The Night that never ends

April 24, 2009
By Christopher Warner BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
Christopher Warner BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
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As I lie in bed, sleeping, one dark and dreary night. I thought of Michelle and of how we were to be married, I had just announced our wedding to our families two days ago and still I couldn’t get her out of my head. I grunted and turned over well tomorrow would be a brand new day.

I was asleep when suddenly I felt as if my neck was on fire, I tried to scream but no sound came out of my mouth, I looked up to see the source of my torment and found myself looking straight into the eyes of a vampire. His eyes where blood shot red, and his hair was what I presumed to be silver. He was bent over me he looked up at me and smiled.

“Do not worry Christopher, I will not kill you but you may wish that I have, you see this pain is only the beginning of your suffering. After tonight you will not remember anything of your past, you will never die, and you will hate yourself after awhile. You will become like me, and you will seek to kill me but will never be able to.”

“Suush, now Christopher none will be able to hear you. Your family will think you’re gone by tomorrow.”

And with that he lifted me up onto his shoulder with great ease, as if I was nothing, then he jumped out the window and that was all I remembered before I fell asleep.

The next morning when the maid went to wake Christopher up she found that he was missing. It looked like there was no source of struggle, but there was an unease of what lay before her. On her Master’s bed was a pool of blood and then the window was open. Quickly she ran over to the window afraid that he may have committed suicide, she peered out at the silent alley below and found nothing. It eased her little the pool of blood had yet been identified.

She ran to the Master of the house and reported that of which she had found, and saw fear and realization of what may have happened to his son.
Days later the Royal Guard had investigated and proclaimed that he must of ran away, although no one knew why he had, that was the general conception.

I awoke to fell as if my entire body was on fire, I ached everywhere, my throat was hurting and I raged and thrashed out at anything I could reach. At this point I didn’t care who I struck, only that the pain reside, then after what seemed to be an enternity everything stopped, my world slowed and my heart stopped beating. I was scared, was I still alive or was I dead, or worse what was i.

Slowly I got up from a dark, moss covered floor, although it was dark I could make out every single detail around me. I was in the sewers, I tried to recall how I’d come to be here but I simply couldn’t. For goodness sake I couldn’t even remember my own name. I looked around and took a sniff, Ugh, what a nasty aroma, I hated it, it must have been the bio-waste that all these rodents and creatures of the dark had made.

I slowly made my way to the surface after what seemed like eternity, I got out and noticed that my hearing and sense of smell had also improved. I was already clad in a dark cape with a hood on it. But I had the feeling that I still shouldn’t let anyone near me. Then something I hadn’t ever felt surged forward, hunger. Mouth watering delicious precious, food, I searched around to find the sent of the alluring aroma, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I heard an intake of breathe, and smelled something that sent my stomach flipping for joy, quickly before it got away I went to see what it was.

Upon arriving at the scene I was surprised to find that a man had a girl by her throat. This was unexecptable, no one had the right to harm and innocent girl, outraged I let out a low hiss. I watched with satisfaction as the main’s hair on the back of his neck stood up on end. He quickly swept the area with his eyes and found nothing wrong and turned back to his victim. That was it I had given him a chance, quickly I landed on the ground and moved towards him out of the shadows.

“Lay another finger on this lady, good sir and I will have to fight you,” the man obviously not prepared for me tripped over sideways and hit his nose against the wall, then that alluring aroma I had smelt almost near minutes ago was back, this time however I felt my teeth grow points and threaten to break through my mouth. So that was it was is, this alluring smell was blood. Interested I took one more step forward. The lady took this as her que and took of running, the man attempted to grab her, but I was to quick the moment his hand reached out to grab her I was already holding him.

“You freak what the hell did you do that for?” he asked me, I smiled what an idiot, I quickly threw him against the wall and heard a crunching sound. The man screamed and started holding his hand, apparently I had just broken it or worse. But that didn’t matter I was hungry and this man would be the source of my food. Recognition finally found its way to his eyes and where quickly smothered by fear.

“No you’re not real all of your kind where destroyed,” he gasped, I laughed at his reasoning.

“And tell me good sir exactly what am I,” but before he could respond I jumped at him and broke his neck, I had been expecting a fight or at least something but the way his neck just twisted that was all that was going to happen. So before I decided to attack anyone else, I sank my razor sharp fangs into his neck, Ohh, it was simply mouth watering and good, it tasted like lavender and honey mixed together with chocolate and peppermint. It quickly eased my hunger, and then as quickly as my hunger had been it was gone. I sighed, what was I was I a monster or was I something from God, all I knew was that I had to find out what I was and what my goal in life would be and far more important, who was I and where did I come from.
To be Continued...

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