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April 21, 2009
By Tina Tiec SILVER, Houston, Texas
Tina Tiec SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Last year, I went through an unbelievable experience. It was so unbelievable that I never told any body about it, not one soul. It was that bizarre.

One day I woke up from a nap before dinner, and noticed something weird going on. At the dinner table I saw water with bubbles and a rubber duck on my plate. Instead of bread in the basket, it was bar soaps. I was even more upset when I drank my soapy milk. I thought I was dreaming. So, I went to the bathroom to freshen up. Just then when I turned on the faucet to the bathtub, spaghetti poured out! Then when I looked at the soap plate I saw bread with butter on top! I thought I was going crazy. Insane I tell you, I thought I was insane.

Since I was alone at home, which was very usual, I called my mom to tell her what I had seen. She said that I was just dizzy and needed a nap. But I know what I saw and it was totally real! I took the situation into my own hands and called the plumber myself.

After an hour of waiting the plumber was here. I was really excited because the plumber could tell my mom what I saw and hopefully he saw the same thing. After I told him my story, he went straight to my water pipes to check for clogging. He was walking towards the bathroom when he made u-turn and ran out. I asked him what was the problem and he said that he saw a green thing in my room cleaning. I was in complete shock!

As I went into my room to see, the plumber left in fear. I glanced around my room slowly. I was afraid of the monster too, or whatever it was. As I walked towards my bed, I saw a one foot tall green blob looking at me with puppy eyes. I was so sacred, I fainted fell on the floor.

“Beep, beep, beep!” called the alarm as it went off. I woke up the next day not knowing how I got there in the first place; I thought I fell onto the floor. I asked my mom if she had seen what was in the bathtub yet or checked out the dinner table. She said that she was at home all day. I was very confused. I pulled her into the bathroom to show her the spaghetti. I turned on the faucet and water flowed out. I felt like I didn’t belong. What was wrong with me?

I couldn’t take it anymore so I told my mom the whole story. When I finished, she laughed straight in my face. She laughed so hard she could hardly say one word. After the hard chuckle she told me that the blob I saw was a new cleaning robot name “Green Oppo-site”. She explained to me that “Green” was designed to clean the opposite way human cleans. After her explanation she laughed again.

I was embarrassed since I was a teenager and knew nothing about the newest technologies. I soon laughed at myself. That was the most confusing day in my life.

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