April 9, 2009
By Anonymous


Jimmy, also referred as the ‘Jesus of Suburbia’, lives in this world of misconception. He’s a confused rebel that has not a place to go. He feels hopeless when it comes to trying to change our government, to improve it. Dying to have a voice in this world that will actually be heard, instead of ignored.

Running Away.

Jimmy was brought up by his mother and his step father, his step father in the form of rage and by his mother in the form of love. As Jimmy grew older, the more he hated his town, the city, and later on himself and his miserable life. He cries out for help but soon finds out that there is no one out there to help. After being ignored and mistreated for so long, he becomes used to the pain and sorrow and just doesn’t care anymore about anything or anyone. He also wonders if the things he feels is normal to others and if there is anyone out there that can feel his pain and understand what he is now going through. When no one comes to help, he decides to just go, to run away from it all hoping to ease a little pain and to be set free from the things in life that bring him down and cause him agony.

Living It Up.

After leaving his home to live on the streets, Jimmy feels happier, as if a burden has been released. He feels better about being on his own, but slightly isolated from others. He parties and drinks to wash away the pain and expresses himself in ways other people haven’t been able to understand in his old town. But things begin to change as the fun things become dull and boring and when his car breaks down and when he’s left alone in an unfamiliar place.


But after a while, living the life of being free and being able to party when and where he’s wants slowly fades away and a new feeling rises; loneliness. Since Jimmy has not a place to go and no car to drive him around, he has no other option but to walk in the streets on this cold night. He has no one with him, to comfort him in this time of need. No one cares about him, not even the new faces. He’s alone and depressed as he walks these empty streets.


After a while Jimmy begins to lose his mind and become less and less sane. He begins to question himself and thinks what he ever did was right. He doesn’t know who the person inside is anymore. He’s more emotional and isolated than before. He’s not comfortable in this new town. He has no place to go, no one to turn to for he knows no one nor the town. He’s just there, taking up space, and confused.

The Saint.

Now aware of his surroundings and the people on the street, Jimmy feels tough and powerful and isn’t afraid of anything or anyone any longer. He now considers himself as a saint. He knows how people are and how they act in this, now familiar, town. He’s cocky and lies as he goes around. Now that he has lived his life on the street, he knows what he has to do to survive and to get what he wants and to not let people get in his way of things.


While on the streets, Jimmy meets a new friend, a person he becomes close with and a person who helps keep his act together. Jimmy’s new friend introduces him to new things like drugs. He thinks the drugs ease the pain away of his past life, memories, and sins.


As Jimmy makes his way around town and meets new people, he is introduced to this girl, a rebel named Whatsername. Instantly, Jimmy falls in love with her and is exposed to new feelings and interests for she now has the key to his heart.

The Silhouette.

After growing extremely close to his new girlfriend, she breaks up with him and begins to taunt him in her breakup note. She doesn’t like the fact how Jimmy didn’t care enough and that he isn’t who he likes to think of himself as. She explains to him that he has turned into his mother and his step father, something he was trying so hard to escape from.


Once again, Jimmy is alone. All of his friends have left him because what he has become. He has lost the only girl he has truly loved and he begins to break down. He feels dead inside, like a nobody, like he has no purpose in this life since he is always being looked down upon and is always ignored.


Jimmy’s old friend decides to go back to one familiar place looking for hope; home. But now realizing that leaving home wasn’t the answer and that nothing was learned from his journey, he decides to end his miserable life but putting a bullet through the front of his head. He has accomplished nothing and has lost everything. He finds he has no purpose in this world. He hoped for too much and in return, he ended up back where he had started. Jimmy doesn’t care that his old companion is now dead, he considered him dead once he withdrew from him along with his ex. Later on, Jimmy soon gets a job and tries to move on in life. But too depressed about what had happened between him and Whatsername, he tries to get her back, but fails. Realizing that he needs to move on with his life and to forget the things of the past and to exceed for the future. He accepts what his friends did to him and moves on.


Jimmy begins to start a normal life, a life that doesn’t consist of living on the streets, parting, getting drunk or getting high. He still regrets losing Whatsername, but it’s been too long since then, too long to even remember her name. The only thing he has left of her is his memories of them together. Jimmy doesn’t regret living on the streets for it has taught him a life lesson. He continues on with life, trying to forget Whatsername and all the pain they have inflicted on one another that lead them to splitting apart.

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Joanna said...
on May. 2 2009 at 10:07 pm
Joanna, St. Catharines, Other
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That was very interesting. I don't know if that was the actual story, or just the outline of a larger project. If it is the actual story, I think it's brilliant. The way you starkly stated the facts made it seem more real almost. Granted, that style does sort of isolate the reader. Nevertheless, I think that your style is amazing. I hope this comment helps somehow, and keep writing!


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