Pain’s Misery

April 23, 2009
By justin martin BRONZE, Wolfforth, Texas
justin martin BRONZE, Wolfforth, Texas
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I walked slowly down the sidewalks of this perilous city, pondering the great trials of this world. I saw a robin land gracefully on a lamp post, an allowed it to bring forth my memories of the light. There she was. Although I knew it was merely a dream, an illusion, a distant memory, I still felt the same way as I had back then. Her rosy red cheeks, gave color to her otherwise pale skin. Even in my memories she seemed sick, even in my memories death had her in his clutches. She seemed wispy, as if I had only known her as a spirit. I reached for her, to hold her in my arms once more, but as I reached, she disappeared. Regretfully, I began my seemingly endless marching once again. As I entered a rickety building, a shop or so I had been told, I saw an elderly woman. When she saw me, saw my uniform, she knew why I had come. She stepped out from behind the counter, but she was not alone. Trailing behind her was a small girl. As I saw her, I could not retain the rains that fell from my eyes. The girl had rosy cheeks, and pail skin. I knew what I was expected to do, and I knew that I could never bring myself to do it.
My gun felt heavy upon my back as I exited the building, a crowd of people rushed in around me, trying to see who was dead trying to see whom they had lost. I looked only at my feet as I walked back to my draft shack of a home. My gun felt heavy upon my back. My tears marked my trail home. I cried not only for what I had done today, but what I had done with my entire life. As I reached for the shiny golden know, I felt and indescribable pain. It felt as if I were tearing my own soul from my body. I laid down facing the ceiling, and allowed my self to fall asleep. Suddenly I threw my self awake, screaming with tears running down my face. Then there was a small knock on my door. I jumped to my feet and backed away front the sound. Slowly the door opened and there stood two small rosy cheeked girls.

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