The Bullies

April 20, 2009
By Anonymous

If you go to Keith Valley Middle School, you might want to watch out for the Pat McAteer, the bully. Pat is a 14 year old boy who is really rich, tough, and big like an elephant. Even the high school students are scared of him and his gang. The gang is called the “THE BULLIES”. The members were Jake, Steven, Luke, and the leader, Pat. They were the toughest kids in the school. If you do something that annoys THE BULLIES, you are in big trouble. THE BULLIES will start by throwing balls at your face, than stealing your clothes in gym class, and last, beating you up. The horrible thing is that they don’t get in trouble, so they never learn their lesson and keep bullying kids. Why? Of course because Pat’s dad is the president of the Coca Cola Company, so Pat is really rich. Pat pays Mr. Dan Schill, the principal of Keith Valley Middle School not to get him in trouble. But, the age of THE BULLIES are about to end because our mighty Mike and David just moved in to Horsham and are attending KV (Keith Valley Middle School)! So... first day of David and Mike’s school in KV starts right now.

“I am really excited about going to KV!” said David, bolting his way to school.
Mike was really excited about going to a new school because David was in Mike’s every class.

“Yeah! I bet we can really get along with people and make many friends! We are going to be so popular!” said David excitingly as he walked to the school.

David and Mike arrived at the school. David and Mike were marching their way to their locker as if they were proud to attend KVMS, but a terrible thing happened next.
Mike pushed Pat, and Pat tripped.

“I am really sorry.” Mike apologized. “I will do anything to make you feel better, can you forgive me, please?”

“Forgive you? For pushing me? Do you think this is some kind of a joke? From now on, you are on THE BULLY’s List. So you better watch out!” yelled Pat, in a very angry voice.

“Jeez, Mike apologized and you didn’t get hurt. Why do you have to be so angry? That’s not justice, yo!” said David as he punched Pat in the face and walked away.
Next day, in gym class, THE BULLIES threw dodge balls at David and Mike. Mike got hit in the face so hard that Mike had to go the nurse. After gym class was over, their clothes were missing. Mike and David wore gym clothes for the entire day and everyone avoided them because they smelled really bad because they were wearing their stinky gym clothes and also, because they were on the BULLY’s list. When school was over, Mike and David were on their way to the bathroom, when they arrived, the bullies were waiting for them. They grabbed David’s head and put his head in the toilet. Next, Pat put Mike in the girl’s bathroom and made everyone watch Mike come out of the girl’s bathroom. Bang! David and Mike exploded. David and Mike came home and talked about how they were going to handle the Bullies. After hours of talking they decided to get everyone on their side and make them humiliated, so they could show them how it feels to be bullied.

The next day in lunch, Mike tripped the BULLIES and ran to gym. The BULLIES followed Mike. While Mike was running away, David made a speech to the entire 8th grade.

“I know that THE BULLIES have been bullying us all this time. But that is going to end because if we can get together, we can show them how it feels to be bullied. Who is in?” said David.

Everyone in the cafeteria yelled and agreed. War between the two groups of people started. During the weekend the students got together to plan their battle.

“We should throw food at them!” said one of the students. “And steal their clothes during gym class! Then replace it with skirts.”

After the meeting was over, they had planned how to defeat the BULLIES.

“Get out of my way, fool,” yelled Pat as he pushed a kid out of his way. “What are you looking at? Stop looking at me fools!!!”

After 1st period, it was gym. Everyone was playing dodge ball in the gym except 5 guys. They took THE BULLIES’ clothes and hid them somewhere they could never find. They replaced them with princess costumes. After gym, THE BULLIES came to class wearing princess costumes. Everyone laughed so loud that other classes could hear them laugh too.

“If you laugh one more time, you will be added to our list! So shut up!” said Pat.

“Fine, add us to your stupid list! If you are going to add us to your stupid list, you have to add all of us. So do it. Why don’t you add us?” said David as he laughed.
The BULLIES didn’t say anything because they were getting a feeling that David and Mike were on to something. In lunch the BULLIES walked slowly to the cafeteria. No one was there. When they were sitting in their table, Pat realized that it was a trap and started to run. At the same moment, everyone came out the classroom next to the cafeteria with their lunch and threw it at them. Everyone laughed again. Finally when school was over, Mike, David and other 30 guys pushed THE BULLIES and made them go in the girl’s bathroom and took pictures of it.

“This is going on the internet! Ha-ha!” said Mike.

“You little!!” said Pat and walked away.
Next day, Pat came to school with an awkward smile.

“Guys, I’m very sorry for being the bully. I didn’t know how it felt like until I got bullied. THE BULLIES are sorry too and we are breaking up the gang. I hope we can be friends,” apologized Pat.

“It’s okay. At least you learned your lesson and we can be friends now.” said Mike. “It is ok right guys?”

“Yeah, now let’s be friends!” said everyone and cheered.

Once again the mighty Mike and David save the day and made the world a good place for everyone to live!

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