April 20, 2009
By sunsetsandwaves19 BRONZE, Lenox Dale, Massachusetts
sunsetsandwaves19 BRONZE, Lenox Dale, Massachusetts
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Like a flower that blooms in the spring and fades in the fall, Kyle was gradually fading. Unlike a beautiful flower, Kyle however wasn’t blooming again anytime soon. He barely recognized the changes; the mood swings, the lost interest in guitar (which held all of his dreams), and the memories slipping from his mind.

He might not have seen or felt the changes, but his family, and his classmates saw them. His best friend Travis was affected the most. No more long days playing baseball, and blasting guitar at night. No more just hanging out. No one could just hang out with Kyle anymore. It had become more than that. Travis barely saw Kyle anymore, or at least never saw Kyle how he used to be, how he was the last 15 years of his life. His grades had slipped, his group of friends changed, and all that Travis had in common with him was no more.

Kyle spent every Saturday the same way – sleeping until noon or later, driving to his best friend, actually more of a follower, Shia’s house, collecting money, returning home. He continued to fall, ripping the pedals off the flowers as he did. Kyle became someone no one truly knew. The good girls avoided him, the bad girls wanted him. He was a talented musician who threw it all out the window. His teachers reminded him time after time that he was a “smart, handsome, promising young musician” who “needs to remember who he is and recognize right from wrong”.

School became a joke. He would show up, barely on time, sleep through class, talk to friends, talk to clients, and as soon as the bell rang, he would be home. His room became off limits to everyone but the select few friends, and a window was always left open. There was a rope under his bed, a popped out screen, and a box of money. His closet was open just a crack, enough to see the fluorescent glow.

Grass, pot, weed, Mary Jane, blunt, reefer, ganja, joint, roach, smoke, Thai stick, dope, skunk, boom, hash or herb. No matter how someone looks at it, marijuana is the drug that ripped Kyle away from his family, his classmates, his closest friends, and his music. It is the drug that led to others, and the drug that stole Kyle’s future. Unlike the spring flower, Kyle won’t bloom in the autumn, because Kyle can’t even find his roots.

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