other man was about to plunge his sword into my back. I ducked without having the chance to look behind me, and saw a sword swing right above my head. I turned and gave him a look as if to say, “Where is he.” He just laughed… he laughed. This was my turning point. I swung my sword at his stomach, and he stood still, bleeding from the stomach. Finally, he fell to the ground. He was definitely dead. I walked up to him, took off his helmet, and looked him in the eye. He actually looked kind of like me. Long, curly blonde hair, light eyebrows, and clean shaved face, but the uncommon thing was his eyes. They were red.

Before I had time to think, his body burst into flames, and he burned. After just staring at him for nearly 5 minutes, he was finally nothing but ash. The wind started to blow, and his ashes scattered. This was the ceremonial way of dying, for demons. He was defiantly a demon. That meant the people who took Hunter were also demons. I had to stop this.

Suddenly, I fell to the ground and felt my eyes starting to sting. I was having a premonition. Premonitions where not uncommon for an angel, who had many abilities. I was the head angel of my race, and so I had been granted every ability ever discovered. Having this high of a rank was a strong advantage, unfortunately, that meant my life’s goal was to destroy the race of the demons. What made this hard, is that the demons are just like angels. They have many abilities similar to ours, and the head demon, like the head angel has them all. If I ever wanted to win the battle between demons and angels, I had to kill Dominick in a one on one fight to the death. Unfortunately, that would be hard due to Dominick’s horrifying memory.

Hunter, my twin brother, had executed Dominick’s parents, after the head angels forced him to do it. I had know say in the sentence of execution, as I was Dominick’s best friend. The reason Dominick’s parents had been killed, is because Dominick had deserted the angels, and instead became a follower of the demons. Before I knew it, he was king. We were forced to change our location, our names, everything because Dominick knew it all. He had cost us so much, and once we had killed his parents, he went after the Rorkay family. My family. A memory quickly filled my head.

I, along with my brothers and sisters and parents were asleep. Dominick made his way into our home, and smothered my mother and father in there sleep. We could only barely hear there screaming, but we still awoke. I screamed, and grabbed my sword. My scream had awoken my brothers and sisters, and they also had there swords equipped in a mere 5 seconds. I thought Dominick was outnumbered, 6 to 1. I charged towards him, followed by my family. Suddenly, at least 20 demons stormed the room. They were killing off my family one by one. I yelled at my family to get out of here, and I ran through the back door. By the time I had gotten clear of danger, I finally looked back. My view was terrifying. There was only one of my siblings in front of me. Hunter. Everyone else was being dragged out of our home in the forest. They were all dead. All my sisters, and all my brothers except for one. I couldn’t stand it, but knew there was no hope. I just turned and ran, trying to get as far as I can away from them. I didn’t stop running until I was in the middle of nowhere. I sat against a tree, and cried.

Realizing that my eyes were now starting to hurt more than ever, I couldn’t think any longer. I had no control over my body. I felt my head fly back, and my body twitch, the premonition was activating. Being trapped inside my own body was horrible. I could see myself shaking so vigorously that my eyes rolled to the back of my head. Then I couldn’t see anything, but a black and white scene. It was Hunter.

Dominick, accompanied by two other demons, was dragging him into a fire that I recognized as a demonic portal. I also noticed around him, there was a thick, bunched up forest, but in the area they were standing, it was an empty, grassy spot. I saw Hunter stop straining, he had given up. They pushed him into the portal, and was gone, followed by the end of my premonition.

“I will find you Dominick, and I will have you living the rest of your pathetic life, cowering in fear of it’s end.” I promised myself, as if Dominick were right beside me.

With that, I walked through the woods towards my house. It was taking a pretty long time, but that was ok. I needed time to think of my strategy. So as I walked through the woods, I thought about what they could be doing to my brother right now. I knew the demons way of getting information was torture, and I also knew Hunter was tough. He would never reveal anything about the angels. They would torture him until his body couldn’t handle it, they would kill him, unless I got there in time to save him.

Finally, after a boring, 3 hours of walking I spotted my home, which was now useless, as all of the demons knew where it was. I went inside, and packed as fast as I could. As I was putting everything into a suitcase, I noticed many photographs of my family, before Dominick turned on the angels. We looked so happy, and I hated Dominick for ruining that. Once I find him, it will be a fight to the death.

Then I noticed a strange picture sticking out of the corner. I slid it out to see what it was, there they were. Dominick was with Hunter in a ring of flames. He was also in his ugly, devilish form. He had large, ripped black wings sprouting from his back, and the usual red eyes where now glowing fiercely, along with the short, sharp horns growing from his head. He had a strange looking knife, but I recognized it. It was the knife he had used to torture me, once he captured me 3 years ago in search of my brother. It was a very effective knife.

I also noticed that Hunter was not in his usual form either. He now had an enormous pair of wings grown out of his back. His eyes were glowing a blinding white, and he now had dangerous looking claws. Dominick had him strapped to a chair in chains.

For a second, I thought I was there with him, so I leaped towards Dominick and fell on my floor. I forgot it was just a picture. Dominick had cast a spell on it for me to notice where they where; his torture room. Then right out of nowhere, Dominick seemed to look directly at me. He knew I was watching, but how?

Then as if to answer my question, demons stormed my house. It reminded me of my families death. These demons, were defiantly the killers.

I lifted my left hand into the air, and a sword appeared in it. I gripped it firmly with both hands, and out of rage I charged towards the first demon in sight. His sword was not yet equipped, and he didn’t have time to wield it, as I plunged mine into his heart. Then the rest of the demons started circling in on me. The fight was on.

The demons started closing in on me. I wasn’t sure yet if I could take them all at once, but I had to try.

Never mind. The demons all stopped suddenly as they heard a knock on the door. They were covered in flames an instant later, and vanished. I had to think of something to do with the dead demon lying on my floor, and realized it was gone. Lucky me. I threw my sword into the air and it slowly faded away.

I walked towards the door, and opened it. “Hello, is this the home of Hunter Rorkay?” Asked a cop. Uh oh.

“Umm, he is out of town.” I said, nervous.

“Well, we have been investigating a murder of someone named Dominick Galpon, and his name came up yesterday. It appears he had fought with Dominick right before his death.” The cop said. “By the way, my names Jason. You are Hunter’s brother Cameron, right? Do you mind coming down to the station with me for a few questions? The cop asked.

“O-Of course not.” I stuttered.

The cop motioned for me to follow, so I did. He put me in the passenger seat of his police car. That meant he really wasn’t after me, phew.

After twenty minutes of silence, we arrived at a police station. We got out of the car, and walked towards the entrance. The cop, Jason, turned and looked straight at me.

“I’m not going to lie, Cameron. We are going to ask you some personal questions about your brother, Hunter. We are also going to have to interrogate you, as you both are suspects of murder. You are his twin, similar genetics, it could have been you, that beat up Dominick.”

Ah, he was after me. I can’t believe I had just let a cop trick me. I gave him a dirty look, and walked inside. He led me straight to the interrogation room. It was small, and empty. The only contents in the room was a table, and one small chair on each side. There was a camera in the top left hand corner. I looked directly at the glass on the wall, which most people knew was a fake mirror.

“Sit down.” He ordered. I did what as he said, but kept my mouth shut, and my eyes locked on his.

“Where were you Tuesday night?” The cop asked. I stared, thinking. That was the night I had been fighting Dominick in his human form. I quickly thought of a lie.

“I was with my friend, Amber.” I said, not showing one sign of the fact I was lying. Although, this was not a complete lie. After Dominick had escaped, I did go with Amber to a movie, Night Hawks.

“Can Amber verify that you were with her Tuesday between 2:00pm and 7:00pm?” The cop asked.

I kept my gaze, and answered. “Yes.” It was time to let Amber know who I really was.

Chapter 2: Ascending

The cop I learned to hate, led me out of the interrogation room, and back to the car. “You are going to take me with you?” I asked surprised. “Is there a problem with that?” The cop curiously asked.

I said nothing, and walked towards the car. I got into the front seat, and before I had time to strap myself in, my neck was tightly pulled by something thing and sharp. I had no time to think, only react. So I took my dagger I had hidden in my pocket, and turned to strike. When I plunged my dagger, I burnt my hand. There was nobody there, just flames. It was a rogue demon.

Rogue demons did nothing but go around killing as many angels as they could. They would never fight with them in one on one combat, only when there victim was not expecting it. If I hadn’t had my dagger, I could have very well died. I hoped the cop had not seen any of this.

I looked around, realizing the cop had plenty of time to get to the drivers seat. I glanced around, and spotted something strange. The building looked ghostly. I squinted, trying to get a better look, and noticed it was slowly vanishing. “Ah!” I screamed, realizing the cop was the rogue. I had been set up. I can’t believe I had just been tricked by the demon, again.

I got out of the car and looked around. Where am I. I thought. I started walking around the roads, and saw a sign. It read, 1942 Fern Road. I took out my cell phone, and dialed Amber’s number.

“Hello.” Came a familiar voice.

“Amber, could you please pick me up. I’m kind of in trouble”

“Of course, where are you? What kind of trouble…”

“Don’t worry about it.” I interrupted. “I’ll tell you once you come and get me. I am at the address,” I looked at the sign again. “1942 Fern Road.” I said.

“OK, I’ll get there as soon as I can, but that road is pretty far away. It may take me about 1 hour.”

“No problem, I can wait.” I said.

“Bye.” She finished.

“Bye.” I responded.

With that, I hung up the phone. I went to the post, and sat down at the post. I sat there, doing nothing at all for nearly 20 minutes. Then flames started spraying from the ground, everywhere around me. Demons were appearing everywhere. I quickly sat up, and had pulled my sword out of the air. I had my eyes locked on one fire particularly. It was not the normal red flames. It had purple, green, blue, and orange. Then a demon appeared. Dominick. We locked stares quickly, and charged towards each other. This may have been the fight I was waiting for all my life.

I was about to strike when I noticed something. There were two demons behind the ring of fire that I was surrounded by. They had Hunter. He was a terrible sight to see. Blood was my main problem. He had cuts all over him, blood soaking each one. His eyes were a cold, dim white. Suddenly his eyes grew wide. Nearly a second later I felt something cold and sharp sink into my ribs. I looked up and saw Dominick smiling horribly, and laughing horribly. Then I noticed a puddle of blood around my feet, my blood. I got lightheaded, and passed out. I wasn’t able to fight the sleep I felt coming upon me.

“Cameron? Cameron!” Shouted a woman’s voice. All I did was groan, because it was all I could manage to do. “Come on Cameron. Stay with me. An ambulance is on its way, you’ll be okay.”

She sat there, crying. I managed to squeeze out a few words. “Amber, it’s hunter in danger. Not me.” My vision started to fade. I knew I was dying.

“Cameron no! No, please, the paramedics will be here in a few minutes. Cameron, just stay with me.” Amber was shouting in a shaky voice.

With the last few words I could think of, I said. “I’m sorry. Find Hunter.” After saying that, my vision went completely black. Around 1 minute later, I felt life coming back. I could see everything, but it was in black and white. I could see my body. How was that possible? Then I noticed I was flying. I was ascending. The angels were giving me a second chance to correct myself. I looked to the side of my body, and saw Amber sobbing over my body. I then noticed an ambulance pulling in beside her. They got out and started to give me CPR. I finally entered the heavens, leaving my vision of everything below behind. The head angels were standing in front of me when I was finished ascending.

“Cameron. It is not your time to die. We have decided to give you an extra chance at life. Just remember, the goal in your life as a head angel is not just to kill Dominick, but also to live it. If there are any last minute objections, please do now.” Said the oldest angel of the group. Everybody shook there heads sideways, and I fell to the ground. As I was falling, I tried to breathe. I couldn’t, yet it seemed as if it didn’t matter. Suddenly, I was slammed into the ground violently and back into my life. I took a deep breathe and lurched upwards.

“Sir, stay down!” Shouted the paramedic as I tried to get away. I needed to find Hunter, I had no time left to sit in a hospital for a week. “Ah!” I screamed as I tried to get loose.

“Cameron, just listen to them. They know what they’re doing.” Came the high voice of Amber. I began to settle down, letting them get bandages around me.

“Sir, we’re going to have to knock you out, are you OK with that?” Asked the paramedic.

“Yes.” I answered, figuring it would give me time to plan my raid on Dominick, and how to tell Amber I was an angel. The paramedic put a breathing tube on my moth, and told me to count down from 5.

“5, 4, 3...” I said, passing out in the middle of counting.

“Hello Cameron.” Boomed a devilish voice in an empty black room. I looked up to see Dominick standing directly above me. Was this a dream, or was everything that had just happened an illusion? I really hoped this was just a nightmare.

“Ah!” I screamed, as Dominick cut the knife across my arm. It was his torture knife. This seemed like a memory of when he did the same thing to me, 3 years ago.

“Please, stop!” I screamed in pain. He just laughed, and dragged the knife across my back at a diagonal degree. It hurt so bad, and I was strapped to a chair.

“You missed this knife, didn’t you Cameron? You two have so much history, a loving, beautiful history.” Dominick laughed. “You shouldn’t have killed my parents. None of this would be happening. You wouldn’t be in pain right now. Hunter wouldn’t be dying right now. Amber wouldn’t be dying a painful death.”

“WHAT!” I roared. “Oh yes, I do not believe you know yet, but this is a dream of the future… ah, I would not like to ruin the surprise. I doubt you would like it, either? Oh well, your brother can’t die without a witness.” With that, Dominick had flames surrounding him, and vanished.

“Cameron, please calm down!” I heard, suddenly awakening.

“He’s hallucinating!” Shouted a doctor.

I quickly realized what was happening, so I calmed myself down. I sat there in a doctors bed, with around 6 eyes set on me.

“Cameron, are you there?” Asked a doctor.

I tried to respond, but at first I couldn’t get anything out.

“He may be having an absent-”

“I’m here.” I managed to spit out, interrupting the doctor.

“Oh thank god!” Breathed Amber, as she walked towards me. “The doctors told me you’re going to have to stay here for another day, to treat your wound. When you get released tomorrow, I’ll drive you to my house, and you can stay there.”

“Thanks.” I said. “Once we’re both at your place, I have to tell you something.”

“Of course.” Amber responded.

So I sat there, looking around the room, it was filled with flowers, notes, and balloons. I knew I was going to be forced into a party after this by my friends.

As I looked around, I shared glances with Amber. She had dark blonde hair, with dark blue eyes. She was wearing the usual white-with-green-spots jacket, and wore jeans that weren’t to tight for once. I looked down to see if she had the usual converse, and she did. I just laughed.

“What is it?” Amber asked.

“Nothing.” I said. “It’s just, you try to dress up all nice for the hospital, and you still wear the converse. I just find it, kind of funny.” I smiled.

She looked kind of mad, but smiled, too. I was OK with one smile in the room, after the long day of fighting, I was glad for the sudden turn of events.

“Well, get some sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up.” Amber said.

“Would you like for me to set up a cot?” Asked a doctor.

“No thank you, I’m fine with a chair.” Amber replied nicely.

Amber went to sit down in a chair beside my bed, and I closed my eyes. I went to sleep in nearly 30 seconds. That was unusual for me, but then again, I was just attacked.

Chapter 3: Truth

I slowly opened my eyes, suddenly sore. I peeked around and saw Amber asleep in the chair she had stayed in all night. I also noticed the room seemed to have me flowers and balloons. A nurse walked into the room. She saw I was awake, and smiled.

“You are free to go whenever you like, sir. Just make sure you relax some.” The nurse said kindly, waking Amber.

“Thanks.” I said to the nurse, and she walked out of the room. “Hey Amber, once you wake up some more, we can leave. I still got to tell you something.”

“OK.” Amber yawned.

She walked up, and left the room. She probably just went to splash some water on her face. I took the time alone to get my clothes back on. I got out of bed, and went to the cabinet holding my clothes. I opened to wooden drawer, and took my black shirt, with an odd design on the right shoulder, and put it on. Next I had to put my pants on. They were just typical, dark-blue pants. I found my converse, which I learned to like after meeting Amber, and put them on comfortably.

“All ready?” Asked a voice from behind me.

I spun around, and found Amber in the doorway, smiling.

“Yeah.” I said, and walked out of the room beside Amber.

We continued out of the hospital, and headed towards Ambers car. I loved that car, it was a Lamborghini her dad had bought her when she moved out. It was black, with sharp rims. It was hard to explain to myself, but cool.

I opened the passengers seat, and got in. The doors opened upwards, which was one of my favorite qualities of the car.

“So, what was it that you just had to tell me?” Amber asked, sarcastically.

“How about I tell you over breakfast? It’s pretty big news.” I said. “Cracker Barrel?”

“Sure, I’ll pay.” She responded.

“It’s okay, I may be hurt, but I don’t need special treatment.” I smiled.

With that said, she turned her head forward, and started to drive away from the hospital. We sat in the car for around 10 minutes, saying nothing. Finally, Amber extended her arm to the radio, and turned on some music. It was her favorite, and my favorite song. BYOB, by System of a Down. Some metal music is exactly what I needed to get back into my social life, although it wasn’t going to last long considering the fact I was about to spill everything to Amber.

Nearly 10 more minutes later, I saw the restaurant. She pulled into the almost-empty parking lot, and we got out of the car. We walked in through the entry of the building, and went up to the cashier.

“Seat for two please.” I said politely.

“We have a seat ready for you already.” The woman said with a country accent.

She walked ahead of us, leading to our table. Once we reached the back of the building, she showed us our booth, and we sat down.

“I’ll have a waiter ready for you shortly.” She noted, walking off.

“OK, so now will you tell me what’s so important?” She asked, sounding a bit annoyed.

“Yes, but you have to swear you won’t tell anyone” I answered.

“Pinky swear!” She said playfully, sticking out her pinky across the table.

I grabbed her pinky with mine, and shook. Pinky swearing was always a thing we would do.

“Okay, here it is.” I said, taking a really deep breath.

I looked directly at her, ready to let her know my life’s secret.

“Amber, I’m not like most people. I have unnatural abilities. I am considered to be an angel, but before you say anything, no it’s not like a holy angel. I am a knight of angels, a protector of life. This means that my life goal is to stop the destroyers of life, the demons, and now that I am on the topic of demons, that is what happened to Hunter. Hunter never knew anything about this, and the head demon, Dominick had kidnapped him and tortured him. This is why I need your help. I have to find Hunter. I just have to…” I said, the entire time she was staring open-mouthed.

After I told her this, there was about 5 seconds of silence. Breaking the silence, was a low laugh by Amber. “You’re kidding right?”

“No. I’m sorry, but I really need your help to save Hunter.” I answered.

“O-Ok. Cameron, I’m just going to need some time to get used to this. We can talk about it tomorrow.” She responded, sounding bewildered.

“Of course. I didn’t expect you to go along with it right away.” I said peacefully.

“How may I help you?” Came an unfamiliar voice from the side of our booth.

“Umm, I would like a…” I grabbed the menu, and quickly looked for something. “Cheeseburger please.”

“Ok, and what would you like ma‘am?” She asked politely.

“Just a salad, thanks.” Amber responded.

“What would you two like to drink?” The woman asked while scribbling notes on her paper.

“Nothing.” Amber and I said in corresponds.

With that, the waiter walked away.

“Cameron, I’m not really hungry. Could we just get this as a to go?” Amber asked.

“Sure.” I answered..

After a boring 30 minutes of silence, the waitress finally came back with our food.

“Here y’all go.” The waitress said, laying our plates on the table, and starting to walk away.

“Ma’am.” I shouted to her.

“Yeah sweetie?” She responded.

“Could you please bring us two to-go boxes?” I asked.

“Certainly.” She answered, looking kind of annoyed.

I looked over at Amber to find she was looking down with her eyes watering.

“It’s okay Amber. It’s big news, you have time to get used to it.” I said reassuringly.

“Thanks.” She responded.

“Here you two go!” Said the waitress, handing us two to-go boxes.

“Thank you.” I said as she left us alone.

I started packing my burger into my box when Amber just stood up and started walking towards the exit. I hurried up and dumped her salad into her to-go box, and rushed up to her. I didn’t want to say anything, I knew she was trying to get her thoughts straight.

We left the building, and again headed towards her elegant Lamborghini. I saw her get into the passenger seat. I assumed she wanted me to drive, so I got in the drivers seat and buckled in. I pushed down on the gas pedal, and headed towards Amber’s house. Once I was out of the parking lot, I saw something strange. A dark figure seemed to be in front of the car, but I couldn’t tell what it was. I slammed my foot on the brake, and jerked forward. The figure started to slowly transform into a human form. It was Dominick.

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Here is my book-in-development, it is not nearly done yet though.

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