Confidence Boost

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

She looked into her bathroom mirror. How pretty she looked in her new white dress. Her eyes lit up with the thought of going out into the world with her bright new piece of clothing. She strapped on her sandals and headed for the door. Being the breezy day that it was, she knew she had to be a bit more careful than usual.
As she stepped outside, she felt a large breeze. The dress was fully equipped to not blow up, so she smiled. She felt the wind on her thighs and her behind. It was a bit more than she expected, but it was a warm breeze, so she didn’t mind. She started to walk. Everyone seemed to be looking at her. She froze for a minute, and then thought to herself that it must’ve been because of how sharp she looked. Her dark hair hung down upon the straps of her new white dress. She felt she looked absolutely stunning, so why shouldn’t everyone else?
Noticing all the people looking at her and smiling, she started to skip. Her pink handbag swung at her side and she felt the warm summer breeze blow against her upper thighs again. She grew tired and started to walk again, but with a huge smile planted on her face. Her teeth were as white as her dress. She heard a man coming up behind her, so she straightened up. Though she was not trying to impress this man, she wanted to let him see how confident she was in her beautiful cotton dress. The man walked up behind her and then past her. As he continued walking forward, his head turned around and he gave her a big smile and a wink, which was much appreciated and made her feel as beautiful as a rose.
She looked down at her dress and marveled in its beauty. How lucky she was to find such a dress that looked so good on her. Walking toward a nearby bench, she noticed another man sitting upon it. She straightened up once more for her nice confidence boost and he flashed a smile. As she passed him up, she heard him stand up and start walking after her. She knew she looked fabulous, but this was a little much.
She sped up a bit and he sped up, too. She wasn’t nervous about it, but she found it odd. The man finally reached her and grabbed her shoulder.
“Excuse me, miss?” She just turned around and gave him a huge smile. “I’m sorry, sir,” she said sympathetically, “but I have a boyfriend.” She turned around, flattered, and began to walk again. “Miss,” he said in a louder voice, but not too loud, “you might want to check the back of your dress.”
She turned her head around to her backside to find that her dress was tucked into her panties. She thanked the man, untucked her dress, giggled, and began to walk on.

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