a day to remember

April 20, 2009
It’s the last day of 11th grade for Joe, Dave, and Payton at Washington High School. The three were all sitting next to each other talking about what they were planning to do after school that day.
Joe couldn’t wait till after school. The day was taking for ever and I just wanted to go to Harry’s Quickie Mart and get lunch. I think I’ll ask Dave and Payton if they want to go with me.
“Yo, Dave you want to go to Harry’s to get lunch after school?”

“Yeah, sounds cool I’ll come with you because I’m hungry and they don’t give us lunch today,” answered Dave

“How about you Payton?”

“Sure, sound good to me!” replied Payton.

The quickie mart was where Joe and Dave meet for the first time. That day was a day that neither of them would ever forget. Joe and Dave met Payton on the first day of school in 4th grade, and they have all been friends ever since.

There was 15 minutes left before Joe, Dave, and Payton’s 5th period bell rang for the last time that school year. They were all in the same classes since they were in 4th grade. Joe is now sixteen, Payton is turning sixteen in a week, and Dave is also 16. Dave was the tallest and strongest of the three and played on the high school’s baseball team earlier that year.

Joe was a couple inches shorter then Dave and also played baseball earlier that year. Joe played center field and had quite an arm.

Payton played football also for the school team and was the team’s top running back. When he had to catch the ball, he could do that too.

The bell rang at 12:00 and all of the students yelled, screamed and threw their papers in the air, happy that their school year finally ended.
Joe, David, and Payton walked to Harry’s not knowing what was about to happen to them. In about 45 minutes this would be another day Joe and David would ever forget.
When they got there, there were only a few people there. Some people were on lunch brake from work and went to get a quick lunch and other people were there getting food for their house. Joe, David, and Payton walked to the back of the store to get a hot dog, soda, and some chips to eat. They were next in line to pay and a guy in a black sweat shirt walked in with glasses on and his hood up. David looked at him and said to Joe, “That guy looks like he is going to rob the place.”

“Yeah I guess, but it’s not that warm out so maybe that’s why he has his sweat shirt on and everything!”
Just as they were about to pay the guy cut in front and yelled at the cashier, “give me all the money now!”
The cashier’s name was Harry.

Harry said, “NO, now get out of this store!”
The robber reached into his jacket and pulled out a gun. Then again yelling repeated what he said, “Put the money in the bag or I will shot you!”
Payton, being the one who wasn’t “scared” of anyone, threw his bottle of soda at the robbers head! It hit him and made him fall of balance. Then Payton ran over and punched him. The robber fell down and dropped his gun. Dave was about to pick it up before the robber could but was too late. When the robber picked it up he pointed it at Payton. Payton put his hands up and said, “Please don’t shoot, I’m sorry!”
“Too bad,” said the robber and pulled the trigger!!

“Payton!!!” yelled Joe.

The robber ran out of the store without ever taking the money. Harry called the
police and about 5min later they showed up with an ambulance. They rushed Payton to
the hospital.

Payton’s mom was at work when the hospital called and told her what happen. She was so scared when she herd what happen to Payton.

About 25 minutes later, Payton’s Mom and Dad where at the hospital. “Luckily he was shot in the leg and there is no major damage” said the doctor.

“Well he ever be able to play football again?” asked Payton’s mom

“I really don’t know, but with where the bullet hit him I don’t think he well ever
play again,” answered the doctor.

“WHAT,” shouted Payton “but I love playing football!!”

“Well we’ll have to wait and see what happens.” said the doctor.

Back at Harry’s store Dave and Joe were talking to the police about what happened. “Did you see the face?” asked the officer.

“I got a glimpse of it when he fell down.” replied Dave.

“Can you describe what he looked like?” asked the officer,

“He had sunglasses, dirty brown hair, and a really big nose.” answered Dave

The officer looked over at the other officer and said, “That sound like the same
description we got after the robbery last week.”

“Did you see what way he ran out of here?” asked the officer.

“Yeah he ran out to the left and ran into that building on the corner!” answered

“Thanks!” called the officer, as he ran out the door to the building on the corner.
The officer and his partner waited outside for their back up. When it got there they went
Inside the building saying, “This is the police come out with your hands up we have the
building surrounded!!”

The robber looked out the window trying to find a way out, but there was no way
to get past all the police officer’s. So, the robber gave up and came out of the building
with his hands up and surrendered. He was put n jail for 20 years because this was not the
first time he robbed a store.
About a month later Payton was back on his feet walking, he was trying to practice football but it was hard for him to play. He started rehab and the rehab doctor said he probably would never play again.


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