Asymo's Adventure

April 17, 2009
By Nomathade Jenkins BRONZE, Chestnut Ridge, New York
Nomathade Jenkins BRONZE, Chestnut Ridge, New York
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The stage opens up as Asymo is in his bed, it's about to become the first day of school, the lights begin to dim as the curtain rise. Asymo is upstairs in his bed while his mom Vivian Thomas is downstairs.

Vivian Thomas- Asymo! Asymo! It's time to wake up dear! You don't want to be late for your first day of school!
Asymo- (half asleep) OK mom, ill be right down.
Vivian Thomas- Ok dear, breakfast has been cooked already and I'm going to keep it warm for you.
Asymo- mom … I need 5 more minutes
Vivian Thomas- No Asymo, today is the first day and tardiness is not accepted at Harts ville preparatory
Asymo -fine
Asymo hastily jumps out of bed and heads downstairs, not wanting to piss off his mother.
Vivian Thomas- Ok I contacted your new principal again this morning to make sure that everything was in order, he wants you to make sure you visit has as soon as you arrive.
Asymo- fine
Vivian Thomas- whats wrong Asymo?
Asymo- Nothing, I'm just tired of starting over in different schools, next year I'm going to be a senior and I don't want to have to keep moving.
Vivian Thomas- I know Asymo, it's been hard on us all, especially in this economy. Its so hard finding a job as en economist in miami.,
Asymo- Ha ha, I bet you wished that you were as famous as suze orman? Anywhere she goes you know that she has a job.
Vivian Thomas- Yea, sometimes I do.
Asymo leaves the kitchen and goes up to his room. He gets changed in preparation for school and then goes to the computer to print out his class schedule.
Vivian Thomas- Asymo! Didn't I tell you to print that out last night?
Asymo clearly remembers her saying this
Asymo- (smirking) um, I cant really remember.
Vivian Thomas- well you don't want to miss your bus, I have an interview and I don't have time to driver you.
Asymo- I know mom. I'm leaving now
Vivian Thomas- Do you want me to pick you up after school or are you going to take the bus?
Asymo- Bus.
Vivian Thomas- OK then honey, I guess that I will see you later.
Asymo- (half heartily) Bye...
As Asymo goes outside and reaches his bus stop he spots two kids already waiting.
Kid #1- hey are you new? I'm Austin and this is my friend Tyler.
Tyler- hey!
Asymo- yea, I'm new to this school, my name is Asymo
Tyler- Thats a really cool name. Your going to Hartsville? Cause me and Austin are definitely the coolest people that you will meet here... I'm just kidding.
Austin- wow Asymo huh? Ive never heard of such a name.
Asymo- haha, well your not the first to say that, my family is from morocco. My grandparents were born there.
Tyler and Austin- Haha wow thats pretty exotic bro!
Asymo- hah yea, I guess so.
Tyler- Asymo why don't you hang out with us after school, we will show you around.
Asymo- Sounds like a deal dude.
Austin- OK, so after school take the bus home and we will meet you right here.
Tyler- Hey, heads up! The bus is right down the street.
Asymo Austin and Tyler get on the bus. As the bus arrives in front of the school, Asymo is in awe at the sight of the school, it was much different than what he had seen inside of the pamphlets. Asymo scurries off the bus following in Austin and Tyler' lead.
Asymo- Anyone want to help me find the principals office? I am supposed to see him before I attend classes.
Austin- Haha look over there Asymo, thats where mac brains lives, he is our official school encyclopedia.
Austin points at a tall thin tree that is right by the pond)
Tyler- yea haha, he is good for any type of schoolwork you need, I'm always getting stuff done for Austin whenever he needs something.
Austin nudges Tyler in the ribs
Tyler-Hey! What was that for?
Austin- (whispering) why don't you shut up, we barely know this guy.
Asymo- what are you guys talking about?
Austin and Tyler- Nothing.
Austin Tyler and Asymo enter the school building.
Asymo- wow this school is so nice, it's a lot larger than my old school. Back in the city my school was taller and not as long as this one, but I like this one better.
Austin- yea haha, they renovate the school ever year after we get out of school. It is always being damaged by hurricanes and stuff though.
Tyler- yep, its the school's “old is new” project, they hardly buy anything new for this school they just continually renovate it. Truly our tuition money at work.
Asymo- Wow my old school didn't use our tuition except to fill the principals pocketbook.
Tyler- well that sucks, but your here now so don't worry.
Asymo- ill try. Lets just hope this school is as good as it seems.
As they reach the central hallway Austins speeds off to a girl that is putting her coat in her locker.
Tyler- thats Austins' girlfriend Charlita, she came here last year from spain. Her family comes from spanish royalty, I don't know about that but Austin says she has old money though.
Asymo- I figure everyone here would wouldn't they?
Tyler- nope, some are here on scholarships and some get in free because there parents work here.
Asymo- wow, thats cool. My old school had a policy where you either paid the entire tuition or you didn't attend.
As the boys reach the main office they spot the secretaries and the headmaster Mr. Olivine talking to a girl named Courtney. A fellow student at Hartsville prep.
Courtney- Mr. Olivine I was wondering if I could just get some feedback on this article that is going to be ….
Mr. Olivine cuts her off
Mr. Olivine- Courtney Ive told you time and time again that I don't have time to read into your...
Courtney- But it will only take a second.
Mr. Olivine- I'm not going to tell you again, now get back to class.
The light focuses back on Tyler and Asymo
Asymo- wow this guy seems like a piece of work.
Tyler- heh, yea you don't want to catch him on the wrong day bro.
Asymo- Right.. anyways who was that girl he was talking to?
Tyler- Oh thats Courtney, she is our soon to be valedictorian, class president and as guessed the editor of our school newspaper. Her dad is an ambassador from south africa. She's like invincible around this town.
Asymo- Haha, she is so hot, at least in that outfit (laughing)
Tyler- yea bro, but i have never seen her with a guy. Her dad makes sure that he knows her every move.
Asymo- Oh snap I got to get to Mr. Olivine before class, I ll talk to you later.
Tyler- Peace
They shake hands and Asymo heads into the office of Mr. Olivine the principal of Hartsville prep, he plops himself into one of the upright wooden chairs that stands right in front of Mr. Olivine's desk.
Mr. Olivine- hello there, I'm pleased to welcome you to Hartsville prep. We have a strict set of rules that we follow here and …'
Asymo- yea I know, i have read the code of conduct
Mr. Olivine- Then as you must know we have a strict dress code and as since you aren't wearing appropriate clothing, you will use these clothes right here.
Mr. Olivine puts a duffel bag on the desk.
Asymo- Whats wrong with what I am already wearing?
Mr. Olivine- you should also know that you don't question my judgement, and you should know that your outfit is considered gym attire and not allowed to be worn outside of p.e class.
Asymo- OK wow so a muscle shirt and nike shorts are considered gym attire? Well they were fine at my old school, so I figured that they-
Mr. Olivine- well things are different here, and trust me if you continue with that attitude then I'm sure that your time here wont be long.
Asymo- well I guess I can say the same here.
Mr. Olivine- get out of my office and changed before I have you expelled.
Asymo grabs the bag of clothes and darts out of Mr. Olivine's office, as the curtain goes down we see him him dump the clothes in the nearest garbage can. Asymo then goes to his first period class, room 203 english with ms. Manforn. The spotlight focuses on Asymo as he knocks on the door.
Ms. Manforn- well hello there, you must be Asymo! Ive been expecting you all morning! Please take a seat anywhere you wish!
Asymo- Ok thanks
Asymo takes a seat in the back of the classroom, he then begins to unpack his tools not necessarily caring for his new teacher's peppiness.
Asymo- when do I get my locker assignment?
Ms. Manforn- Oh! Hee hee, I forgot all about it! Here you Go!
She hands Asymo a blue slip
Ms. Manforn- It's in the blue building!
Asymo- blue wing?
Ms. Manforn- Yes our school is divided into wings! Red, yellow, green and blue! Red is for lollipops and lovely ladybugs, yellow is for dandelions gentle and sweet, green is for apple's tender and ripe and blue is for skies so wonderful and peaceful!
Asymo- haha I think that I get the point.
Ms. Manforn- OK dear!
Manforn now addressing the class
Ms. Manforn- OK now everyone take out your notebooks and your review sheets, Asymo you just take notes! Ok now who wants to read the first act of macbeth!
The lights dim and the curtains go down. The scene reopens in the main hallway, it's lunch break.
Austin- Hey Asymo over here, on your left bro.
Asymo- Hey! You left us earlier.
Austin- Hah yea, I'm always doing that. Nothing can keep me away from my Charlita.
Asymo- Oh thats your girlfriend?
Austin- haha yea, kind of, its complicated.
Asymo- what do you mean? I'm surprised your not with her. Where is she?
Austin- Well she is my girlfriend here but she also has a husband in spain, she isn't happy though. She said that she is going to divorce h'm and marry me. And um... I don't know where she went , she is probably pulling her car around. You want to go get lunch with us?
Asymo- all right, I don't know where anything Is at anyways.
Austin- OK he he, ill be back in like five minutes, let me go and get Tyler.
Asymo- And what should I do?
Austin- Just wait here bro, Charlita will be over in a second, she is just getting her car out of the lot. Look for a red porsche truck.
Asymo- OK
Asymo waits in front of the school until he notices a red porsche drive along, he hails for her to stop.
Charlita- why you stop me?
Asymo- well I'm a friend of Austin and he told me to tell you that he went to go get Tyler and you should wait here.
Charlita- OK, if you are coming then get in the carro.
Asymo- I'm just gonna wait out here for Austin and Tyler to get back here first.
Austin comes back out of the school with both Courtney and Tyler in tow.
Courtney- You guys should know that your not allowed to leave without my permission. I'm the class president and I'm responsible for you guys. Now Charlita go park the car and you guys need to get back into the lunchroom
Austin- nah, we will be leaving now. Peace
Austin, Asymo and Tyler hop in the porsche and Charlita floors it.
Charlita- So where we goen?
(Asymo's Stomach Growls)
Asymo- I'm starving
Austin- Haha me too, lets just go to taco bell and grab some tacos because we don't have much time, someone held us up. (looking at Tyler)
Tyler- Hey! Don't hit me bro, I got held up at the ATM. You guys want money to eat right?
Asymo- oh my god guys, I'm still worked up over Mr. Olivine, he just got me so mad. He threatened me!
Austin- Don't let him get you so worked up bro, he pisses off everyone haha, the only one who likes him is of course Courtney and Charlita-
Charlita- I do not! I'm be valedictorian if I keep up my work he say.
Austin- I know you will baby! I'm so excited for you!
Tyler- Um can you two like not make out while your driving?
Charlita – your right, haha
As they approach taco bell, Charlita accidentally scratched the underbody of her car when turning.
Charlita- oh crap! (Asymo looks out the window)
Asymo- It isn't that bad, at the most just some minor undercarriage scratches.
The kids get out of the car and head into taco bell, Austin and Charlita are holding hands.
Austin- OK you guys go and order some tacos for me and Charlita, we are going to the bathroom.
Asymo- (smirking) haha I wonder where they are going?
Tyler and Asymo order their food and proceed to find a booth for four. Charlita and Austin both come out of the womens bathroom, looking more refreshed.
Asymo- (looking at his watch) um don't we have to go back to school?
Austin- yea haha about that, I am planning on going to the beach, you guys want to come?
Tyler- I will go wherever you go Austin!
Charlita- You know that I'm going! I have my bathing suit in the backseat!
Asymo- um you sure we not going to get in trouble for skipping school?
Austin- we might, but whats the fun in going back after we already left?
Asymo- yea, but I'm going to go back, it's my first day and I don't want to get into anymore beef with Mr. Olivine.
Asymo gets into a cab and heads to school, he arrives at school with 5 minutes to spare, he spots Courtney standing outside of the school crying.
Asymo- hey what happened?
Courtney- I'm... (her voice fades)
Asymo- what? I cant hear you.
Courtney- I'm not valedictorian, I'm saludatorian! I cant believe it! I just found out during lunch, Mr. Olivine called me to the office and told me. Apparently they are counting Charlita's grades from in spain, thats not fair! They were in spanish classes! ( Courtney sobs heavily)
Asymo- wow thats really shocking. I'm really sorry that you didn't win.
Courtney- (ecstatic) I just had a great idea! We can do something to make me become valedictorian, can you help me?
Asymo- Um... yea I guess, anything for you.
Courtney- oh wow are you serious trying to flirt with me ?
Asymo- no I'm not
Courtney- wow. liar, all you guys are so self minded.
Asymo- You know what, your right. I'm sorry. What did you have in mind sweet lips?
Courtney glares at Asymo As Courtney tells Asymo the plan Mr. Olivine comes out of the school and spots them.
Mr. Olivine- what are you two doing out here?
Courtney- We were just talking, it's really none of your business anyway. I know the real reason why you honored Charlita's grades but you didn't honor mine. Your going to pay.
Mr. Olivine- watch your mouth. This is why a lot of people like you cant attend here. The school would be a joke. If I had my way both of you wouldn't be here either.
Asymo cuts him off
Asymo- come on Courtney we don't have to stand here and listen to this. We can just stick to the plan...
Mr. Olivine- (becoming furious) you two better not be up to something that you will later regret. You two are both so stupid.
Courtney- Stupid? I guess you mean like you?
Mr. Olivine slaps Courtney, she falls to the floor
Asymo- Hey! Your not allowed to hit students!
Mr. Olivine- she called me stupid, it's my word against you two. Besides somebody needs to do something to to show you “teenagers” (sneer) a lesson. Now get to class!
The principal leaves and Asymo picks up Courtney from the ground, wiping away the dirt and fixing her hair.
Asymo- I cant believe he did that.
Courtney- I told you, lets stick to the plan and fix this entire mess. You must be new. Whats your name?
Asymo- It's Asymo It's Moroccan, where my grandparents were born.
Courtney- thats so cool, I'm from south africa. We have a vacation house in morocco though, it's beautiful and it reminds me of europe.
Asymo- Thats cool, I've never been there but I hear many stories about it from my grandparents...
Courtney cuts him off
Courtney- Ill meet you after school to go over the plan at my house, i will be waiting by the pond.
Asymo- Um yea I got to go, I'm officially late on my first day
Courtney- well I'm in charge of detentions, but I think ill let this slide (Courtney smiles)
As the day continues Asymo meets all of his teacher. Asymo is relieved when the day ends and gets excited when he remembers he was going to Courtney's house. Asymo exits the school and goes to the pond to see if Courtney is their yet. He spots a black audi s5 and heads toward it.
Courtney- Get in!
Asymo- whats the rush?
Courtney- I'm going to be late, we have to be at my house in 20 minutes!
Asymo puts he stuff in the backseat
Asymo- how far do you live from here?
Courtney- on the other side of town, on the coast.
Asymo- well then let's go.
Courtney floors the throttle
Asymo- nice car (snicker), I wish I could drive because then I would get a car.
Courtney- aren't you 16?
Asymo- yes, but it NY you cant drive until you turn 17. My parents said once we settle in that I would get a car though. Why do you have ti get home so early?
Courtney- It's one of my parents rules, they just want me home before it gets dark..
Asymo- But it's 3 o clock
Courtney- last time I was only a half hour late and they sent out the police with there choppers and stuff. Not trying to let that happen again.
Asymo- wow your parents are so overprotective.
Courtney- I know, but I cant blame them. My dad has made quite a few enemies over in africa, thats why we came here. (Courtney gasps) oh no! I shouldn't have told you that. Promise me that you wont say anything.
Asymo- I wont, I swear.
The approach the gates of Courtney's house. The gate swings open as they approach. Courtney parks and the two of them run inside of the house and scramble up the steps to Courtney's room.
Courtney- OK, we are safe in here, I got the complaints that we need for the newsletter. The recording from earlier is in my jacket pocket, could you pass it to me.
Asymo passes her the recorder and as she presses play the sound is instantly filled with Mr. Olivine's voice. Its from there quarrel earlier.
Courtney- OK well I guess we better get started on this newsletter now shouldn't we?
Asymo- of course, i've got a few ideas.
Asymo and Courtney are sitting by the computer typing the newsletter, they title it : “righteous principal? I don't think so.”
Asymo- OK now I'm gonna type it on your desktop in french , you type it in spanish and english.
After a few hours they finish typing there respective newsletters. Each identical but with separate languages. They swap and each reads over the newsletters
Courtney- Wow impressive, where did you learn french like that?
Asymo- I used to live in paris for 5 years when my dad had to switch to the paris office.
Courtney- Ok finished, you think that they will believe us?
Asymo- yea they will, we have the reports of complaint and the videotape. If anyone needs proof we have it.
Courtney- Your dad can get this published right?
Asymo- Of course, my dad is editor In chief of the sentinel. He is always so busy. Its why we are always being transferred to different parts of the world.
Courtney- Thats really cool, thanks a lot for your help with this. I'm going to drop you off at home now before my parents get home.
Asymo- Good idea
Courtney drives to Asymos' house and stops in front of fence.
Courtney- I'm glad that we can finally get the truth about our headmaster out. He will be invalidated and I will automatically become valedictorian.
Asymo- I have a question.
Courtney- What is it?
Asymo- why did we have to rush home if your parents weren't even there?
Courtney smiles and opens up Asymos door.
Courtney- bye Asymo! Ill see you tomorrow.
Asymo- Yea.. bye.
Courtney speeds off, Asymo looks in the driveway and notices that both his moms' and dads' cars are in the driveway. Asymo goes inside and spots both of his parents in the den. Their faces are grim.
Vivian Thomas- Asymo we need to talk to you. Come over here a sec.
Asymo- Dad, your home. This must really be serious.
Vivian Thomas- Mr. Olivine called, he wants you to go below the disciplinarian board, is it true that you hit him?
Asymo- Of course not, I'm outraged. Why would he say this?
Vivian Thomas- Asymo I am so mad at you, we just cant afford to deal with this stress now. We just moved in and your dad has just started in his new office. Now I'm going to have to cancel a job interview because of your trial.
Mark Thomas- this is very disappointing to me Asymo, what ever happened to the kid I liked? You are graduating this year for gods sake. Why don't you grow up!
Asymo- Oh my god dad! I'm a junior not a senior, you don't even know what grade I'm in. I bet you know the dates when any major events happen though.
Mark Thomas- I have a very busy job, you know that I don't have time for stupid things like age. Do you even know that I had to leave early to get here. Thats how hysterical your mother was!
Vivian Thomas- Mark Thomas! Lets keep this about the boy.
Asymo- I'm sorry dad...
Mark Thomas- now Asymo I want the truth and you better make it quick because I have to approve the rest of the articles before closing.
Asymo- this tells it all. Just read this.
(Asymo gives his dad the newsletter and watches as his face goes from brown to dark red)
Mark Thomas- I cannot believe this. Is all of this true?
Asymo- Yes of course it is! It's why Mr. Olivine is so mad with me, he knows that I'm helping Courtney.
Vivian Thomas- who is Courtney?
Mark Thomas gives Vivian Thomas a dirty look
Mark Thomas- can we hear the story? Continue Asymo
Asymo- Courtney is a friend, she is helping me get rid of Mr. Olivine. We need some help though thats why I was wondering if dad could help me.
Mark Thomas- What do you need? My services are at your disposal.
Asymo- We need you to headline this article in the newspaper tomorrow.
Mark Thomas- OK I can do that. But you better be sure that article if true, otherwise we are in for a load of a lawsuit.
Asymo- Yes it is true. I saw him hit Courtney with my own eyes, the look of disgust when he saw me and her was instantly recognizable. Dad didn't you always say that if we want something that we have to go out and get it ourselves? And mom haven't you always told me that when in times of trouble to follow your heart? This is what I feel is right.
(Mark Thomass cellphone rings)
Mark Thomas- yea, OK, the board meeting has been pushed back for another hour. I'm heading there now. Pick up the heiress from the airport. No... Just occupy her until I get there OK?
Mark Thomas closes the cellphone
Mark Thomas- I have to go. Ill see you guys later. I promise this article will be headlined tomorrow Asymo Good night.
Mark Thomas pulls out of the driveway and speeds toward the freeway.
Asymo- Hey I'm tired. I'm going to take a shower and go to bed.
Vivian Thomas- Without dinner?
Asymo- I'm kind of tired, so ill just go to sleep without dinner.
Asymo goes upstairs and takes a long hot shower. When he gets out he heads to his bed and passes out. He wakes up the next morning.
Vivian Thomas- Wake up Asymo!
Asymo jumps up behind Vivian Thomas startling her.
Vivian Thomas- Asymo! Don't do that, why are you up so early?
Asymo- I was just so well rested from yesterday, and I'm actually excited to go to school today as well.
Vivian Thomas- Well breakfast is ready. Your dad brought you a gift home last night.
Vivian Thomas gives Asymo a black box with a gold ribbon around it
Asymo- can I open it?
Vivian Thomas- Of course, you probably should.
Asymo opens up the case, inside are porsche keys.
Asymo- Oh my god you got me a porsche!
Vivian Thomas- Your dad got it for you on his way back home from the office. He felt bad that we had accused you of hitting the headmaster. Besides it's about time that you started driving.
Asymo- oh my god. I am just gonna go take it out to with me to school
Asymo runs to the closet and puts on his jacket
Vivian Thomas- What about breakfast?
Asymo leaves without acknowledging Vivian Thomas. Vivian Thomas is now speaking to the audience.
Vivian Thomas- Kids, what are we gonna do !?
Asymo slides his hand down the side of the porsche admiring it's craftsmanship, he hops in and cranks the ignition. Asymo notices Austin and Tyler standing outside waiting for the bus. He pulls out of the driveway and stops right next to them
Asymo- You want a ride?
Austin- I call dibs on the front!
Tyler- OK ill take the back I guess haha.
Austin- You missed an awesome day yesterday.. I'm sure that Tyler agrees. He met some girl and hooked up with her!
Tyler- thats not funny! Asymo yesterday he locked me in the bathroom with Carmella this girl I met. He is such an ass sometimes.
Austin- Yea, I did haha. But it was so funny. Asymo you had to have been there it was so funny.
Tyler- not for me...
Asymo- haha that must've been funny.
They arrive at the school, they see police cars and Mr. Olivine being escorted out in cuffs, close by Courtney watches.
Austin- What is going on here?
Asymo- Mr. Olivine is getting arrested, he has committed many crimes during his term and its about time someone stopped him.
Austin- holy crap Asymo, your freaking awesome. No School !!! WOO!!
Asymo parks the car and walks up to Mr. Olivine
Asymo- Like I said before: your time here wouldn't be long.
Mr. Olivine- I hope your happy. Hartsville will never succeed without me!
Asymo- I know I did the right thing.
Asymo heads over to Courtney
Asymo- We did it!
Courtney- I know. I'm so excited. Thank you so much for all of your help.
Courtney gently kisses Asymo on the cheek. Asymo blushes deep red.
Courtney- Wow, your so red!
Asymo- Well I really enjoyed that he he.
Courtney- Well then let's try that again.
Courtney reaches over and kisses Asymo on the lips.
Asymo- After all that we have done, I really wanted to say that I love you.
Courtney- me too
Austin grabs the loudspeaker and yells!
Austin- Who wants to go to the beach!!!!
The curtains close.

The author's comments:
This is a play that i wrote for an competitoion. I really enjoyed writing it and i hope you will get a laugh from reading it. Thanks!

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