My Wonderful Accident

April 17, 2009
By Szolomayer BRONZE, Shelton, Washington
Szolomayer BRONZE, Shelton, Washington
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Crash! My eyes, wandering around, soon found themselves peering at blurry smudges. Seconds later, I found myself staring into blank darkness. I kept my head placed on the wheel, as shards of glass soared overhead. My mouth drowned in blood. My teeth coated in its salted taste. The scent of smoke rested thickly in the air. The feeling of drums pounding in my chest began to make my body sway to each beat, disrupting my breathing pattern. My hearing faded to focus on only the sound of my beating heart. Every vein throbbed, pushing the skin as if they were trying to break free. Sitting up against my seat, I reached for my belt to unfasten it. As my hearing slightly returned, I could hear a faint scream. “Are you alright?” I yelled, barely able to hear my own voice. Afraid of the condition I might be in, I refused to move. As I sat there, I thought of how long my husband and I had been trying to have a baby. And if I died, our dreams and goals would be shattered. When I noticed my hearing had become sharp enough, I could hear voices just ahead. The sound of sirens gradually grew near. Tears broke loose and began rolling down the sides of my cheeks. Unsure of how bad the situation was, I remained highly thankful that I had not perished in the accident.
Beside me, an ambulance pulled up. “Ma’am, are you alright?” One of the paramedics asked. As I opened my mouth to reply, the words slurred. I began to feel dizzy. My eyes displayed that same blurry vision. Trying to get a grip of what was happening to me, I failed when the back of my head hit the headrest. I was blacking out. I could hear the sounds of voices above me. I could hear people communicating to one another. I could feel the caring hands of the paramedics as they put me on the gurney. When they lifted me into the ambulance and got me situated, I passed out completely. During the time I was unconscious, I felt a familiar presence. It was my father. With his short grey hair, and his average height, he fixed upon me with his kind brown eyes, “My daughter.” He said with the same loving smile he gave me when I was a little girl. “It is not yet your time. A new life is near. When your time does come, I will be waiting.”

When I awakened, I found myself in a white hospital room with tubes running from a machine to my arm. A woman in a white medical coat walked into the room, “You’re awake.” She said with a smile. “How are you feeling?”
“Good.” I replied. “Good. You were in a head on collision. Luckily nobody was badly hurt. You had some minor head injuries and some severe bruising to the ribs. While inspecting the level of the injuries to your ribs, we noticed something else.” She explained with a curious look on her face. “How many months are you along?” She asked. “Months? What are you talking about? What do you mean by months?” I asked puzzled. The nurse’s face gave off a surprised look. “When you were being inspected for internal injuries, we discovered that you were pregnant.” My mind was shot. The tears built up, and a smile took structure. “I am?”
“Yes ma’am.” The nurse said sporting a congratulating smile. I now understood what my father had meant by a new life is near. I was about to have a child.

Months after the hospital, my husband and I grew more excited with each passing day. The time would soon come where our lives would then change forever. I could quit my job as a banker and attend to the baby at the house. My mother could come and watch and visit with the baby. She was in need of someone to keep her company and make her happy. Ever since my father’s heart attack she had seemed lonely and depressed. It seemed that once the baby was in our lives, great promises would soon come.
Finally, the day came. After many hours of hard, painful work, the baby was born. With a smile from ear to ear, and my husband by my side with his hand placed in mine, my eyes stayed glued to the one responsible for our new wonderful world. As a nurse handed me the baby, another nurse with a clipboard asked, “And what is the name to be?” Without taking my eyes of the newborn infant, the name gracefully rolled of my tongue. “Joyce.” I happily announced. “Our baby girl’s name is Joyce.”
As the years passed, and Joyce aged, all that was predicted about her bringing great promises had come true. My husband and I were happier than ever and our family had become closer. My mother passed away but in a peaceful manner. I believe my mother left this world with a happy heart due to the years she had spent with Joyce. I like to picture her telling my father all about Joyce, and how wonderful she is.
From time to time, I think back to the crash. I don’t think about how worried or frightened I was. But rather how lucky I was to survive. The day of the crash was truly my wonderful accident.

The author's comments:
In my Craft of Creative writing class, we were given a short story to come up with. So this is what I came up with. Comment if you think there's anything I can fix or change. Thank you

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