The Black Cross

April 20, 2009
By Kevin McIntyre BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
Kevin McIntyre BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
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Since 1945 the Germans have taken over. Since that day there’s been horror death and much more. I John main have lived through this war. Through this horror. I’ve been to the edge of abyss and back. I have kept a journal of everyday I spent living my life like that. I will start it when it all began.

It’s my first time at a new job and we have been living in a town called Big Town it’s a refugee camp in America. The land outside Big Town is a wasteland. People being killed everyday. My wife Jill is 4 months pregnant with my baby boy I don’t want my boy to live like I have. I want him to have a normal life. Not grow up where people are dying. So I work for my money. I arrive at a place called Working Industries. My boss greets me with a hardy hello.

He says, “So you’re the new boy right? Well welcome. You will be working the machinery here.” He takes me to my first station and I sit down in the crane. It’s really loud in where we are so I can barely hear the boss yelling.
My boss yells, “Just push the Lever up and down to move the crane! Then use the other ones to move left and right!” I nod my head. The next moment I hear yelling and screaming.
I hear a worker call out, “WE ARE UNDER INVASION BY GERMAN TROOPS!”
My boss yells, “Everyone please be calm!” It doesn’t work. My first reaction is to get to my house. I climb down the ladder as fast as I can leaving everything runing straight down the street to my house. At the moment I lived 2 blocks away. It felt like I was running more than to blocks. I get to my house to see it burning to the ground. I burst down the door. Everything is burnt. I run upstairs to my wife’s room. She’s not there. I look at the window and see her car out there. Then a log of wood comes down and hits me on the head.
It felt like I was out for just a day. I wake up to see that I was dragged out to my lawn. My house there is nothing left only rubble. I run to the rubble and only see one thing untouched. It’s my wife’s and my wedding picture. I pick it up and start to sob. Behind me a German soldier runs at me with his bayonet. I grab the bayonet rip it from his hand and stab him in the belly. He falls to the ground. With Blood spilling out he yells for help. I end his life there, I don’t know what came over me that day I was just so mad.
I strap the rifle to my back and walk away. Soon I find out that my entire town had been slaughtered. Everything was burnt to the ground. I look up at the town hall to see a black cross flag hanging there. I sprint for the car. I get it in and notice I left the keys inside. I learned how hotwire a car from my duties as a German soldier. Those days were grim. I left it as soon as the Germans won and started to rebel. I get the car started it roars with intensity to go. I pull the emergency brake and floor it down the street. I head for the exit out of town. I get to the exit to find German soldiers patrolling it. I floor it again. I hit two of the soldiers with their faces on my windshield. I swerve to get them off. They both tumble off. I already knew who I was heading for. The man himself: Hitler.
Chapter 2: The road
I drove for about two hours that day. I stop on the side of the ride and get a room in a hotel that was surprisingly still running. I woke up the next day at about 9:00 Am and got back on the road. First I would head for my parents old town which was a refugee camp. Gutenberg. I know that it shouldn’t be invaded yet. It’s hidden in the mountains and filled with American war veterans. My parents still live there. As I was driving a song came on. It was the song that played at our wedding. I had a flashback of our wedding. Me and Jill walking down the aisle. She was so happy that day. I snap out of it and noticed I was swerving off the road. I jerk it back into the right lane. I see a sign that says Gutenberg 200 miles. I pull over and see and old abandoned house the Germans are using as a camp. I get out my rifle. I aim down the iron sights and pick off the sniper in the tower. He drops to the ground without noise. I move in. There are about 4 Germans outside and 2 inside. I pick up an MP40 (German Machine Gun) off the ground. I shoot at the first 4 and take both of them down. Then all of a sudden a lightning bolt fly’s past my head.
I scream, “What in god’s name!” I see a German soldier’s hand pulsing with electricity. I shoot him in the head. He falls to the ground like a sack of potatoes. The other German runs out and I shoot and kill him. I walk into the house. There I see this glowing blue injection lying on the table. I flip it over to see the directions.
I do as it says even though I have some doubts about it. As I put the last drop in I get real dizzy and fall to the ground. I wake up to Germans surrounded around me. They are talking then I hear a loud screeching noise and I pulse electricity out of my body. I wake up to only fried skeletons. No blood nothing. I run out of the house to find another camp of Germans. They see me and open fire. I somehow figure out how to pulse electricity out of my body. I do that and kill every single one of the Germans. I pick up one of the MP40’s and it changes as soon as I pick it up. It changes into this MP40 that is sleeker. It has no barrel. I shoot it and a pulse of lightning comes out of it. I run to my car scared and surprised. I get in turn it on and just drive. My K98 I found out was taken while I was out cold. I see another sign it says, “GUTENBERG 50 MILES”. I rejoice at this sign because I can see the mountain from here. As I am going up the mountain I keep having flash backs of when I was a kid. I see the playground where me and Jill met. I finally see the familiar metal gates. I see the watchmen up there.
I yell, “May I pass!?”
He nods then screams, “Yeah but who are you?!” I remember that voice.
I yell, “DAD IT IS ME JOHN!” He stares at me for a long time then the rusty gates screech open. He jumps down with a MP40 on his back. He gives me a bear hug.
He says, “Son your mom is sick, we don’t know what to do.” I just stare Blankley at my dad for about 5 minutes.
I scream, “HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO HER!” My dad grabs me sobbing and I scream as loud as I can the same thing over and over again.
He slaps me and says, “ Pull your self together son.” I pick myself up and just gesture him to take me to mom. We walk for about 20 minutes seeing all the old places I used to play in with Jill. We arrive at my house and I can hear my mom coughing from outside.
My dad knocks and my mom screams, “Who is it!?”
My dad yells back, “Me and your son honey!” We go inside to see a ghost of what my mom used to be. Her entire face is pale.
She says to me, “Son you’ve come home? Oh happy day, come sit next to mommy.” I almost start to cry at how bad she has come. My dad just nods and me and gestures me forward. My dad just stares at me the entire time I am with my mom.
I tell my mom, “Mom I’m here. What do you need? Anything at all mother.” My mom points to a water bottle then to her mouth. I guess she is too weak to talk in the state she is in right now. I take the water bottle and put into a small cup sitting on the drawer. I pour it into my mom’s mouth. After she is done drinking she nods and smiles.
I walk outside and say to my dad, “Dad I can’t see her like this I came here because I knew I could get some ammo and see you guys.”
My dad tells me, “Son why do you need ammo? You where never a fighter.”
My dad says upset, “Son don’t get angry. Here take the key to our safe house there is enough ammo in there to take the entire German army.” I walk away toward the safe house in the back yard. Back when I was younger my dad kept the house so nice and tidy. Now it looks like a dump. All the grass is dead in the back the paints peeling off. When I get to the ammo shed I swing the door open. I grab a K98 and MP40 then stuffed all the ammo I could get into my pocket. I leave right away. I can see Hitler’s mansion from where I am driving. I see German air fighters flying over head. For some strange reason there is no infantry just flat road and a gate. I burst through the doors. The Air fighters started diving at me. I swerve out of the way and they hit the ground with a big BOOM! I see Hitler’s bodyguard Andrew Lala holding a detonator. I see C4 next to my car. It blows up and I see everything blurry. Then suddenly I see Jimmy ( One of my best friends that became a refugee run out with a mouser and shoots Andrew. Andrew instantly dies.
Jimmy Yells “OOOM PALA!!!!!!!” Then I see a wide explosion of C4 go off. I see Jimmy jump off the building. I see Hitler’s building crumble to the ground and then Jill and him escape barely. I run at him and shoot my electricity at him. He dodges surprisingly and grabs it then throws it back it but barely skims me. He is extremely fast and in that moment he is breathing down my neck. I round house kick him in the face and take an mp40 put it in his mouth and held down the trigger. When I open my eyes there are remains that don’t even look like Hitler anymore. I hear Jill yell to me saying something I cant remember. All I remember is my baby boy’s birth the next day. After that day we lived happily ever after.

The author's comments:
John is on a Hunt to get his revenge. The setting is 1945, the germans have won the war. John must survive.

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