Leslie Scott (Part I)

February 18, 2009
By Kenzie BRONZE, Sterling Heights, Michigan
Kenzie BRONZE, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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"Ah!" Leslie screamed. Her face was sweaty, her eyes were frightened. "Whoa, what a dream." Leslie twirled her brown hair, and inhaled big, gulps of breaths. Jane walked up the stairs, and opened Leslie's door. "Honey, Leslie sweetheart, time to get up." Jane said gently. Leslie sighed. "I know, I have been awake for a few minutes." "Well, breakfast is ready, and your bus is going to be here in a half hour. So get dressed, eat, and brush your teeth." Leslie rolled her eyes. "Mom, I have gone through the same routine every single day, except in the summer.. but, ok, if you need to remind me." Jane smiled.

Leslie opened her closet. She grabbed her red tee-shirt, and her black long sleeve, and skinny black jeans. "Opps. Can't forget my hat!" Leslie grabbed her skateboarding hat, and slipped it on her head. "My lucky hat." Leslie said looking in her mirror. She smiled, and set it down.

Leslie ran don stairs, and grabbed the Poptart off of the counter. "Yum.." Leslie's little sister rolled her eyes, and stuck her tongue out when Leslie passed. "Loser.." Riley mumbled. "Love you too sis." Leslie smiled. Riley rolled her eyes. "So, are you going to see Cole today?" Riley teased. "Oh, you shut up. And yes, actually, he is in school everyday. So, yes, perhaps." Riley raised her brow. "Why are you talking like a proper young lady, your a skater girl, you never talked like that. It's in the rules." Leslie folded her arms. "Oh really? What rules?" Riley looked Leslie straight in the eyes. "My rules." "Since when do I have to listen to a squirt like you?" Jane walked in to the room, towel in her hand, and drying off her hands from dishes. "Oh, knock it off you too! Leslie dear, would you like for me to drive you, or would you take the bus today?" Jane said smiling. "I'll take the bus, because I don't want to keep you from your duties, and requirements." Riley got up, and began walking upstairs. "Since when do you know how to pronounce three silible words." "And I didn't know you knew how to pronounce big words. Lower your vocabulary just a smige." "Ugh!" Riley stomped up the stairs.

"Well dear you better get going, the bus might leave without cha'ya." Leslie smiled, and her mom kissed her on the forehead. "Bye." Leslie said. Leslie took her muddy shoes, and slung her backpack over her shoulder. "Wait! You forgot your-" Jane shouted, but Leslie already left. "Lunch.." Jane whispered. Riley came down stairs. "I put money in her backpack." She smiled. "Aww, how nice of you." Jane smiled. "But now you need to get ready for school." Riley rolled her eyes.

"You know Leslie, baseball season is here, and Cole, and his so called "squad" is looking for a team, two girls, and well his boys." Leslie giggled, and shook her head. "And, how do you know all this, Lauren?" Leslie asked. "A text from Cole, hopefully, those bitches won't make the team. Victoria, Melissa, and Jamie. They might break a nail!" Both girls laughed at that remark. "Oh boo hoo, Cole won't want more boys on the team.." Victoria said. "Nobody wants a bra stuffer on the team either." Victoria rolled her eyes, and turned the other way. Leslie was turning red from how funny that was, but she couldn't help it.

When Cole got on the bus, Leslie's eyes went from gray to gold. When Cole past Leslie, the smell of his cologne filled her nose with a delightful smell. "H-hey Cole." Leslie said, smiling. "Yo." He said. "What's up Les?" Leslie tapped Lauren. "He called me Les!" She whispered. Lauren rolled her eyes. "Wow." Leslie turned around. "Um, nothing much, but I am looking forward for your baseball team, at two-thrity, a-and, I heard Victoria and her group wanted to, too." Cole laughed at this. "What, those bra stuffers? They will never make my team. You, and Lauren have a good chance, I mean come on, we have been friends since elementary school. You guys will definatley make it." Cole said smiling. Leslie, and Cole giggled together.

The school bus arrived at Wilkerson High School. "Well, here we are, the second month of school. And this school will be no different. And trust me nothing new will happen Leslie." Lauren said, shaking her head at Leslie. "Oh yeah? Well, I don't know maybe Cole won't like me, he may like one of the bitches, and bra stuffers, I don't know. And so what if he doesn't? I don't really care." Cole was standing a few feet away from the two, to where he could hear the whole conversation. He folded his arms. "Leslie, I do like you." He whispered.

Lunch, the biggest, and badest time of the whole day. Fights, more likely food, then fists. Leslie, and Lauren where still in line. "Man, these lunch lines never end! Come on move up!" Lauren shouted. People looked back at her. She smiled snyly. "Oh look Victoria, the siemese freaks! Ha ha ha." Melissa said. "More like the siemese s**ts." She said. Leslie held her fist up. "I am not affraid too." Victoria held her food tray out. "I am not affriad of you." Leslie flipped Victoria's tray all over her shirt, and chest. "Oh whoops, butterfingers." Leslie said, laughing. "Ahh!!!" Victoria screamed. Cole can running over to Leslie. "Nice." And walked away. Leslie smiled.

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