Song of the Broken Heart -Chapter 1-

April 21, 2009

Chapter 1:
Josh and Zac were arguing about what song we should use to open the show- again.

“Guys, just shut up! I’m going to put the names of three of our songs in this hat, and whichever one I pick is the song we’re going to open with.” I was agitated, tired and hungry. I reached in the hat, and shuffled the pieces of paper. I got a grip on one and pulled it out. It read: Born For This by Paramore. I showed it to the guys. “Now everybody please shut up so we can rehearse.”
“Can’t we have like, a redo or something?” Josh asked, hopeful
“No, it’s a good song, we’re using it now focus.”
We all went to our instruments, with Josh on Bass, Zac on drums and me on guitar and vocals. Zac did the countdown: “A 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4.” Zac hit his drums, and Josh and I followed, I started singing: “Oh no I just keep on falling-“
I was cut off when someone unplugged the amp. We all looked up in sync. It was Kelsey. I immediately looked down. I mean this was bound to happen at some point, I just hoped it wouldn’t.
Kelsey is Zac’s sister… And my ex-girlfriend. It was a nasty break-up too. She ended up cheating on me and when I found out things kinda blew up. But, that’s not the story she tells everybody. She tells everybody I was the one who cheated, and she was the poor little girl in love. Yeah, right.
Kelsey looked at me in disgust, and then turned to Zac. “Can you turn this crap off?”
“Ummm, no.”
Oh, did I forget to mention she’s a brat, too? Yeah, what a package.
“Why not?! My friends and I are trying to watch MTV!” She said, outraged.
“Because this is band practice. We have band practice here. You can watch MTV anywhere, whereas I’m the only one who has enough space for band practice. So why don’t you go ove to one of your bratty friends’ houses and MTV there?” Kelsey looked furious, and defeated.
“Fine!” She said, her blue eyes looked fiery, and as she turned to walk away she flipped her long blonde over her shoulder.
“Hey, you okay man?” Zac asked me.
“Yeah, whatever. Wish I could’ve dodged that bullet.” I mumbled. “But, anyway! Let’s practice!” I said as I tried to distract myself from the burning pain in my chest, where it felt as though Kelsey had taken my heart with her.

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