Without a Signal!

April 24, 2009
By Tina Tiec SILVER, Houston, Texas
Tina Tiec SILVER, Houston, Texas
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I am a big text freak! I text everyday, every minute. I can’t go anywhere without my phone in my hands and my fingers pressing buttons. You can say that I was addicted to cell phones and text messaging, because I am. Life is defiantly easier with texting and cell phones, and I have always believe that. Until one week that changed my thoughts forever.

I was coming down the stairs when my mom was talking on the phone and my hands were of course texting. She was talking to my uncle about a camping trip. As she hung up the phone and she told me that my entire extended family was going camping this spring break. I immediately jumped for joy! I was really excited since I never wet camping before. Right away I texted my friend and told her about the trip. She was happy for me. I was even happier for myself but not for long.
Everything was going great. I packed my bags and made sure I brought my phone charger and rest my fingers in cold water because I have a long ride ahead and needed to text. Also because I will miss my friends.

My whole family were in the van driving. There was yelling, and talking, but I didn’t care because I had my phone and I was texting up a storm. As we got closer and closer to the park I noticed that when I text my friend sometimes the messages didn’t get through. I thought that the roads there had bad service. When we got to the park, my signal totally went off the service road. I can’t call anyone and defiantly cannot text. I was upset and mad. I can’t believe that the one thing I love doing most couldn‘t be done anymore. I tried looking for a signal but it was harder than making six million dollars in two minutes.
My mom set up the tent and I ran inside to pout. The tent was small and muggy. I felt uncomfortable and unable to breath. I really did not want to feel trapped in right now, and so I decided to go outside for a walk. A long, long walk to cool off. I didn’t feel good inside at all. My mom was fine with it as long as I got home before dark. Texting was really important to me but now I don’t have it.
As I walked I felt more free and calm. There was a lot of interesting stuff there at the campsite. Millions of birds filled the sky, as squirrels search for nuts and gentle moose dash in the plains. I was walking near the lake and saw a deer that looked just like Bambi, drinking by the lake. I was astonished. Finally I realized that without technology and texting I can still have fun and even discover more interesting things. Now I know that texting is not everyting.

The author's comments:
Don't get caught up in technology and forget what is outside the box.

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