Three Miles

April 21, 2009
By martin oulton BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
martin oulton BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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The bell rang at 4pm. I got up, put my clothes on and took my rifle. It was raining, about 35 degrease out and we had to line up for the general to tell us what we were going to do. I said, “YUKOSLOVIA!” Then the general said, “Boy, if you weren’t a damn fine shooter, I’d send you through hell!”

The day went on as usual, a 50 mile run with all of our gear on. Then after the day was done some guy brought some alcohol and we all had a big party. We all got drunk and went out shooting. I grabbed my machine gun and I guess I blew up the gas supply. Then I blacked out.

I woke up in a jail cell. There was no one around so I bent the bars with my powerful arms and ran away. I was quite a good runner and made it out of Ireland by that night. Then my cell phone started to ring. I didn’t recognize the voice but it said,” I’m willing to pay you 100,000,000 dollars to take out Al Raheem Rarnirr.” I didn’t have to ask him who that was. He was the most wanted terrorist/drug dealer in the world. I said, “Where’s my ride.”

About five minutes later a helicopter came. I went on and a guy in black handed me a large case and another medium sized one. The large case had a rifle in it; I had never seen one like it before. The other case had the money in it. I asked what kind of rifle it was. The guy in black said it was the only of its kind. It was a sniper rifle, 50 mm wide barrel it was huge. Then there was a beeping noise. There was a rocket coming to the helicopter. It hit and we were going down.

All I hear is a dull ringing noise. I look around me to see of anyone else survived, no one did. Then I hear faint voices and barking dogs in the distance. I break off the mini gun that was on the helicopter and run to a near by bush. I hear, “They all should be dead.” And, “No one could have survived that.” It was a group seven people and three dogs. They got to the crash sight and after minutes of searching one said,” Brable is missing.” Another voice said.” I’ve should of know.” I knew that voice it was the generals.

The people with the dogs let them go by now. I slowly arm the mini gun knowing that I can’t risk them staying alive. As I was arming the mini gun, it made a loud click. They all stood still, waiting. Then I opened up. The noise of the mini gun was beautiful. They stood no chance to the power of the gun. Seven seconds of metal rain, I stop. I see the general is only wounded and I walk up to him. When I got to him he said, “You don’t have to do this.” I said, “That’s what they all say.” I shot and he was down.

I hear a helicopter coming my way. I grab the mini gun and aimed it to the sky. It came and I shot, so did the helicopter. A bullet ripped through my arm and I was down. I grabbed both of the cases and jumped into the river. The helicopter was still in chase. An amplified voice said, “We’ll give you one more chance.” I just took out my rifle, aimed and shot. The power of the rifle made me sink and by the time I got back up, the helicopter was down. I laughed as I saw it sink to the bottom.

I swam to shore and found a near by road. I waited and sure enough a car came and picked me up. I told him to bring me to the airport and he accepted and we were on our way. I bought a ticket to Iraq and checked in my cases. As I was walking through the gates a security guard asked me what happened to my arm I smiled and said, “ I was on a little hike.”

I landed in Iraq in about four hours. I rented a car and I was on my way. I drove up to a building that was just off the base, which was about three miles away. I slowly walked up the stairs just in case somebody was around, no one was. I got to the top floor and my cell phone started to ring. I answered it and there was a picture of Al Raheem. I set my crosshairs on him and waited for the perfect shot. I knew the wind and distance was going to be a big factor so I took my time. He was finally in position, I said, “Good bye” and shot. It took seconds and I thought I missed but after five seconds he fell. Then I was Obama run from under a rock. I laughed. My cell phone started to ring the voice said, “Good job.” I said, “Who’s next.”

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