Mrs.Fleming's Missing Wig

April 20, 2009
By Grace Hauck BRONZE, Chatham, New Jersey
Grace Hauck BRONZE, Chatham, New Jersey
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Mrs. Flemings wig had gone missing…

The last time she saw it was in the teachers’ lounge as she curled up on the sofa for a nap. She woke just at the beginning of sixth period to feel a breeze on top of her head. She sat up abruptly and dashed to the mirror. She wore a look of shear horror at the sight she saw. Her wig had been stolen!

The students ran about the halls as the bell rang to signal the start of sixth period. As Joey approached his locker he saw that Scott and Nick were waiting for him. They had their backs up against his locker leaning back on it, their legs crossed with their toes pointing up towards the ceiling. They both wore a devilish grin.

“You get it?” Scott asked as he pushed himself off the locker and dug his hands into his pockets. Joey looked down at the ground ashamed.

“Yeah, stole it right off her head,” whispered Joey. Nick came over to stand next to Scott. The two eighth-graders towered over the small sixth-grader.

“Good,” said Nick, “Where is it?”

Joey turned his head away to hide his watering eyes. He slowly undid his zipper and picked open his backpack. He pulled the curly black wig out and thrust it into Scott’s hands. Joey then turned his face to look up at the two eight-graders. The florescent lights shined onto his face and a single tear ran down his cheek.

“Very good,” laughed Nick as Scott snickered. The two boys stepped to go then Joey cried out,

“Wait..,” both eight-graders stopped to look back at the pitiful boy “I thought… I thought maybe I could have my, my thing back...”

Scott turned at Nick and shrugged, and then Nick spoke,

“Sure kid, ya did the job anyway.” Nick pulled out Joey's little silver cell phone from his back pocket and threw it up in the air. Joey jumped forward at once and barely caught it. The boys turned to go. As Nick passed Joey he gave him a rough shake on the head which caused Joey’s hair to stand on end. Scott followed Nick and gave Joey a whack on the shoulder as he passed. The two boys began to walk down the hall.


Several minutes later, just as the two boys had nearly reached the end of the long school hallway, Mrs. Fleming and her bald head came turning the corner. She dashed towards them, her high hells clacking on the tile floor. Mrs.Fleming held a cell phone up to her ear and she pointed to the eight-graders and yelled. The two boys stood there with her wig dumbfounded. They simultaneously turned and looked down the hall. Joey was standing there with his phone up to his ear. He smiled and waved to them.

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Kristi said...
on Jun. 29 2009 at 4:19 am
Kristi, Holcomb, Mississippi
0 articles 0 photos 4 comments
The concept is interesting...It touches base on bullying and how the little guy takes a stand and the bully takes a fall, but I think it need a little more detail. With a little work it can be a really good story!!!! Keep up the writing!

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