From Riches to Rags

April 20, 2009
By Aliyah Beacham BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
Aliyah Beacham BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
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Hailey Grims, one of Delford High’s richest students. Beautiful, fashion sense, popular, spoiled by her dad. Hailey’s got it all. All the guys wanted her; all the girls want to be like her or try to be her friend. She has the perfect life.
Chapter 1
“Good morning daddy!!” she said enthusiastically. She couldn’t wait to go to school and show off her brand new totally real Gucci bag.
“Good Morning pumpkin,” he said sadly.

“What’s wrong daddy? You seem super depressed!”
“Honey, I have something to tell you. Now, don’t get upset but-.”
“Did Martin quit?” she said cutting her dad off. Martin was their limo driver. Hailey has always had problems with him; she thinks he just hates her.
“Just listen,” he said with a bit of a tone.
“Dad, I’m starving! I’m just going to tell Nancy to cook me up some breakfast. Plus school’s about to start, just text it to me! Love ya!” she said like she was in a rush. She blew an air kiss and headed off to the kitchen looking for Nancy who was their maid. Her dad sighed; he waited for her to come back after she realized that Nancy wasn’t there.
“Daddy, how come Nancy’s not here making breakfast?” she said confused.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” he said frustrated.
“What? About how Nancy’s not there? Please!! She can’t cook anyway, it’s about time you’re hiring someone new!” she said with attitude.

“Hailey, stop that! I wanted to tell you that the company I work for is being reconstructed into a mall, which means I lost my job and we’re broke.”
“Ha-ha, real funny dad, I never knew you had jokes in ya. But seriously enough with you comedy, I have to go to school,” she said.

“Hailey, this is not a joke. I’m serious. You’re going to live with you mom, while I figure out what to do about all the expensive bills,” he said.
“NO! Oh-my-gosh! I can’t live with mom! What am I going to tell my friends! Now they’re going to think I’m a poor loser! What about all my things! What about acting classes! This can’t be happening,” she said mad and upset.
“I know, I know. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to put that kind of stuff on hold for a while. I mean come on Hailey, your mom isn’t that bad!” he said trying to convince her that this change in life isn’t such a big deal.
“Then why did you divorce her!” she said with a tantrum.
“That’s none of your concern, and you’re getting way off topic. You are going to live with your mother whether you like it or not. Now get to your room and start packing your belongings,” he said with a harsh tone.
“FINE!” she said loud and clear. She darted off to her room, crying.

Chapter 2

“Finish packing?” Hailey’s dad said. He was in casual clothing instead of his tux. Usually when he had his job he would be in that fancy tux ready to go to work in the limo. Instead he was in a t-shirt and jeans ready to drive his station wagon that was kept in the garage since all his other expensive cars were taken.
“Yea, I just can’t wait to go to a land of complete torture!” she said with slight attitude.
“Oh stop it, you’ll be fine. She only lives about 15-20 minutes away. Also, she agreed to drive you to school every morning,” he said still trying to convince her.
“Oh wow. So much fun. This is the worst Saturday I have ever had since that Saturday I had frizzy hat hair,” she said dully.
He chuckled, “Yeah, which was a very interesting day!”
“Dad! Stop laughing! That wasn’t even funny, why must you always make fun of me?!” she said annoyed.
“I’m just joshin’ ya! Now come on drama queen and get in the car.”

Chapter 3

They pulled up in the drive way of Hailey’s mother’s house; which of course was way too small for Hailey. Hailey got out of the car while her dad got her suitcase and bags and they headed for the door and knocked.
“What’s that noise?” Hailey said confused, “I didn’t know mom had a dog.”
“I didn’t know either,” Hailey’s dad said.
Hailey’s mom answered the door; the dog jumped up on Hailey and got mud on her brand new juicy couture sweat-suit.
“Ewww!!” Hailey screamed.
“Bobby! Sit, STAY!” Hailey’s mom yelled at the dog.
“Oh hi, Carol,” Hailey’s dad said.
“Hi George, Hailey I’m so sorry about Bobby. He was playing in the mud today. Why don’t you go upstairs and wash up?” Carol said in an upsetting voice.
“That would be nice,” Hailey’s said with attitude.
“Well Hailey’s gotten a bit older I see,” Carol said surprisingly.
Hailey’s dad laughed, “On the outside, she hasn’t matured that much in the inside just yet.”
“George! You have to discipline her, I knew she should have lived with me all these years,” she said.
“I know, I just got too focused with work,” he said.
“Well now that you lost your job-..”
“Let’s not talk about that,” he said cutting her off.

“Ok, well. Do you want anything to drink or something to eat so you can have it on the way back home?” she said.

“Well a bottle of water would be nice,” he said.

“Ok, I’ll be right back,” she said like a servant.

As Hailey’s mom went to the kitchen, Hailey came out with a new outfit on.

“I don’t want to live here dad, did you see what just happened to me!” Hailey said with annoyance.

“You’ll be fine, I promise.” Hailey’s dad said.

“Let’s hope so,” Hailey said and went up to her room.

“Here you go.” Hailey’s mom came in with a bottle of water and gave it to him.

“Thank you for the water and thanks for letting Hailey stay here,” he said.

“It’s no problem at all. Why don’t you head out on the road before traffic,” Hailey’s mom said like she was trying to rush him out on purpose.

“Good Idea, I’ll see you later,” he said and headed out the door.

Chapter 4

“HAILEY! DINNER!” Hailey’s mom screamed for her to come downstairs. It’s been about 3 weeks. Hailey has just been staying up in her room the whole time she’s been here. The only time she isn’t in her room is to eat, go to school or watch television.
“Coming,” Hailey said annoyed. Hailey came downstairs and sat at the dinner table. Today’s menu was spaghetti which use to be Hailey’s favorite. When she saw it on the table, she had an 100 watt smile.

“Dig in!” Hailey’s mom said.

“Wow, It’s been a while since I had your home cooked meals,” Hailey said.

“That’s true. It has been a while. I missed you Hailey,” she said sympathetically.

“Mom, you’re not going to cry on me are you? Because you’re going to make me cry!” Hailey said.

“Well, then I won’t cry!” she said. Laughter filled the air.
After about 30 minutes of Hailey and her mom catching up with each other, they finished their dinner and went up to their rooms to settle down.

Chapter 5

“Hailey, breakfast is ready dear. I have something important to tell you,” Hailey’s mom said waking Hailey out of her bed.

“Alright mom, I’ll be right down,” Hailey said still almost half asleep she never gotten up this early before on a Saturday morning. Hailey went downstairs in her pajamas and on the table were pancakes, eggs, and bacon with milk and orange juice for drinks. She sat at the table. Her mom was already eating.

“Mom, I hope you remember I’m lactose intolerant,” Hailey said in a concerned voice.

“Of course I did. That’s why I got lactose free milk,” she said.

“Aw mom, I love you!” Hailey said.

“I love you more!” Hailey’s mom answered back.

“So you wanted to tell me something?” Hailey said questionably.

“Oh yes, I think it’s time you get a job,” she said.

“Mom, please don’t do this to me. I was only here for a couple of weeks,” Hailey said complaining.

“I know, I know. But, it’s only right for you to do this,” she said.

“How is it right?” Hailey said.

“Well Hail, It trains you to give effort in anything you do and on top of that money!” she said trying to persuade her to go along with it.

“True, but it depends. What job is it?” Hailey said, knowing she still wasn’t up for this. But she was trying to change to prove to her dad she can work hard.

“You’ll find that out later,” her mom said.
Chapter 6

Hailey and her mom pulled up in a little strip mall where there was a variety of stores. Hailey’s mom approached a parking spot next to a pizza place called “Antonio’s Pizza”.

“No, you got to be kidding,” Hailey said shocked.

“Well I’m not kidding actually,” Hailey’s mom said seriously.

“Why a pizza shop? I mean come on. It could at least have been a clothing store,” she said complainingly.

“My friend just happens to be the manager so that’s why I chose this for you. I can persuade him to give you a job,” Hailey’s mom said.

“Oh, well I’ll give it try. I don’t usually do this, but you’re forcing me,” she said frustratingly.

“Oh please,” she said like she was annoyed with Hailey really badly, which she was. They entered in the pizza shop and smelled the aroma of pizzas cooking in the oven. They went up to the counter and in front of them was “Antonio” the owner and manager of the shop. His back was turned to Hailey and her mom and he was making a big pile of dough into a flat surface.

“Antonio!” Hailey’s mom called happily. He didn’t hear her so she tried it again,

“Antonio!” she yelled out.

“Carol! You scared zee living daylights outta mi!” Antonio said with his Italian accent. To Hailey she thought he was faking the whole Italian act, he sounded like he was trying to hard.

“What’s going on Antonio?” Hailey’s mom said.

“Mom why does his accent sound like he’s trying too hard?” Hailey whispered to her mom.

“He’s trying to put an Italian feel to the restaurant, starting with his accent,” Hailey’s mom whispered back.

“I see,” Hailey said in response.

“I have been doing good Carol, costumers coming regularly are low but, me and Danny are getting zere’” Antonio said. Who’s Danny? Hailey thought to herself.

“Well that’s bad, but also good because my daughter would like a job here,” Hailey’s mom said proud.

“Ooo, you want a job here at “Antonio’s” aye? Ha-ha, of course you can. You start now. I’ll teach all the basic of making a perfecto “Antonio” pizza,” Antonio said to Hailey. He sounded a little full of himself.

“Oh goodie,” Hailey said with sarcasm.

“Great, I’ll pick her up at 7 right?” Hailey’s mom asked.

“Aczually, 7 thirty for pick up. She must clean before leaving zee shop,” Antonio said.

“Excellent, see ya’ at 7 thirty Hail. Bye Antonio,” Hailey’s mom said as she exited the shop.
Chapter 7
Hailey and Antonio are in the kitchen, where all the pizza magic happens. Hailey is in an apron, and she is hoping that this stupid pizza making doesn’t mess up her clothes. All the ingredients for making a pizza were laid out on the table just waiting for Hailey to touch them.

“Okay, I’m gonna teach ya how to make zee perfect pizza ok so we start by kneading zee dough like zis’” Antonio said. He started rolling the dough in a ball and putting his two fists in the middle and twisting, and throwing it to flatten it out.

“I can’t do that, I’m not capable of making things that require kneading dough,” she said with a look on her face like she was about to pass out. She never saw anyone who could do all those fancy tricks with dough.

“Oh yes you can. Anything is possible aye,” he said trying to convince her to at least try.

“Okay. I’ll give it a shot when you promise me to get rid of that horrible fake accent. Don’t worry my mom told me everything.”

“Oh mama miya!” he said surprised but he was also trying so hard to be funny.

“Yeah, you didn’t think anyone would notice? Maybe that’s why no one comes here anymore, you probably scare them away with that accent!” she said, being the horrible critical snob she can be.

“Okay, okay. I give up. Is it really that bad?” he said like he was bummed out.

“Yeah, Totally!” Hailey said.

“Alright, I’ll take your advice if you take mine so we can make amazing pizza okay!” he said trying to make an agreement.

“Deal,” Hailey said. They shook hands, chuckled and starting working on making all different varieties of pizza. Plain, thick, thin, pepperoni, sausage, veggie, sicilian. You name it, they made it. The telephone rang and Antonio looked at the caller ID. It was an important call so he had to take it.

“Hailey, this is a really important business call. Danny will take over okay?” he said like he was in a rush. He took the phone off the hook and said to the person on the other line to hold one moment.

“Danny? Who is that Mr. Antonio?” she said wonderingly.

“Please call me Antonio. And it’s one of my other workers, same age as you. You’ll get along just fine okay. Now if you excuse me,” he said. He ran to the other half of the kitchen where the ovens were and called in Danny. Hailey was playing with her hair when she heard a beautiful deep voice say, “Hey”. She turned around and there he was. Danny. Tall, dark brown hair and handsome breathtaking facial features. He was wearing an apron with pizza stains on it, but that was alright with Hailey. She was focusing on his gorgeous face not the clothes. Hailey’s jaw dropped and she wondered to herself, “I never knew there could be something out in the world so beautiful” but then she went back to reality. He was heading towards her.

“I’m Danny,” he said with a half smile.
“Oh, you’re Danny? Well um that’s nice,” Hailey started to screw up her
speech. “I’m um…um-”
“Hailey,” he said finishing her sentence.
“Yea that’s the name,” Hailey said. She was embarrassed. Only 1 minute
with the boy and she can’t even remember her name. Danny chuckled.
“So are you ready to make some pizzas?” Danny asked.
“Not really, Ha-ha. I already made enough with Antonio,” Hailey said trying to keep her cool but still trying to be herself. Danny laughed.
“He’s doing the same thing he did to me to you. Brainwashing your mind on the first day by making pizzas the whole entire time.,” he said laughing at his on joke.
“Does he do that to everyone?” she asked.
“Pretty much,” he said.
“Oh boy. What did I get myself into!” she said laughing. He chuckled lightly too.
“It’s actually a pretty fun job,” he said.
“Really? Well that’s good. My mom forced me to do this. She’s friends with Antonio,” she told Danny.
“Oh, well that’s pretty cool. There are actually some really funny stories about Antonio. I should tell you sometime,” he said with a smile.
“Totally,” she said with a big smile.
“Yeah, so how about you tell me a little about yourself,” he asked curious

to know.
“Me? I’m just an average person. Well actually, I lived with my dad. We had pretty amazing life; he spoiled me all the time. But anyways, he lost his job at this big company he worked at. The people are making it into a huge mall,” she said.
“Oh yea! Tech Inc. Computer company, that’s the one that’s closing down! I heard about that, but I heard that mall that their going to build is gonna be a hit. But It’s tragic that their closing it down. Sorry, continue,” he said trying so hard to look like he was interested.
“It’s fine. So we can’t afford our bills so to make life easier on him so he can figure things out, I have to live with my mother until further notice and that’s how I’m stuck here,” Hailey said. Acting like she was on the Doctor Phil's show telling a tragic horrible story.
“I see,” he said nodding his head up in down. His back was leaning against the wall and Hailey was standing but resting her arm on some thing that she didn’t even know what it was.
“Yup, so tell me about yourself,” she said trying to read him by his looks.

“Just an average guy living the dream and making pizzas” he said like he was proud of the little sentence he said.
“Oh, that’s it? Come on! What do you like to do?” Hailey asked.
“Actually, make pizzas,” he said in response.
“Really, Why? It’s just doing stuff with dough, sauce and cheese. Also toppings occasionally,” she said wondering why anyone would like doing this.
“I have know idea, It’s just fun. I just love doing it in my spare time. I feel like when I make a pizza, it’s my very own masterpiece,” he said passionately over his love of pizza.
“Oh, I never knew someone could be so passionate over pizza,” she said like she was confused.
“I know, pretty crazy right,” he said smiling.
“Ha-ha yea,” Hailey said with a smile too.
“We should hang out sometime, you seem like you’re a pretty cool person,” he said.
“Yea, we should. Maybe at the park. I love having picnics!” Hailey said enthusiastically.
“A picnic it is, next Sunday?” he asked.
“Sounds good,” Hailey said smiling. He smiled back. “Hey, do you mind if I take your picture?” she said.
“Nope,” he said. Hailey took a picture of him on her blackberry. The only reason why she took the picture is so she can show it off to her friends.
“Perfect, thanks,” she said after she took the picture. She was so glad he didn’t ask her why she took it; she would have to come up with a lame excuse on the spot. Just then, Antonio walked in and spotted Hailey and Danny looking relaxed.
“What happen to making pizzas?” Antonio said wondering what Hailey and Danny did all that time.
“We just got caught up in the moment, talking to each other,” Danny said. “Hey, what happened to your accent?!” He asked.
“Ask Hailey,” Antonio replied. Hailey smiled. She glanced up at the clock and notice that it was already 7 twenty five. She realized time flies by when you talk to Danny. She headed out the kitchen and got her bags. She figured that there was no point in cleaning if no one even came in the shop today.
“Antonio, it’s almost time for me to go,” Hailey said. A red car pulled up into the parking lot which happened to be Hailey’s mom. Hailey said goodbye to Danny and Antonio and headed for the door.
“Hailey, wait!” Danny said running out the door to try and catch up with Hailey.
“Yes?” Hailey asked.
“Can I get your number? You know just for working emergencies,” he said shyly. Hailey knew there had to be more then just getting her number for just working emergencies.
“Right, for working emergencies. 674-089-6723,” she told Danny.
“Thanks, I’ll give ya’ a ring or a text sometime,” Danny said with a smile.
“Sure,” Hailey said.
“See ya,’” Danny said as he headed back to the shop.
“Bye,” Hailey said smiling. She went to the car opened up the passenger’s side and went in.
“Who’s that guy?” Hailey’s mom asked.
“A co-worker,” Hailey said with a simile.

Chapter 8
I know it all seems pretty fast, it doesn’t feel realistic. But with Danny, everything is a fantasy. Hailey and her mom drove back home. When they got there Hailey kicked off her shoes and apron and plopped on the couch. She also flicked the TV on to her favorite station MTV. Her mom followed right behind her.

“I can see you had a long day. How was work?” Hailey’s mom asked.

“Horrible, I hate making pizzas. But there’s a boy named Danny that I really like, were going to the park next Sunday,” she said happily.

“Well It’s good that you met a friend, but that’s not what you’re there for honey,” she said in response.

“I know, I know. But it’s not my fault there just happens to be an unbelievably cute guy there,” she said. She looks like she was day dreaming. She had a big smile on her face.

“You’re right that he’s cute! I saw him in the window when I was picking you up,” she said smiling too.

“I know right! Well enough about me. How are you? What happened to the dog?” Hailey asked wondering where Bobby had gone.

“You didn’t know he was gone? I gave him to my neighbors for while, because I can tell you didn’t like dogs,” she said.

“Mom, you did all that for me? You didn’t have to, I would have learned to deal with it, I thought he ran away, but I was too absorbed with myself I didn’t even notice. Sorry,” she said like she was really happy that she was loved.

“It’s okay. And of course I would, anything for my daughter,” she said with a half smile.

“Aw, mom I love you. I think being with you has really changed me,” Hailey said like she was about to give a speech.

“That’s good. Well, I’m going to bed to get ready for Sunday tomorrow. I have somewhere to go with my old high school friends. You’ll be okay home alone right?” Hailey’s mom asked.

“I don’t have work tomorrow?” Hailey asked. Thinking in her mind “Darnit, I wanted to see Danny.”

“Nope,” Hailey’s mom said. “It’s your only day off; you have work on the week days from 4 to 6 and on Saturdays 1 to 7,” Hailey’s mom answered.

“Awesome, I guess I’ll be okay tomorrow alone,” Hailey said.

“Good, don’t do anything that I wouldn’t approve of,” Hailey’s mom added.

“Okay, I promise,” Hailey said with a half smile. Hailey’s mom headed up stairs to her bedroom. As soon as Hailey heard the door shut from up stairs she took out her phone and went to her pictures. She scrolled down to the picture of Danny and sighed with a smile.

Chapter 9
It was Sunday morning, and Hailey was downstairs again watching MTV. Her mom had already left so she had the house all to herself. She was laying on the couch with a bag of chips that she wasn’t supposed to be eating in the morning and her cell phone was by her side. Her favorite show “My Super Sweet Sixteen” was on. There was a commercial break on when suddenly her phone had a bell type ring tone. It was a text message. Hailey closed her eyes hoping it was Danny. It was her mom. She sighed, but then she read it.

Hailey, don’t forget to set the table.
My high school friends are coming over for dinner.
Message From: Mom
Sent: March 26, 2009 at 11:05 am
Hailey didn’t reply. She didn’t feel like she had to. She was just a tad upset that Danny hasn’t called or texted her yet. Then, she heard the bell type ring tone again. She thought it was her mom again so she ignored it for a while. She continued watching the show. She had to check for the time so she picked up her phone and saw: Message From: 674-567-3244. She opened the text message up.

Hey Hailey, It’s Danny.
Message from: 674-567-3244
Sent: March 26, 2009 at 11:15
Hailey’s heart jumped and plopped out of her chest. She added the number into her phonebook. She spent 5 minutes thinking of what to say but she finally came up with something, she replied.
Hey! I’m so glad you texted. What’s up?
She wanted to jump up and down.
Nothing much, I’m at the shop.
There were only 3 customers so far today.
But, what about you?
Message from: Danny
Sent: March 26, 2009 at 11:23
She replied again.
Nothing, just watching TV. I’m so bored.
I wish I was at the shop.

Hailey really did want to be there.
I wish you were here too.
But, I’m so sorry.
Another costumer is here.
I g2g, ttyl.
Message from: Danny
Sent: March 26, 2009 at 11:28
She replied this one last time.
Okay, see ya’. 
Hailey was mad that it had to end, but she was happy at the fact that even though he was busy he texted her. She hoped that maybe things will heat up on their date at the park. She continued watching TV and waited for her mom to get home.

Chapter 10
Hailey got up and got ready for school. It was the first time her mom ever driven her to school. She was nervous that the kids at school would see her getting out of her mom’s car. Unfortunately, one annoying guy in her 2nd period class saw her get out of the car. And by 2nd period he was making fun of her. Everyone knew that if Hailey lived with her mom, her dad was broke.

“Little Hailey is finally living the hard life! Do you enjoy living with you’re mom? Are you done being a spoiled little brat?” The annoying kids name was Tim. He was all in Hailey’s space and she was starting to get frustrated.

“Go away Tim and get a life while your at it,” Hailey fired back at him hoping that would get him to stop.

“Oh I have a life alright. I’m living the dream! I just got a new computer, the I-phone, and a WII for my birthday. You’ll never be able to get that stuff when you’re living with mom. Ha-ha, Now I’m one of Delford High’s richest kids. I feel powerful.” He said like he was trying purposely to dictate her in front of the whole class. When he said that, everyone one in the class turned their attention from the teacher to Tim. Hailey’s face was bright red.

“Just shut up Tim,” Hailey said furiously.

“Wait, wait, wait. Hailey you’re broke?” Hailey’s best friend asked. Her name was Paige. She knew almost everything about Hailey. She knew that if she moved in with her mom something was going terribly wrong. Luckily for Hailey, the bell was about to ring in 1 minute. She ignored all the negative comments blurting from peoples mouths. She slouched down in her seat until the bell rang. DING! That was the bell. Hailey rushed out of their like a lighting bolt. Paige caught up to her.

“Hailey you didn’t answer my question. Are you broke?” Paige asked once again.

“Well, yeah for now,” Hailey said with her head down like she was ashamed of being with her mom. Paige laughed.

“Wow, and you didn’t tell me?” Paige said shocked.

“Well, I thought you would make fun of me,” Hailey said with sadness in her voice.

“Hailey, If I wanted to laugh I would have already. At least you’re living with your mom and you don’t have to work at McDonalds or some pizza shop,” Paige said. Hailey’s jaw dropped. Did Paige already know? Hailey thought to herself.

“How’d you know?” Hailey screamed. They were walking down a long hallway to their locker. Everyone probably heard that.

“How’d I know what?” Paige asked.

“Never mind,” Hailey said like she was in relief.

“Oh, okay then.” Paige said confused.

“Well on the bright side, I met a boy!” Hailey said with excitement.

“Really? Tell me some details!” Paige said like she was excited too.

“No need, this picture says’s it all!” Hailey said still excited. She pulled out her blackberry from her pocket and showed her the picture.

“Cute, but why is he wearing an apron with pizza stains on it?” Paige asked confused. Paige thought in her head, “Hailey would never go that low; she never goes out with guys who work at pizza shops”.

“Um...” Hailey struggled thinking of an excuse.

“You do work at a pizza shop don’t you?” Paige said. Acting like she knew it all along.

“Well yeah that doesn’t matter. I mean come on. My mom forced me! She’s friends with the manager Antonio!” Hailey said. Trying so hard to explain her story to Paige in the clearest possible way.

“You work at Antonio’s Pizza shop? EW, I hate their pizza. You do too! Why would you do this?” Paige yelled. She was surprised that Hailey would sink so low.

“I was forced! I can’t help-”

“Hailey, I gotta to get to class, talk to me when you’re rich again. Now leave me alone, you’re cramping my style!” Paige said with attitude cutting her Hailey off. She ran off and left Hailey alone in the hallway. She couldn’t believe that Paige acted like that. Then Hailey started to realize when she was rich she acted the same way Paige did right now witch made her feel horrible inside. She let the whole Paige thing go and went to her next period class. It was math, more annoying people were there. She was praying that they would just leave her alone. And to make things worse, Tim was in her math class too.

“Hey there Hailey. I’d like to order a pineapple pizza for delivery please,” a guy named Eddy said. Laughs were all around the room. Hailey could not believe that Paige told someone about this, and then it just spread like bacteria.

“How bout’ I order you a brain on the double,” Hailey fired back. She was so upset that she might even cry.

“Ouch, that was harsh. Well at least I’m not broke,” Tim said. He turned back around from Hailey and paid attention to the teacher but still laughing with his friends and passing notes. Hailey couldn’t believe what just happened.

Chapter 11
After being made fun of at school for the last hour and a half, it was finally over. Hailey waited outside for her mom to pick her up. It was raining and she was getting soaked. As people walked by her outside of the school, they laughed. Hailey suspected that they were laughing about her. She ignored it, but then she started to cry, and that’s when her mom swerved around the school parking lot to the front of the building. Hailey ran to the car to avoid getting even more wet, she opened up the door of the car and started sobbing again.

“Oh honey, what’s wrong?” Hailey’s mom said wondering what went wrong. Hailey’s mom pulled out of the school and started driving on the road.

“Everyone made fun of me because I’m not rich anymore, and Paige turned against me. She said I was (“cramping her style”),” Hailey said lightly crying now.

“Don’t worry about them. Life isn’t always about money. Kids these days! Also, Paige obviously isn’t a true friend if she doesn’t accept you for who you are,” Hailey’s mom said. She whiped the tear off Hailey’s face at a stop light.

“I know mom. I just want to forget about this,” Hailey said starting to clearing up her tears.

“That’s the spirit; I’ll make you your favorite for dinner tonight after you come home from work to cheer you up!” Hailey’s mom said trying to cheer her up.

“Thanks mom,” Hailey said trying to smile.

Chapter 12
A few days have gone by. It was Saturday again and after working at the shop and being made fun of, it was finally a day of rest. Business is still low at Antonio’s. Hailey thought that was good because it was less work for her. As far as her and Danny, they are talking a lot at work and getting to know each other more and more. Hailey’s phone rang, it was Danny.

“Hello?” Hailey said answering the call.

“Hey Hailey, its Danny,” he said in response.

“Oh hey! What going on?” Hailey asked.

“Nothing much, I was wondering if you were still up for the park tomorrow?” he asked.

“Yeah sure, what time?” Hailey asked.

“Let’s say around 4. Is that okay?” he asked.

“Perfect,” Hailey said. She sounded like she was so excited, which she usually is when she talks to Danny.

“Sounds good, I’ll swing by your house around that time. See ya’ tomorrow,” he said happily.

“See ya’,” Hailey said in response. She clicked off the phone, sighed happily and laid on the couch like she usually did on Saturday mornings.

Chapter 13
It was Sunday! Finally time for Hailey and Danny to go out. It was 3:55 and Hailey figured Danny would be here really soon. Hailey had on the best outfit she had in her closet. Just as she suspected the doorbell rang. Hailey answered and it was Danny. He was holding a picnic basket and wearing nice jeans and a cool graphic t-shirt. His hair, flawless. Smile, breathtaking. Hailey called up to her mom telling her that she’ll be back later.

“Hey, don’t you look nice,” Danny said with a smile.

“Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself,” Hailey said in response with a smile on her face too. They started walking up the street and heading to the park witch was close to Hailey’s house.

“How’d you get here?” Hailey asked.

“I walked,” he said.

“Don’t you live far away?” Hailey asked again.

“Nah, I actually live 15 minutes walking distance away from you,” he said with a smile.

“Really? I never knew that. Aren’t you supposed to be going to Delford High?” Hailey asked.

“I go to another school district not too far from here. I just didn’t want to go to Delford High because it’s full of a bunch of stuck up snobs. So I convinced my mom to letting me go to Highsmith,” he told Hailey. Hailey hoped he wasn’t referring the stuck up snob to her.

“Oh, I see. Just so you know I’m not a stuck up snob, well not anymore,” she said stuttering her speech slightly.

“I know that’s the good thing about you. You’ve changed,” he said with a simile. They approached a small little park with a playground with kids, picnic tables, and other things. They walked up to an area of grass. Danny opened up the picnic basket and took out a folded blanket. He spreaded it out and Hailey and Danny sat on it.

“Well this is it,” Danny said with a half smile.

“It’s perfect,” Hailey said with a big smile.

“Well I assume you would like to eat,” he said. He pulled out of his picnic basket some sandwiches, grapes, crackers and cheese, and juice pouches. “Sorry if it’s not good enough,” he said and chuckled.

“No, it’s totally fine. I love it,” Hailey said with a smile. He smiled too,

“That’s good, I ‘m not the best chef in the world but I can make some pretty good pizza!” he blurted out. He also laughed a little. Hailey laughed lightly too.

“I bet that’s true. Speaking of pizzas. What made you want to work at the pizza shop?” she asked. She picked up a few grapes and put it in her mouth. The birds were still chirping and she still heard the sounds of the little kids playing but she put all her focus on him. It was perfect; it was what she dreamed of.

“To be completely honest with you, I just love it. Like I told you before, I’m a little crazy over it! I don’t get paid a lot but Antonio is a great man and I would be devastated if the shop closes down,” he said. He took a deep sigh. “Do you like it?” he asked.

“Well I guess the pizza making stuff is alright, but the best part is being with you,” she said trying to flirt a little. They looked into each others eyes.

“Can I ask you something?” he asked her.

“Anything,” Hailey said interested on what he was about to say.

“Do you believe that we could ever, you know ‘Go out’, he said. He sounded a little nervous.

“You mean like boyfriend and girlfriend?” Hailey asked her heart pumped harder and faster.

“Yeah, well I know it’s a tad early, I mean I don’t even know-”

“YES!” Hailey cut him off. She sounded so excited. She just wanted to jump up and down. He laughed.

“I know it sounds a little like 5th grade, but I ‘m kind of a shy person. It’s been a while since I have been in a relationship,” he started to explain.

“I totally understand. I can be shy too and what do you mean by it’s been a while since you’ve been in a relationship? You’re gorgeous!” Hailey said with a smile.

“Thanks, you’re beautiful. And, I’ve been have been with a lot of girls. I still haven’t found the right one, so I just gave it a rest. But when I saw you and got to know you a little better, I was hoping that you could be the one,” he said with a little nervous tone and a half smile.

“Thanks, I’m hoping that I could be the one for you too. I definitely want you to be mine,” Hailey said passionately. Danny leaned in towards Hailey and they began to kiss. Suddenly a kid kicked a ball all the way from the playground and it ended up landing right in-between Danny and Hailey. They pulled away from each other.

“Ouch!” Danny and Hailey said in unison together. They laughed the kid came over and asked for the ball back. Hailey reached for the ball and handed it to the kid and he ran away with the ball.

“Well, I think I should get you home now,” Danny said still laughing at what just happened.

“Alright, let’s go,” Hailey said while she helped Danny pack the stuff up. They got up from the grass and started walking back to Hailey’s house. They held hands the whole entire way back. They eventually were there and went up to the door.

“I had a lot of fun hanging out with you,” Danny said as they detached hands.

“I had fun too,” Hailey said with a smile.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then,” he said. He kissed her forehead.

“See ya’,” Hailey said. He started walking back up the street. Hailey went back in the house still with a smile on her face. She yelled to her mom telling her that she was home. She sighed happily once again and smiled all the way up to her room.

Chapter 14
A month has passed. Hailey and Danny were closer then ever, low business was still going on at the shop and Hailey was still made fun of. Hailey didn’t care about anything else, Danny was all she needed.
Chapter 15

Hailey was at the pizza shop with Danny and Antonio. Hailey and Danny were flirting of course and making pizzas. Finally, there was a big task at hand. They had to make 15 pizzas for a party by the end of their work shift. They already got 7 done, 8 more to go. Meanwhile, a silver Volvo pulled up in the parking lot. Hailey was focusing on that, suddenly 3 teenagers and a young adult came out the car. Hailey’s jaw dropped. It was Paige, Tim, Eddy, and Paige’s older brother. Hailey wanted to hide. What were they doing here? Hailey thought in her head.

“Oh gosh, Danny hide me,” Hailey said cowardly.

“For what babe?” Danny said trying to comfort her.

“Remember when I told you almost 3 weeks ago about the kids that were teasing me? Well that’s them!” Hailey said still trying to hide behind him.

“Oh yeah, those stupid people are them? Ha! Don’t pay them any mind. Just come here and help me make some pizza,” Danny said trying to calm her down.

“Okay, Um...I think I’m going to check on the pizzas in the oven in the back. Be right back,” Hailey ran. Danny sighed and shook his head and continued making pizzas. Meanwhile, Paige, Tim, Eddy, and Paige’s older brother entered the shop.

“May I help you?” Danny said furiously but still calm.

“We’re here to see Hailey,” Paige said with a dictating smile.

“She’s busy,” Danny said. He was annoyed.

“No she’s not, I just saw her,” Tim said.

“Whatever,” Danny said. He continued making pizzas.

“Hey, I’ll take a slice of pizza,” Paige’s older brother Mike said.

“Make that two,” Eddy added.

“Fine, I’ll be right back,” Danny said still annoyed. Paige laughed. Danny went to the back to get some pizzas slices that already had been cooking. He saw Hailey just standing there.

“Hailey, I’m begging you to just go back there,” Danny pleaded.

“What, and have them make some more fun of me? No! I can’t,” Hailey said complaining.

“Trust me, if anything happens or gets out of hand I’ll take care of them,” Danny said toughly.

“Fine, I still don’t like this,” Hailey said but she walked in the front of the shop where she saw the dictators, otherwise know as Paige, Tim, Eddy, and Paige’s older brother.

“You know I’m still waiting on that pineapple pizza, pizza girl. Where is it?” Eddy said. Everyone laughed and Hailey stood there annoyed and thinking to herself, “This was a bad idea,”

“Ha-ha, look who’s actually working. Having fun with Danny the pizza boy?” Paige asked and had an evil grin on her face.

“Paige, would you like to order something or would you like me to get my manager to kick you out?” Hailey fired back. Antonio had to run an errand earlier so getting him was out of the question. She felt stupid for saying that.

“I’ll order something, I’ll take water,” she ordered.

“Anything else?” Hailey asked annoyed.

“Why the heck what I want any of that greasy pizza?” Paige said with attitude. Paige crossed her arms and smiled. Hailey didn’t respond. She got her bottle of water and gave it to her. Paige snatched it away and said, “Thanks.”
Hailey didn’t respond.

“Hey, where is my pizza?” Paige’s brother said.

“Yeah! Where’s mine too?” Eddy said after Paige’s brother.

“I’m guessing it’s coming soon,” Hailey said. She looked down.

“Wow, this is bad service. Now wonder no one comes here,” Tim blurted out with ignorance and everything.

“Look, you guys want to get out of here?” Hailey said with rage.

“No, not until I get my stupid pizza,” Eddy said.

“Hailey, just go get them there pizza. Stop standing around and actually do something for a change,” Paige said to Hailey with a loud and attitudish tone. Hailey had enough of this. She started yelling things she never meant.

Hailey yelled out, “Paige! I’m tired of this. This whole pizza thing is nothing! My mom forced me to do this stupid job so leave me alone!” Danny heard the fighting in the back; he wanted to see what was going on, so walked slowly to the front.

“Being forced to do a job doesn’t involve falling in love. What about that Danny kid?” Paige asked with an attitude still. Hailey just wanted them to go away, so she said something she would never mean. She sighed; she had to do it so they could leave.

Hailey yelled, “I don’t care about Danny, he’s a joke. We are just playing around.” Danny made his way up to the front right before she said that. He heard what she just said. He just stood there in shock,

“This is all a joke to you? Whatever, I’ll never find the one,” Danny said devastated. He didn’t even want to be here anymore. He took off his apron and walked out of the shop. Hailey stood there. She wanted to say something but she couldn’t find the words to explain to Danny, she was just so upset. She didn’t even mean it; she just wanted Paige to go away. Hailey admitted to herself that she should have just let them make fun of her, Danny wasn’t worth losing.

“Uh-oh. Nix the pizza. I think I’m good,” Paige’s brother said.

“Yeah, me too.” Eddy said. Paige’s brother and Eddy walked out of the shop and went in the car. Hailey started to cry.

“Ouch, that was harsh that you just said that about your ‘true love’,” Paige said being sarcastic. Hailey didn’t say anything, she just cried.

“Paige maybe we should get out of here,” Tim said trying to avoid drama. He headed out too.

“Bye loser,” Paige said. She headed out. The car drove away. Hailey just stood there. She couldn’t believe that just happened. To get it off her mind, she cleaned, and locked the shop and left. Her shifted was over, Antonio told her earlier to lock up anyway.
Chapter 16
During that week, Danny avoided Hailey. Hailey was trying to explain but he just ignored. It was finally the weekend. Hailey mostly spent her time in her room on her bed instead of watching TV.

Chapter 17
Even though Hailey and Danny had problems, she still had to go to the shop and so did he. They didn’t talk to each other. They just made pizza. Hailey was trying to fix this.

“Danny can you talk to me? I didn’t mean what I said that day,” Hailey said sympathetically.

“Sure you didn’t, the tone in your voice said it all when you told that to Paige,” Danny fried back, he was still angry.

“I was just trying to make Paige go away,” Hailey tried to explain.

“I don’t know about this,” he said. Hailey sighed. Antonio walked in with his hand on his head and his head tilted down. He kept on saying “Oh gosh” and walking back and forth. Hailey and Danny rushed over to see what was wrong. They were still keeping their distance.

“Antonio, what’s wrong?” Danny asked.

“The shop!” Antonio said panting like a dog but more sympathetic.

“What happened?” Hailey asked wondering what’s going on. Danny was wondering that too.

“It’s closing down,” Antonio said devastated.

“What!” Hailey and Danny said in unison.

“I’m not kidding, I didn’t have enough money to pay for the bills because not a lot of people come here to eat pizza,” Antonio said still devastated. They all stood in silence. Hailey walked around in circles.

“What are we going to do?” Hailey asked.

“You said you didn’t care, so why bother Hailey?” Danny fired at Hailey.

“For the last time, I didn’t mean it!” Hailey yelled.

“Enough! I’m tired of you guys fighting, All this negativity is giving me a headache. Closing time ends now, clean up and go home,” Antonio said. Hailey suspected he was just too upset to deal with her, Danny and the shop right now. Hailey wiped down the counter tops and Danny put back all the stuff where it belonged. After that, they headed home in different directions.

Chapter 18
It was midnight. Hailey stayed up all night thinking of what to do to keep the shop open. A while later she had it. She knew exactly what to do.

Chapter 19
Hailey went to school knowing exactly what she was about to do. She was going to make a special announcement on the PA announcer this morning, she had already asked her principal; she told him it was for a good cause. The principal agreed on it, but it was that time to announce it before classed began, time for the whole school to hear. She went back into the principal’s office, picked up the speaker and began.
“Hey everyone, It’s Hailey Grims. I just have brief announcement to make. The pizza shop I work at is closing down. If “Antonio’s Pizza” rings a bell to any of you, you should know that it’s closing down because our lack of customers so we can’t afford the bills. I’m asking you to just please come down to the shop and buy a pizza or donate tonight. I know what you are all thinking, ‘Why would I want to help out a spoiled mean brat get her job back?’But just so you know, I’m not that brat anymore. I have changed since I have lived with my mom. I would do the same for you if you needed help, thank you.”
Hailey sighed. She clicked off on the speaker. What a relief, hopefully this works She thought to herself. But she still needed to fix things with Danny. She headed back to class; people were staring at her in the hallways.

Chapter 20
Hailey came to the shop early because Danny always did. She wanted to talk things out with him. Little did Danny know, Hailey made a special pizza just for him with m&ms on it that spelled out “I’m sorry” before he got here. She really wanted him back. She walked in the shop and there was Danny, he didn’t even look up.

“Surprise,” Hailey said as she placed the specially made pizza in front of him.

“You think you can just win me over with pizza and m&ms? You played with my heart,” Danny was starting his sad mood again.

“Danny, let me talk. I wanted to let you know that I’m sorry and I shouldn’t have said that. You have to understand I didn’t mean it though; it was just something I said to get Paige and her crew out of the shop and out of my life. I never broke your heart and I don’t plan on it either. I really like you,” Hailey said almost about to tear up.

“Really? Well, I really like you too. I think I believe you now. Sorry for misunderstanding. The pizza you made is awfully cute,” he stated. Hailey was glad things were back to normal they hugged and smiled at each other.

“So we’re cool?” Hailey asked.

“We’re cool,” Danny answered.

“Great I just wanted to let you know, I fixed the shop problem. We should get to making pizzas right now!” Hailey said excitedly.

“Wait what? How?” Danny asked.

“You’ll see,” Hailey said. Danny went along with it and immediately they started making pizzas.
Chapter 21
Hailey and Danny made about 50 pizzas together. When they were finished people started pouring in and entering in the door.

“All these people are here to buy pizza? Hailey your amazing! How’d you do it?” Danny asked.

“Only for me to know,” Hailey said with a half smile. “Where’s Antonio?” She asked.

“He’s running late he’ll be here soon,” Danny said. “Let’s get to work!”
Hailey and Danny took orders from all the people in line. Handing out pizza one by one. The place was crowded. Mostly all the people from Delford High were here supporting. Hailey’s plan had worked. Antonio eventually came in. He was wondering where all the people came from.

“Where did all these people come from?” Antonio asked.

“Hailey is the master mind of this one!” Danny said.

“They all came from my school, I made an announcement. I think we might be able to keep this shop open!” Hailey added.

“Oh my gosh, Hailey thank you so much,” Antonio said and gave Hailey a big hug; they went back to work because more people were coming in.

Chapter 22
By the end of the day, Antonio’s Pizza has raised enough money to stay open.

Chapter 23
Time flew by so quickly. Another month had passed and the shop is doing very good business. Danny and Hailey are even MORE closer. Things were just great. It was the weekend. Hailey decided to just hang with her mom at home. They were downstairs watching a family show, when suddenly the phone rang. Hailey’s mom answered it.

“Hailey, it’s your dad,” Hailey’s mom said. Hailey got up to get it. Finally her dad calls, 3 months and he finally decides to call, Hailey thought.

“Hello?” Hailey answered.

“Hey pumpkin,” he said.

“Hey daddy, what’s up?”

“I have great news honey!”

“What’s the great news?” Hailey wondered what it was.

“We’re not broke anymore! The company is building a new location about 20 minutes away. Are you ready to come home?” he asked. Hailey thought long and hard about this. She thought about how much of a better life she would have if she moved back in. But then she thought about Danny, her mom, Antonio, and the pizza shop. Right here with her mom was a home now; she couldn’t just leave it all behind. She thought about how spoiled she would be if she lived with her dad again. Having that thought, she thought back to what she said on the PA announcer.

“Dad, as much as I would like to take that offer…I can’t. This is my home,” she said.

“Pumpkin, are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yeah dad, I’ll call you everyday just please let me stay!” she said

“If that’s what you honey,” he said. He started sighing.

“I’m sorry dad, but this is home.”

Happily Ever After.

The author's comments:
I love to write my dream is to be a Writer and Editor. I wrote this peice because I felt like it would open new beginnings.

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