Zachs Lie the better ending

April 20, 2009
By Lindsey Hinks BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
Lindsey Hinks BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
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The cockpit door opened and the co-pilot stepped out. He was a thin man with blonde hair and tired blue eyes. Mack and Christine jumped out of their seats and ran to him. He looked a lot like their father. His name was Robert Greene.

“Dad is that you?” Christine asked the man.
Robert stared at her in confusion. She had looked a lot like his daughter Joanne, but was taller and had short blonde hair. The Joanne he had known before all of this was a couple inches shorter and had long brunette hair.

“Joanne? Jack?” Robert asked the two children standing a few inches in front of him.
Jack could not talk. He was still trying to figure out if that was his dad or this was some kind of sick dream.

“Ddd-aa-ddd?? Jack and managed to get that word out in a shaking voice.

“IT IS YOU! IT’S MY CHILDREN!” Robert, their dad had yelled from the top of his lungs. He was so overwhelmed with happiness and joy he had hugged them so tightly the almost had fallen over gasping for air. I mean, you can’t blame him. He hasn’t seen his kids in such a long time.

“DAD!” Joanne and Jack had both yelled at the same time. They were so happy to finally see their father. It would be hard to imagine their life without their father.
They all walked together to a seat so that they could talk.

“Oh I have missed you guys so much! You and your mother were all I was thinking about the whole time! I am so happy to finally see you! How are you? What have you been up to? Were you being good to your mothe-,” Their Dad said and then Joanne cut him off.

“Dad! Don’t worry we are fine!” Joanne had said.
Their dad shrugged a bit then glanced over to Jack. Jack was sitting next to Joanne staring at his shoes.

“Jack-o!” How are you? What’s wrong?” Robert had asked out of concern.

“I’m fine… Just a little confused…” Jack had said in a quiet voice.

“What’s on your mind?” Robert asked.

“It’s nothing… I thought you would never come back to us,” Jack was practically whispering now.

“Well, I’m here now and I am never going to leave you. Ever,” Robert promised.
Jack and his dad stared at each other for a few moments. Then Jack realized he was telling the truth.

“I know. It just takes a while to, you know, take all of this in,” Jack said.

“Take your time. We have all the time in the world.” Robert, their dad said.
Jack thought to him self. Dad really wasn’t bluffing and that he was not going to leave us. He wanted to stay with us from now on. We were a family and that was the way it is going to stay. No one could change that ever, no matter how hard they tried. We were a family, forever. Those words repeated in his head over and over again, Forever, Forever, Forever.

“Dad…Are you sure you’ll never leave?” Christine asked in a small voice.

“I promise to stay with you guys forever. This will never happen again.” Robert said.
After five hours of flying they finally landed. They were going to start a new life…Again.

The author's comments:
I read this book in my English calls and then for a project i chose the re-write the ending

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