April 20, 2009
By Anonymous

“People of Ireland there is a disease sweeping all of Europe that reanimates all dead and living bodies once bitten by the infected” I was listening to this broadcast as I was driving home from the farm with my best friend Nick. Then another one of the horrifying broadcasts came over the air
“All residents must evacuate the island now, The island is being quarantined because it is believed that the disease originated in Ireland”
As soon as I heard this broadcast I called my wife. “Lilly take the van and get off the island and take the next plane out of this place”

“Brian what about you? You have to get off to,” she said blurting the words frantically.
“Go take the kids with you and get off the island now!” I said starting to get irritated with her.
“Fine but what if you don’t make it?”
“Don’t worry I’ll be fine,”

As I drove to the airport it was an all out brawl to get on the next flight. Me and Nick had to use our car keys in between our fingers to punch people so they would get out our way so we could get on the plane. As soon as we got to the front of the line we were both pistol whipped in the temple. I came to the next morning and there was nobody left and that’s when I realized that all the planes had left! Scared out of my mind and worried about my family, I drove home and I found my hunting rifle on the couch. I got in the truck, turned it on, and realized there was no gas so I had to walk. I grabbed up my rifle with extra ammo, a knife that strapped to my leg, and a flashlight then headed to down town Dublin. As I as walking down the sidewalk I saw a flurry of movement in the metro. I grabbed a flashlight and headed on down. To my horror I saw a thing that had bluish gray skin and thin strands of hair. The thing turned around and then tilted it to the side and let out an ear piercing screech and than it sprinted after me. With my ears ringing it tackled me out of the metro and onto the sidewalk. I tried to fight it off but it was so strong it just overpowered me and then it bit me in the neck I was so weak and nausea that I could not move I just fell asleep and woke up the next morning in my house.

I woke up and said, “I thought I was asleep on the side walk?”

“I noticed you had been gone for a while and went t look for you I found you passed out on the side walk with a nasty looking bite on your neck,” nick said with a disgusted look on his face.

“Is that what is killing my neck?”

“It must be because there is nothing else on your neck”

“By the way what bit you?” Nick asked

“It looked like a grayish blue human almost like a zombie.”

“I think that might be that disease they were talking about!” he said with a terror stricken face.

“All right we will see what happens to me. Until then keep your gun near you. If I become one of them shoot me.”

“Got it”.

“Yes,” Nick replied

The next morning I felt woozy but it was probably just because I got up too fast. I saw Nick asleep on the couch gun in hand. I guess he took my advice. When I just finished cooking breakfast when Nick walked in the kitchen and said, “Dude the bite like turned that grayish blue color!” I almost fell over partly because he startled me and partly because he said my cut was a different color.
“No it couldn’t have changed that fast could it?”
“Relax I was kidding it actually is almost healed,” he said.
“You better sleep with one eye open tonight!” I said angrily.
I was ready to knock him up side the head with his rifle. Of course he was rolling on the floor trying to catch his breath he was laughing so hard. To get back at him I put some laxatives from the medicine cabinet in his coffee and boy did he regret messing with me. After all the shenanigans we headed out to down town to get some supplies but the door was locked but on the bright side we got to drive through the glass. When we opened the car doors we smelled all the rotting dairy and beef products. We could only get the canned non-perishable foods. Once we got our fill of food we headed home and put the groceries away in the cupboard. The only beef we could get was if we killed the cows so at night Nick and I would go into the fields and slit their throats while they slept.

The next morning after a breakfast of cold baked beans and cranberries we headed out to Dublin. We were driving down Main Street when we saw a flash a movement in the grocery store. “What was that?” Nick asked.

“That would be what gave me this,” as I pointed to my neck.

“That is what did that to you??”

“Yeah don’t even go near it”

We kept driving on down Main Street when we came upon a dead creature. It was laying there not breathing then all of the sudden it popped up and tried to grab us but even before it could touch us Nick had taken its head off with his hunting riffle. We were so shocked that we just went the rest of the day without saying a word. When we got home the house was a mess and we saw three of the creatures eating all of our food so Nick and I opened fire we killed one and the other two got away. We later found out that they know where we were living. We stayed up the whole night waiting for the things to come back and finish us off. When dawn came we were still wired and scared they would come but they never did “Do you think they will come for us any time soon?” I asked in a voice barley above a whisper.

“No not yet it seems they only stay in the dark except that one that almost killed us,” he said.

“For now we should stay out of dark places and stop going out at night”

“And we have to get back inside before sunset,” I stated

“All right but we might want to get some watches so we can tell when to come home.”

A few days ago the bite started to tingle, my hair started to thin and my skin turned a grayish blue. The symptoms stopped and now at night I can understand what the creatures are saying instead of the screeches that nick hears. One night I woke up and almost killed my best friend but he woke up and he punched me square in the face then I realized what I had just tried to do and I felt like a monster. That morning we woke up and nick said “What the h*ll was that all about last night? You tried to eat me!”

“I don’t even know what that was, I am half creature half human I can understand all that yelling that goes on at night,” I said.

“Well what do they say?” nick asked

“They yell curses at each other and one time they were at the door and one of them said, ‘I bit the guy that lived here I was in the subway and he came down then I just bit him’ it was pretty creepy.”

After that we got in the car and drove to town. Soon as we got to the video store the car died just wouldn’t move another inch. Our worst fears came to reality. We had to stay the night in the car soon as the sun went down the creatures came out I heard them talking outside but I could not hear them because they were whispering. Nick and I were sitting in the front two seats when this force jolted the car we soon found out it was a creature. Nick scrambled to the backseat and grabbed the hunting rifle. Soon as the next creature hit us he nailed the zombie in the face with the butt of his rifle. I said. “Get out of the car and go into the store!”

“Why they will just corner us!” Nick shouted

“Just do it will buy us more time,” I said

“Fine let’s go then hurry up!”

When the next creature came in Nick blew its leg off. This green blood like substance spewed all over all over the DVD rack. Another horde of them came charging at us. Nick shot as many as possible then he ran out of ammo. The rest of the night we were in constant fist fights. Nick was in a fight with one when another one punched him in the gut and he folded over like a book. Soon as he got up we ran to the store to the right of the DVD place. Soon as we got in the store Nick screamed, “Get out of the store there are twenty of them behind the cash register”

I got out but soon as I looked back there was blood splattered all over the front window. I yelled “Nick!” then all the zombies came at me I pulled my knife out and killed as many as possible. I ran into the nearest building locked the door and waited until sunrise. When the sun came up I went to the spot were nick had been killed. I picked him up and took him to the fields were we worked together. I buried him under the oak tree were we ate our lunches and laughed about how things never went our way. I sat there and wept over my loss and I could not believe he died. I went home feeling numb still shocked that my best friend nick was dead! I was walking home completely oblivious to my surroundings when a car blared its horn and people came out. “Are you okay you look like you have just been through WWII,” she said with worry in her eye

“How did you get here everyone is supposed to be dead!” I stammered.

“No we came from France to find survivors.”

“Well I survived,”
They took me home and made me some food. Their names were Claire and Francis. Over some baked beans I told them my story and they sat there in awe. The three of us lived together for another three years. Claire couldn’t take all the constant raids by the creatures so she killed her self. Francis and I lived in the house for another five years after Claire killed herself. Francis eventually couldn’t take it any more and he jumped off a bridge. I was alone again for another fiver months than I went insane and ingested strychnine and died lying next to Nicks grave.

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